Enter This Spring by Avoiding Symptoms Rather Than Treating Them

By Cesar Collado
mold symptoms and allergiesFor allergy sufferers, our immune system can be our best friend and worst enemy during spring and summer.  A healthy immune system works as a complex, sophisticated, and well-coordinated effort to detect, identify, intercept and destroy or neutralize any foreign threats to our health and well-being. Unfortunately, immune system mobilization often reaches overdrive and also can attack our own bodies causing inflammation, tissue damage, and irritable symptoms.  As a result, many people look to medical solutions for symptoms in antihistamines, corticosteroid nasal sprays, and decongestants.  When chronic sinusitis arises from inflammation, antibiotics and sometimes surgery is required.

The first line of defense from outside allergens is our skin, mucous membranes and mechanisms in our sinuses, lungs and digestive tracts that keep pathogens from taking up residence in our bodies. We also have reactions like coughing, sneezing, blowing our noses, and vomiting to expel antigens.

The second line of defense is our innate immune system.  Innate immunity is developed in the human body at birth and does not adapt or improve with aging. This is different than acquired immunity which develops throughout life as a result of pathogen exposure.  The innate system is hereditary and passed along from a mother to child via colostrum or transfer factor during breastfeeding. Transfer factor derived from bovine colostrum has been found to be the best source for both adults and children past weaning age because it has very high levels of immunoglobulin G (IgG), a natural antibody that provides systemic immunity, whereas human colostrum contains predominantly IgA, which provides only localized immunity.

Aiding the innate immune system can be a game changer for allergy sufferers who rely mold symptoms on antihistamines and nasal steroids to combat allergies.  As mold is ubiquitous and a common allergen for many, mold exposure triggers an immune response that is different from the histamine response many have for allergens like pollen, dust, and dander.  This is why, in the case of mold, conventional OTC medicines provide only limited relief for actual mold allergies.

This is where supplementing with Transfer Factor and colostrum can significantly aid people with mold allergies.  Unfortunately, colostrum taken orally have difficulty passing through the digestive tract before it is absorbed into the body. This means that the product must first survive the strong gastric acids and digestive enzymes it encounters in order to be absorbed through the intestinal wall to get into the bloodstream. Only if and when it enters the bloodstream can it positively affect the immune system.

About the Innate Immune System

The innate immune system regulates the body’s immediate response to pathogen exposure and is responsible for catalyzing the sensitization process which leads to allergic reactions. This is a non-specific response which involves recognition of molecules entering the body that are shared by a group of pathogens. The immune system recognizes these molecules, because they are not native cells of the host’s body. The innate (also called non-specific) immune system acts in response to all foreign particles entering the body. If infective agents reach the bloodstream, there are several other immune responses that take place immediately and over longer periods of time.  The innate response process is immediate and involves T-Cells (produced by the Thymus).  Helper T-Cells coordinate the attack on the pathogen and killer T cells destroy any infected cells.

The Complement Cascade (or Complement System)

As stated before, the immune system is very complicated.  Within it is also the Complement Cascade. The complement cascade is a system of about 20 proteins synthesized by the liver that circulate inactively until activated. Once activated, the complement cascade helps provide an innate immunity through the activation of the alternative pathway. The end result is the production of macrophages that ingest harmful, foreign antigens and dead or dying cells.

Quick Relief with Sinus Defense

Sinus Defense is a homeopathic, colostrum-derived formulation of transfer factor that is delivered via sublingual spray to enter the blood system quickly.  Results can be realized in hours versus days or weeks, like other therapies, for symptomatic relief. Thus, if taken routinely, or upon knowledge of an exposure, it can also prevent symptoms from developing. Its rapid absorption and delivery process help patients to know quickly if it works for them, as relief from allergies can be swift and significant.

mold allergies

This homeopathic remedy is definitely worth a trial by both allergy and especially mold sufferers, because it directly targets and enhances immunity to problematic mold.s. The transfer factor in Sinus Defense is programed to identify and tag these foreign invaders.  The macrophages, known as the “big Eaters”,  (created by the Complementary Cascade),  circulate and clean up the killed cells and debris.




Sinus Defense allows your innate immune system to operate like a security system, identifying and eliminating threats immediately, providing quick relief or stopping symptoms before they happen.

Here is how it works:

mold symptoms

mold allergies

Sinus Defense is formulated to identify and tag common molds and bacteria that cause infection.  In addition, it is formulated to identify and tag viruses that are common co-infections with mold-related illness, such as Lyme, Epstein-Barr, Cytomegaly virus, and Herpes.  Anecdotally, Dr. Dennis has also witnessed his ENT patients who are Sinus Defense users reporting relief, or an absence of cyclical flares or symptoms of systemic viruses treated by other physicians in the past from such things as fever blisters, shingles, and genital herpes.

Complementary Products for Mold Sufferers

  • Using a nasal rinse system with CitriDrops Dietary Supplement is one of the most effective ways to help your body defend against mold symptoms. The rinse is designed to physically remove mold and mucous from your nasal passages and to treat them with a powerful, natural antifungal.  By eliminating the mold spores that are inside your body, you are reducing the immediate threat.
  • CitriDrops Nasal Spray works in a similar manner with added natural decongestants to provide relief on the go when you are exposed to a moldy situation. It is also good to help calm swelling and inflammation, and to open the nasal passages to allow the medication to penetrate and provide sinus symptom relief.
  • CellTropin provides support for the pituitary gland. Pituitary damage is common with chronic sinusitis and can cause a variety of hormonal problems including fatigue. The pituitary gland is responsible for regulating 8 hormone systems in the body, and when it is not functioning optimally, it is difficult for patients to have energy or to feel like themselves. Homeopathic support stimulates the body’s pituitary and endocrine function to help healing occur in a faster and more synergist fashion.
  • BetaMax 500 is 1-3 beta-glucan that, when taken in conjunction with Sinus Defense, increases your body’s Macrophage production and function. With this support, the body’s ability to remove the dead cells and debris is enhanced such that infections, illness and toxicity are lessened.

Sinus Defense and Immunotherapy

Try Sinus Defense prior to, or in addition to, allergy shots or immunotherapy.  Immunotherapy provides small amounts of specific allergen for a specific person to stimulate their body’s beta cell production of specific antibodies to that allergen.  Relief is not assured, and efficacy may take months to years. Immunotherapy taken with Sinus Defense provides a wider net for immune stimulation and lessens the blow of the inflammatory response.

mold symptoms


I speak with many mold and allergy sufferers. Most patients understand the importance of rinsing the nasal passages of mold with a rinse system and CitriDrops Dietary Supplement, using CitriDrops Nasal Spray, and cleaning their homes to reduce fungal air counts with EC3 Environmental Products.  Getting mold sufferers to understand the additional importance of using immune system-specific products, like Sinus Defense, is a challenge because of the complexity and in-depth science to grasp. I hope this newsletter provides additional guidance for readers to try this potential game-changer for our innate immune system. Antihistamines and steroids only address symptoms after the fact, so will never provide long-term relief.

Here are links to Video Testimonials of patients who have used Sinus Defense and who are now believers in its value for treating their mold-related symptoms: