Candles, Vigilance, and Microbalance Health Products Help a Desperate Patient and Her Pet Find Relief

Canary Test in a Coal Mine


Today I am sharing product reviews from a customer who came across MicroBalance Health Products after being made ill from mold in her home and having a positive and remarkable response.  Before getting to her email, there are a few themes (some from previous newsletters) that I would like readers to recall, because they are present in her review:

  • “Toxic Load” can be reached with one severe exposure to mold and mycotoxins,and reaching it can forever change a person’s life by creating hypersensitivity to almost every environmental element like a toxin as a result. You can read more about the Body’s Toxic Load HERE.
  • Environmental toxins are also dangerous to and affect our pets. In this case, a dear pet is lost, due to mold sickness–a catastrophic outcome. In addition, the reviewer recognizes severe symptoms in her remaining companion, but also is overjoyed to notice the benefits to her pet from Mold Hygiene with the EC3 products. I have heard numerous mold suffering stories that include the severe illness or death of a pet as an indicator that was only noticed after the fact.  In other words, improving the health of her indoor environment helps “EVERYBODY” who lives there.
  • Mold sickness and mycotoxin poisoning is serious. It is as serious as many other severe chronic illnesses. Like other severe illnesses, it requires lifestyle changes and maintenance.
  • Getting better is a process that requires vigilance and avoidance of mold antigens. In this case, professional remediation is required before ongoing Mold Hygiene can be employed to help the reviewer to consistently feel better over time.

Here is her review:

 “They work, they work, they work! As I live and breathe (every pun intended), they work! Thank you, Dr. Dennis, Kevin, and the representatives of MicroBalance! You are literal life savers for me and my kitty cat, Venus! Kevin … Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, listen to my saga and give me life-saving advice! You are a wonderful person and such a blessing to me!

The candles are better than the best of air purifiers (and I’ve had many of them). The EC3 candles work immediately to clear those horrible mold spores out of the air. Venus and I are hypersensitive/intolerant to mold spores. I currently have biotoxin illness/toxic mold syndrome. I have a faulty gene (HLA DR gene) that makes me hypersensitive to mold. If I don’t avoid breathing mold spores, I will eventually be poisoned to death.

I became this way because three years ago, I had my very large kitchen floor replaced because of aspergillus mold growing underneath it in the crawlspace. The whole area was covered in mold. I then called a furnace company to come in and vacuum and clean the ductwork and the furnace, especially as there was an open vent in the kitchen leading into the ductwork. My two kitties, Tinkerbell and Venus, and I left the house for a couple of hours until the work was finished. We returned, I paid him outside, and I entered my house. I noticed that the heat was on. As it was a warm day in March, I was confused, so I went into the kitchen and peered over the vent. What happened next has not only altered my life forever; but, it made my life a nightmare. I got sprayed in the face with “trillions and trillions” of dust-laden mold spores. It felt like someone took a blow torch and lit it in my lungs. I felt like I was going to die of asphyxiation. I found out that he just sprayed a “moldicide” in the vents on top of the dust and spores while turning on the heat to ventilate. I subsequently have had to visit the emergency room many times because my lungs were damaged and I have trouble breathing.  

I now have asthma and my lungs collapsed on the bottom (I used to be a swimmer with strong lungs). I eventually lost my kitty, Tinkerbell; because both of my kitties developed seizures. Tinkerbell’s little body could not withstand the toxins. I lost my home, all my belongings and two cars because of contamination. I have had to move 15 times in three years to try to escape the ravages of mold (it is everywhere). I have tried everything I could get my hands on to help me and have seen multiple Drs. to no avail. I was about ready to give in to the onslaught of spores in my system, when I came across the MicroBalance website.

I decided I would give one more so-called remedy, a shot. Oh my god! To my utter shock and surprise, I lit one of the candles and within a short period of time, I felt lighter and could actually breathe better! One candle actually cleared out my whole bedroom of mold spores. I light one candle in each room daily to keep the spores under control. What a blessing! My Venus notices it too as she stops having head tremors when I light a candle to clean the air. I don’t know how to thank you enough Dr. Dennis for caring about individuals like me (and Venus). You have saved our lives! And by the way, the EC3 spray works, the Citridrops Dietary Supplement works; the CellTropin is working. It’s magic as we speak! Next month I will order the Sinus Defense. I can’t wait. Once again, thank you and God bless you, Dr. Dennis, Kevin (who explained every product to me completely and thoroughly with patience and kindness), and all the MicroBalance representatives! You have given Venus and I back our lives!”

Discussion Points

  • In this case, the patient had a serious mold problem in her home that required remediation. It is important to hire a licensed and experienced mold remediator that understands the potential health impacts of mold, especially during the
  • removal. When large amounts of mold are removed, the disruption of the construction site makes airborne the mold colonies and microscopic mold spores.  Mycotoxins are dispersed all over and into the air in significant amounts.  Proper remediation requires proper containment of theconstruction area to ensure that it is sealed from the rest of the home and from the air supply. This is to remove any potential dangers for the homeowner, especially for when they re-enter the home.
  • For those of us with pets, we should recognize that a mold problem in the home can be just as dangerous to them as to us. It is even possible that the pets suffer when the humans may not be severely injured by mold.
  •  Your pet could actually be more mold-sensitive than you are! Testing for mold with EC3 Mold Screening Test Kits can helpyou to identify any problems that could impact anyone living in the home, animal or human.
  • There are limits to what our bodies can handle. Toxic Load is a serious issue. Exposure to mold in small amounts over time or in one big exposure can make a person hypersensitive and sick for the rest of their life.  In addition, toxic hypersensitivity can expand to include chemicals present in our home furnishings, beauty supplies, and building materials.
  • Some people have to move numerous times before they can find a living space where they

do not react. This patient had to move 15 times in efforts to avoid mold. In the end, her hypersensitivity was overcome by a combination of actions and products to clear the air, sinuses, and surfaces in her home.Even after the environment is addressed, the body must also be assisted in the healing process. This patient is helping her body heal by using CellTropin in addition to using other products to remove the source of mold and clean the air.

  • The Microbalance Health Products Staff is trained and knowledgeable and truly cares about helping mold sufferers. Each member is accessible to answer questions and provide guidance with products. Staff members personally interact with customers, using their names and giving direct contact info for consistency and a personal touch with the customer experience. Special Thanks went to Kevin this time for helping a patient improve her life!