This past Friday, I went Dr. Dennis’s office for a business meeting following afternoon patients.  To my immediate surprise, Dr. Dennis was in the process of seeing a personal friend and colleague that I strongly suspected had a mold problem and referred to Dr. Dennis.  He works with me on many projects and has recently become an avid reader of these mold newsletters.   Over the past few months, he had described to me, in detail, the water damage to his home, efforts to fix it, and his worsening sinus symptoms. He has also found some temporary relief with the EC3 Air PurificationCandles.  So, I asked Dr. Dennis a selfish favor to fit “John” into his schedule for an examination, ASAP. I depend on “John’s” productivity for many work projects. Dr. Dennis was kind enough to fit him in after his patient schedule, and we delayed our meeting.

What I observed and learned was so fascinating, I asked both “John” and Dr. Dennis to agree to a release so I could write about it.  What I witnessed was nothing short of amazing.

The Patient 

Online Mold and Environmental Evaluation

“John” immediately took the mold evaluation sporting an obvious “severe” scoring. He described his well-documented water damage from a leaky roof and ineffective mold remediation efforts to the Dr.. Dr. Dennis asked numerous questions about John’s home, medical history, and symptoms over a period of about 45 minutes.  “John” presented numerous symptoms including several sinusitis complications, headaches, occasional incapacitating vertigo, and neuromuscular pain,amongst others to Dr. Dennis.


Pre-examination Precautions

I am personally “nose blind”; but, Dr. Dennis and his staff surprisingly identified several species of mold immediately by their keen sense of smell and many years of daily experiences with exposure to mold patients.  The visit began with a tap test for mold to be sent off to the lab.  Amazingly, this was followed by “John” having to be fogged immediately prior to being examined closely.  Mold is often identified on patient’s body and clothes. This exposure usually comes from the home environment they left prior to the Drs. visit.  My take was that Dr. Dennis demonstrated concern for his own and his staff’s health because of the exposure they face in the office from patients with moldy homes. I found it remarkable that someone can wake up in a moldy home, get dressed, go to the Dr. and have enough mold on their clothes to overwhelm a physician’s office!

Fogging a Person (Safe for clothes, skin, and to breathe)

“John” was asked to stand up with his hands out and to spin while a SANI-TIZER ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Mister/Sprayer (Fogger) sprayed a fine aerosol mist of EC3 mold solution spray for a few minutes prior to sitting in the exam room chair.  EC3 mold solution spray is an all-natural botanical that is safe to breath and have skin exposed to.  Dr. Dennis wore an oxygen mask while examining “John” for his own safety.  While there, another office mate complained of headaches while another staff member proceeded their daily fogging of the entire office space, exam rooms, and waiting room after a full day of mold patients.  Amazingly, Dr. Dennis has himself fogged in the process before our meeting.

The Examination

The exam revealed circumstantial evidence of mold and mycotoxins.  The mold test plate and any blood drawn would be sent off to the labs for confirmation. While Dr. Dennis doing his endoscopic examination, he treated the sinuses with Amphotericin B, an antifungal that he uses “topically” in the sinuses.  This antifungal is most familiarly used as an IV anti-fungal medication for severe infection in much larger doses.  It normally has some toxicity issues to be aware of when metabolized by the body. However, the topical use on fungi in the sinuses is very effective and is used at much smaller doses while avoiding the body’s first pass metabolism. This treatment is often coupled with prescribed Amphotericin B nose drops to be used as directed by a physician.  It is both safe and effective.

Acute Treatment

Dr. Dennis began maximum treatment for mold with John.  He advised him to get out of his home until it could be remediated as the constant assault of mold and mycotoxins in the air he breathes at home would make detoxification and healing near impossible.

One important observation was “John’s” statement that he had immediate improvement in mental clarity. Dr. Dennis mentioned that fogging a persons body and clothes and exposure to EC3 mold solution often impact symptoms of mold irritation.

Maximum Therapy for Mold and Mycotoxins

John left the Drs. office with Maximum Treatment for mold.  He was placed on a Candida Diet to starve mold in his body and EC3 Body and Home Protocol.  In addition, he was given oxygen therapy coupled with an Amphoteracin B nebulizer to provide the anti-fungal with reach to his rear sinuses.  He also left with an order to get a CT scan so that the Dr. can get a better view of what is going on in all eight of his sinuses.  It is unclear at this time how much fungi resides in his sinuses and where. He also began using Sinus Defense immediately in the office.  I am looking forward to learning about the lab results and CT scan as well as the efficacy of treatment and diet over a couple of weeks.

Another Suggestion to John

Because in many cases, the Dr. and patient may not have the ability to leave or afford leaving the home, I suggested to John that he purchase SANI-TIZER ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Mister/Sprayer and EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate immediately.  Fortunately, Microbalance Health Products just started stocking these devices to sell a “Cold Fogging Kit” featuring a SANI-TIZER fogger packaged with EC3 Mold solution spray.  Microbalance Health Products are making efforts to provide patients with mold damaged homes from the recent hurricane victims and have not had the opportunity or resources to correctly remediate their homes by professionals.  These “life-savers” will be sold at a competitive price to Amazon with free shipping and packaged with EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate. We arranged for John to pick one up on the way home.

As I have written before, the fogger can serve as a “band-aid” solution to decrease the fungal and mycotoxin loads in the air of water damaged homes.  Regular fogging when symptoms arise can make the home livable in the short term when used with a HEPA air purifier and HEPA vacuum.  The 1-gallon fogger is very efficient with the solution of EC3 Mold Concentrate and distilled water using ounces to fog an entire home.

Fogging Furniture

Fogging Rugs or Carpet

I have used and am a big fan of the Curtis Dynafog “SANI+TIZER” as it is the first ULV (Ultra Low Volume) sprayer specifically designed to efficiently apply antibacterial, deodorizing, and mold abatement solutions. The SANI-TIZER can be adjusted to apply either an ULV aerosol or a residual spray that wets all surfaces. The mist can distribute particles as small as 5 microns that can settle on surfaces, attach to dust, and evaporate or up to a 50 micron mist which will leave a light wet residue without penetrating surfaces.

Fogging does not eliminate the need for professional mold remediation or moving away from a mold infested home for the mold sensitive or those who are immunocompromised.