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Cesar Collado

Chief Commercial and Financial Officer & Editor of Sinusitis Wellness MicroBalance Health Products

Cesar Collado began working with MicroBalance Health Products (MBH) in 2014, when the company was a start-up. Currently, he has oversight responsibility for strategy, marketing and finance, as well as, writing original content for the company’s blog on the Sinusitis Wellness website.

Since Collado’s arrival, MBH revenues have significantly increased and the company is on track in 2018 to exceed $1M in revenue.

Collado is passionate about treating environmental illness as a significant, unmet and misdiagnosed medical need and believes the MBH portfolio of products is an important contributor to the wellness of many sick individuals. Through MBH, he is committed to distributing cost effective and affordable products to suffering patients. The current healthcare system is not well-equipped or focused on environmental illness and toxicity due to mold. In addition, he leverages his unique background in acquiring new technologies across many scientific disciplines to the life sciences and drug discovery and development.

As a former pharmaceutical R&D and corporate development executive, venture capitalist, and seasoned strategy consultant in biotechnology and technology industries, Collado currently works as an advisor to Flashpoint at Georgia Tech. Through this start-up accelerator, he is a mentor to multiple technology start-ups.

Collado began his career with Eli Lilly and Company. For more than a decade at the company, he contributed to building its biotechnology capabilities, many of which have contributed to several life-saving treatments available to patients. He is an accomplished dealmaker who has completed more than 70 transactions and a strategist contributing to numerous efforts of corporate importance.

Collado has been recognized for his contributions to scientific innovation. Teams he led have received the Lilly Chairman’s Exemplary Innovation Award in 1997 and the Lilly Research Lab’s Presidents Award for Outstanding Scientific Contributions in 2000 and 2001. These recognitions are significant since they are rarely awarded to non-scientific research staff and contributors.

Other key roles include serving as the Practice Director of Collado Advisors, co-founding Colucid (later sold to Lilly), key advisor to Serenex (later sold to Pfizer), and working with leading investigators across the country and developing strategy for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

From 2008-11, Collado was the Vice President for Corporate Business Development for UCB Pharmaceuticals, where he led numerous transactions to acquire, divest, and seek partnerships generating hundreds of millions of cash assets and acquiring pipeline products.

Collado holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of New Mexico University and a Master in Business Administration from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.