Sinusitis and the Immune System Explained


By Cesar Collado

Chronic Sinusitis is debilitating! Regardless of the cause (bacterial or fungal), treating only the symptoms has been the focus of physicians for ages. It wasn’t until 2003 that researchers formally defined chronic sinusitis as a group of disorders marked by sinus inflammation AND nasal congestion lasting at least 12 weeks. The problem can arise from multiple causes. A patient can be pre-disposed to getting sinusitis through genetics, infection, allergies (including molds), and immunodeficiency, meaning the immune system of the patient is compromised; it overreacts to any stimulus, most commonly mold, and creates a cycle of sickness and inflammation. Today, regardless of the cause, a common treatment goal of physicians is to address the underlying factors creating the sinusitis by controlling the inflammation.  By eliminating or treating the cause of the inflammation, frequently, the patient’s resilient body can heal itself without costly pharmaceuticals, doctor’s visits, or surgeries.

Sinus Defense and CellTropin are relatively recent homeopathic innovations by Dr. Dennis that aid the body in its cellular healing and immunity against the most inflammatory causes of sinusitis.   

Chronic Sinusitis Background

Physicians most often address a sinus infection with antibiotics and the inflammation with steroids; however, symptoms often remain, because the cause of the infection and inflammation are not being addressed.  An extensive Mayo Clinic study determined that the vast majority of patients with chronic sinusitis had fungi present in their sinuses.  This led to the theory that chronic sinusitis can be a cycle of bacterial and fungal infections. Thus while antibiotics clear the bacteria causing the sinusitis, they also clear the good bacteria that defend the body from other invaders, leaving a stripped environment that encourages future fungal growth—so the cycle of sinusitis continues.  Since we are always exposed to mold, both inside and outside, fungi will find a way into the sinuses and will grow when environments provide food and moisture to give it life and to reproduce.

Sinus surgery is then the next option.  As fungi trigger an immune response, the inflammation incites mucous production, swelling, and polyps. The sinuses become inflamed and nasal polyps result, trapping mucous in the sinus cavities.  Sinus surgery clears away the inflamed tissue and polyps, enabling the sinuses to finally drain the infectious mucous, whereby the body can heal.

Perhaps the most effective and least invasive means of preventing chronic sinusitis is regular nasal rinsing to wash away mold and the allergens that cause the infection. Dr. Dennis has patients perform daily saline rinses with CitriDrops added to wash fungi and bacteria from the sinuses. This method directly addresses the cause, because regardless of what may be inflaming the sinus, the treatment goal remains eliminating it and helping the sinuses to drain. Sinuses that are able to properly drain  are not as likely to swell, become infected and cause further symptoms and sickness.

The Immune System: The Other Half of The Equation

Antigens play a central role in our body’s defensive and immune reactions. It is our adaptive immune system that is highly specific to particular pathogens or antigens. The cells that neutralize or destroy antigens are white blood cells known as lymphocytes. There are two main

broad classes or immune responses to antigens—humoral therapy (antibody responses in the blood) and cell-mediated immune response.

Humoral Therapy: Allergy Shots (and Sublingual Drops) to Initiate a Human Antibody Response

Humoral immunity occurs when our bodies create antibodies, which are proteins, also known as immunoglobulins, which are specific to particular antigens. Antibodies travel through the bloodstream and bind to the foreign antigen causing it to be destroyed by a white blood cell (WBC), which does not allow the antigen to bind to the host.

This approach capitalizes on our body’s ability to make antibodies to combat specific antigens.  These FDA approved injections are somewhat effective, but may require regular doctor visits, skin or blood testing or to determine which allergens cause an immune response (there may be many to provide in a custom vaccine), and pose a small risk of a local, systemic, or anaphylactic response to the antigen when first injected.  These injections are used year round, and some formulations offer some efficacy when used in defense of multiple mold species.  Sublingual Allergy Drops have recently become more popular than shots, although not yet approved by the FDA.  Sublingual drops have been used effectively for decades in Europe and Asia. The antibodies produced by allergy shots and sublingual immunotherapy work by attacking free-floating antigens in the bloodstream that are not attached to cells (humoral immunotherapy). This mechanism has limitations when antigen loads are high and with molds and fungi.

Cell-Mediated Immunotherapy and Sinus Defense

Cell-mediated immunity is an immune response that does not involve antibodies, but, rather, involves the activation of T cells in response to a foreign antigen. Cell-mediated immunity is directed primarily at microbes that survive in phagocytes and microbes that infect non-phagocytic cells. It is most effective in defending against fungi and some protozoans.

The science behind Sinus Defense capitalizes on the discovery of Transfer Factor and its ability to transfer immunity from one person to another.  We all witness transfer factor in action when a mother breast feeds her child. Her immunity is being transferred to the child through the colostrums in her breast milk. The proof of this concept was achieved in 1949 by a Dr. Sherwood Lawrence, who found that the fluid from white blood cells from patients who were exposed to Tuberculosis transferred immunity to patients who were not exposed to Tuberculosis.

The antigens that Sinus Defense (transfer factor) binds to are foreign organisms fixed to cells, rather than free in the blood  stream. Transfer factor sticks to these organisms on cells to mark them for destruction. Transfer factor is smaller than antibodies, but acts like antibodies to mark infected cells for destruction by natural killer cells, and macrophages (TH1 cell-mediated immunity).

Sinus Defense is a homeopathic, colostrum-based product that introduces Transfer Factor to the bloodstream. It is sprayed (3-9 sprays 2-3 times) daily under the tongue to provide good absorption into the circulation. The results can be felt in hours and days, rather than months. The mechanism can be more effective against large exposures as it directly attaches itself to the antigens, neutralizing them and allowing the body’s natural immune response to eliminate the threat. Sinus Defense is particularly effective with treating chronic sinusitis, because mold can be found in up to 93% of the cases.

There are many advantages to trying Sinus Defense prior to humoral allergy shots or sublingual therapies.It is a homeopathic remedy that does not require physician allergy testing as it binds to all foreign antigens, neutralizing them and targeting them for elimination by the body’s natural immune system. Because there are many species of mold and mold spores exist almost everywhere, Sinus Defense comes in a small spray bottle that can be administered any place and any time. In other words, Sinus Defense gives you a portable mechanism for fighting the potential causes of chronic sinusitis whenever and wherever you need.

For people who suffer from severe allergies to mold or chronic sinusitis, Sinus Defense works best in combination with beta Glucan.  BetaMax is 1-3 Beta Glucan. 

Supplementing with beta glucan increases the white blood cell macrophage level in the blood, thereby increasing the effects of Sinus Defense significantly, because the macrophages are ready to remove the infected cells as soon as the transfer factor attaches to the organism on the cell surface.

CellTropin and Recovery From Chronic Sinusitis

The pituitary gland is sometimes called the “Master Gland,” as it is responsible for releasing eight hormones that control bodily functions. These functions range from stimulating bone growth to prompting your thyroid gland to release hormones that control your metabolism. It controls the release of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, and growth hormone for making new cells. So damage to the pituitary gland must be treated in order to restore health. Mold exposure can damage the pituitary gland. It was found that people who have a history of toxic mold exposure and an energy level of 5 or less, with 10 being normal, have a 53% chance of having pituitary damage  resulting in deficiency in growth hormone, thyroid, and/or cortisol. (Dennis, Robertson, Curtis, Black. Toxicology and Iidustrial Health 25(9-10 669-680, 2009.)

The gland sits at the center of the skull tucked behind the nose and the eyes, right behind the sphenoid sinus.  When a patient has chronic sinusitis, the formerly vacant sinuses fill with mucous. Because of where the pituitary gland sits, sinus problems—such as a chronic infection—can compromise pituitary function, resulting in hormonal deficiencies.  In addition, the body’s stress response can also affect pituitary function. Because the pituitary gland is responsible for the hormones that regulate numerous bodily functions, when it is malfunctioning, many alarming symptoms can arise.  Because these symptoms overlap in numerous chronic diseases, determining the role the pituitary gland plays in the pathology of chronic sinusitis and its symptoms is elusive and difficult to diagnose.

CellTropin promotes cellular healing and cell turnover.It supports the pituitary gland which helps normalize the hormone deficiencies seen in some mold and chronic sinusitis patients. In addition to Pituitary 3x,6x,12x,30x, the Argenine contained in the spray supports improved circulation, and astragalus root promotes stabilization of DNA telomeres. When telomeres are stable, DNA damage decreases with aging.


With the assistance of both Sinus Defense and CellTropin to support the body’s incredible ability to heal itself and become more efficient at fighting off sickness and inflammation responses, finding relief from chronic sinusitis and mold sensitivity can be attained for the long haul.




About the Author:

Cesar Collado is a former pharmaceutical R&D executive, venture capitalist, and seasoned strategy consultant in biotechnology and technology industries in general. He currently works as an advisor to multiple technology start-ups and advises several companies that provide healthcare and other services for environmental illness. Read More


  1. Trisha January 20, 2019 at 2:08 am - Reply

    How is chronic Staph A (Marcons) being addressed ?? These chronic “sinus issues” appear to be more complicated than “allergic reactions”.for many people exposed to “sick/water damaged buildings”. Although all indoor ” mold infestations” can Create health problems for Humans and animals,the lack of proper building maintenance is clearly indicated. There are many possibilities of infectious “pathogens” being “overlooked” as “mold growth” continues be to dismissed and or concealed. Finding any medical “provider” to conduct basic cultures for identifying any Species, before prescribing (broad spectrum abx) or assuming “allergies” has created chronic/recurring infections. Every “eco system” has it’s own “foot print and history”. Due to common and assumptive “medical practices” many patients Never receive proper diagnosis or “treatments” in acute beginning stages which has led to Chronic /recurring infections. Water damage is not all created equally but has become far too common in buildings. Finding a severe and extensive fungal infestation thru air testing and inspection was only Identifying part of the pathogenic “picture”. The associated bacterial,viral,parasitic (opportunistic) microbial potential is vast, creating a more complex (diseased state) due to immune systems being overloaded/damaged by several infectious pathogens and the secondary “toxins” they produce. Domestic Sewage, poor plumbing is often implicated in the “history” of “water damaged structures”. These are Sanitation issues regardless of new or old buildings/ materials being used. Infectious diseases will contaminate,breed and proliferate in these structures. This may only be “allergies” for a lucky few but false diagnosis for Many more. The lowering of sanitation and safety standards evades compliance and enforcement. There is no “immunity” from poor sanitation. It is not a “genetic issue” but a cultural defect, neglecting and damaging Indoor and outdoor environments. Nothing is more pathogenic to human or animals than human waste and the resulting “hidden” microbiology~Fungal growth is not all the same or created in the same manner. People need Individual care and some “buildings” should be destroyed. Decades of ignoring and concealing has put Everyone at risk. There are no “canaries”…

    • Cesar Collado January 23, 2019 at 5:10 am - Reply

      You are correct in much of what you have stated. First, I am not a physician so I can not comment on diagnosis.

      MARCoNS (Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Coagulase Negative Staphylococci) is an antibiotic resistant staph that resides deep in the nasal passage of 80% of people with low MSH (Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone), those suffering from Biotoxin Illness and other chronic inflammatory illnesses CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome. They are veery serious and a physician should swab and culture for patients with serious illness.

      Sinusitis wellness has taken the ambitious approach to get physicians and patients who sugar from chronic sinusitis and mold to acknowledge mold as a cause. The protocol for testing for one physician I know include Tap testing the clothes, swab the nose, Immunoglobin antibody blood test, and a detailed questionnaire on medical history, symptoms, and environment. The goal is to take mold off the table early in diagnosis. This allows the Doctor and patient to avoid unnecessary referrals, diagnostics, medicines, and delayed suffering until diagnosis.

      I suspect that seriously sick patients will reveal during the protocol that will direct them to take the extra step to test for MARCoNS. Treatment to follow.

      I do believe MARConS needs further awareness and I thank you all of the comments. They help many readers in their quest to find out the cause of their suffering.

  2. lynda brown January 15, 2019 at 9:50 pm - Reply

    I am a few years sick into mould issues, is it too late for these products to be effective?

    • Cesar Collado January 16, 2019 at 12:00 am - Reply

      It is never too late. I have seen people address mold in their home air, rinse their sinuses with Citridrops, and benefit greatly.
      – Some fog their homes
      – Some use Sinus Defense and Celltropin
      – Many adjust their diet to a Candida/Yeast Diet.

      These steps have worked for people who have been sick for decades.

      If your body reaches its toxic load, you may still be sensitive to both mold and chemicals. Making your home a safe place allows your body to heal when you are home (sleeping). This makes a big difference because your body isn’t continuously assaulted while inhaling home air with mold.

  3. Rhonda Bock June 4, 2018 at 1:42 am - Reply

    I have been suffering with sinusitis and indoor and outdoor allergies this last year and a half. Had balloon sinuplasty last August to clear out all of my sinuses. Lost smell and taste for most of that time. My allergist and ENT doctor tell me I will probably always lose taste and smell when I get any upper respiratory illness. Because it goes straight to my nose and causes inflammation and swelling. I have been taking allergy shots since March 2018. They say it will be awhile before I notice a difference. My question, could I take your product while on my allergy shots?

    • Cesar Collado June 5, 2018 at 3:59 am - Reply

      Hi Rhonda,
      Yes you can use either Citridrops Dietary Supplement in your Nasal rinse or Citridrops nasal spray to remove mold from your sinuses. You can also use Sinus Defense with your allergy shots. Allergy shots are specific. Sinus defense is programmed to seek out many more antigens and help your T cells remove them immediately. sinus defense works in days versus months to years for allergy shots. Celltropin will help your hormonal systems regulate and heal. Good luck!

  4. Ilene March 31, 2018 at 4:33 pm - Reply

    Where can I buy these products, cell tropin and sinus defense

    • Cesar Collado April 1, 2018 at 5:07 am - Reply

      Thank you for your question. Both Sinus Defense and Celltropin are available at

      Link Homeopathic Products

      BetaMax 500 is an excellent addition to optimize Sinus Defense. It works by promoting lymphocyte and macrophage production-the cells in your body that destroy infection.

  5. Margaret January 27, 2018 at 9:40 am - Reply

    Thank you. This was very good reading for my son who had Vasculitis and his immune system and blood flow isn’t good. He had very bad sinusitis trouble this last couple of days. He has mold in his bedroom but didn’t know it was bad for you. He is getting it sorted out so the doc can give that nasel spray that temps down the immune system. I don’t have Email but could you send me private message on face book. Thank you very much!

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