Did your Physicians prompt you to investigate mold or your environment? How could they have not?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Epstein’s Barr Virus, and other “Catch All” Diagnoses with No Cure

By Cesar Collado

General practice physicians have a near impossible task in diagnosing complicated chronic illnesses with limited time, and typical blood panel diagnostic tests that usually reveal no clear disease or imbalance. By standard medicine diagnostics, “normal” levels of the most common blood markers don’t even really look at some of the most common illnesses provokers—environmental toxins and toxic load indicators in the body. Some combination or most of the symptoms in the table above do not lead to clear and understood diagnoses, such as diabetes, cancer, auto-immune disease, or even hormonal issues (thyroid, adrenal, pituitary). Patients often leave the doctor’s office with either a specialist referral or a “catch all” medical finding and sometimes, a hopeless prognosis.

A common theme in all my articles is that most of the burden of addressing environmental illness falls on the patient.  Environmental illnesses have been studied only in recent times, and have been limited to research following Natural Disasters; therefore, they are less understood by Western Medicine and physicians. Furthermore, the symptoms closely overlap with those of so many other chronic diseases.  Dr. Dennis has even told me countless stories of patients that have seen 100s of doctors over many years, and endured decades of misery, taking numerous prescription medicines with little to no relief.  The good news is that if the physician and patient consider their environment and mold, there are solutions!

Last week, I described the concept of Toxic Load or Body Burden and the notion that our bodies are constantly exposed to toxins, but can only metabolize a fixed amount of toxins over our lives.  This can occur slowly or quickly and begins when we are still inside our mother’s womb.  The ubiquitous nature of mold being everywhere (regardless of geography or socioeconomic situation and overgrowth only requiring moisture or water meeting organic materials) makes toxic mold statistically a much more likely exposure that can contribute to reaching our Toxic Load more likely than most of the known 80,000 industrial chemicals.

In addition, many common species of molds produce mycotoxins, are poisonous to our organs, and can also lead to unexplained neurological and mood disorders.  What differentiates mold illness from the other diagnoses is that it can be explained by investigating the environment.  Further, illness symptoms will improve by removing the mold and mycotoxin loads from your environment, and by undergoing proper detoxification under a physician or integrative doctor’s care.

A Difficult Puzzle Made Easier

In the article, “Taking Mold Off of the Table,” Dr. Dennis investigates mold immediately with patients during their first visit with him.  Prior to conducting his examination, he performs a tap test with a mold test plate to determine if the patient has mold on their clothes and whether that mold is a species that produces mycotoxins. He also swabs the inner nose, since mold is most often inhaled, and sends the samples on mold test plates to a lab.  Patients fill out a detailed questionnaire that includes questions of their past medical conditions, home environment, and all other symptoms (many are listed in the table above). Finally, he takes a blood test to determine if the patient has antibodies to mold present or any obvious food antigens that might be causing gut issues. (Candida overgrowth in the digestive system is a common indicator of mold exposure.)

This is an enormous amount of information gathered at a mere fraction of the time and cost of medical diagnostics that would otherwise be performed over time with a typical physician (MRI, CT, Blood panels to name a few).    While neither of these tests are conclusive by themselves, the combination of the tests provides circumstantial evidence to investigate toxic elements in the patients’ lives. In the event that Dr. Dennis finds evidence of mold and/or mycotoxins, he asks the patients to test their homes for mold with mold test plates. Patients also have the option of sending the plates to a lab for specific identification of the molds.

(You can take his mold sensitivity evaluation online for free by clicking here. )

If the mold tests are negative, at least you know it is not mold or toxins making you sick. That information alone is invaluable to both physician and patients from a decision standpoint. The next step is to get the patient to a safe place where their body can heal. From there, the patient can assess their situation and choose to move permanently or to find and fix their mold issues at home.

From a decision science standpoint, Dr. Dennis’s approach is superior for many reasons.  The process excludes “negative space,” making a diagnosis more probable. It also provides quick evidence of environmental illness without allowing the debilitating symptoms to continue.  In the event that mold is the tipping point, and the patient has reached their toxic load, they might avoid years of continued suffering and significant financial expense with just these simple diagnostics.

The other complication you might avoid is being prescribed unnecessary medicines, like antibiotics, pain medicines, antidepressants, and anti-seizure medicines with side effects that can also cause many of the symptoms on the above list. This further complicates diagnosing the correct disease.

Finally, just knowing what is making you sick provides understanding, so that you and your family can come to terms with the situation and move forward.  When a debilitating illness takes a family member away from family time, work, and relationships, stress often results.

Health Care Economics

Health or Medical economics is the way healthcare companies calculate costs of diseases to patients and society.

It includes the medical costs, new technology value, opportunity costs of not working, lost productivity or wages, and other impacts. Personal and emotional costs are cannot be quantified.

There is a simple elegance to Dr. Dennis’ approach that should be recognized.  All one has to do to consider mold when a severely sick patient presents with these symptoms.  Mold and mycotoxins affect many severely ill patients and their families.  While treatment may require a doctor, all of the tests described in “Taking Mold off the Table” can be conducted without a physician. On August 16, 2018, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) supported this position for the first time on its website:

“The Centers for Disease Control urged people to consider fungus as the underlying cause of symptoms that don’t improve with conventional therapy.

 In a short video, the caption reads, ‘Fungal diseases are often not diagnosed right away because their symptoms can be similar to those of other diseases.”


Personal Economics

Because environmental illness diagnoses are often missed by allopathic physicians, patients must seek care from naturopathic physicians and make other investments that do not fall under health insurance coverage.  This is an unfortunate truth.  Patients must consider that an investment in naturopathic care and treatments can be costly.  However, this must be compared to other healthcare costs and the value of wellness.  It is not uncommon for people to reject expenses that are not covered by health insurance, given its cost these days. Exploring use of a Healthcare Spending Account (HSA) can help.  

It is important to recognize that a small investment in taking care of our bodies and homes early in the path to wellness can often have an enormous impact on future healthcare expenditures. Reaching deductibles and out of pocket maximums for health insurance is still much more costly than seeking care for environmental illness and can lead to losing years or even decades of wellness and happiness.

Home Solutions

When I wrote about my friend and colleague “John” in “An Inside Look at a Mold Patients First Appointment with Dr Dennis,” John purchased a SANI-TIZER Cold Fogger and EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate immediately, prior to having full home remediation performed on his home.  When asked how he was feeling, he said “Buying the SANI+TIZER fogger and EC3 Mold Solution Spray is the single best healthcare investment I have made ever.  I feel so much better!”

Reducing the mold count throughout the home is an efficient “Band Aid” solution while you are making choices about your home situation. In addition, rinsing your sinuses with the Nasopure Rinse System and the CitriDrops Dietary Supplement allows you to address the mold spores and mycotoxins you have already inhaled.  Reducing the constant burden on your immune system allows the healing process to begin.

Homeopathic ”Toxic Load” Aids

Sinus Defense aids your body in its natural ability to fight mold and other pathogens invading your system.  It provides transfer factor which identifies and tags foreign antigens. Transfer factor is the methodology in which one person passes on immunity to another person.  Children receive immunity from their mother through breast milk. This same immunity can be passed from one human to another, allowing the body’s immediate defenses to be effective in removing the invader.

Your body’s T cells kill the antigen.

Your macrophages can then remove the antigen from your system.  This is called Cell-Mediated Immunity. Sinus Defense is formulated to enable the body to recognize the “invaders,” so that T-cells can do their job immediately and effectively.

This is an alternative to the body’s “normal” methodology, where antibodies must be created over time to attack and remove the antigen with either allergy shots or sublingual drops re-introducing the antigen to maintain effectiveness. This can take weeks or months to work. When the body is enduring a mold onslaught, boosting its T-cell army with Sinus Defense to fight the toxins is extremely efficacious.

The addition to BetaMax is a potent oral form of Beta 1, 3 Glucan.  BetaMax, boosts the immune system’s macrophages or work horses that remove foreign debris and allow the body to heal. When used with Sinus Defense, patients see a real difference in their resiliency and ability to tolerate chance mold exposures.(Sinus Defense/BetaMax Bundle)

Celltropin helps the body’s pituitary system which can be compromised when the toxic burden is too high or infection is present.  The pituitary gland is responsible for cell metabolism and hormonal regulation.

Without proper cell metabolism, the body cannot heal. Thus, regular use of CellTropin increases cell turnover helps and promotes repair. When the body is actively and efficiently repairing itself and pituitary hormones are operating properly, the toxic burden lessens and wellness is more attainable.


Please feel free comment or contact me if you have any questions at cesarcollado@icloud.com

Cesar Collado is a former pharmaceutical R&D executive, venture capitalist, and seasoned strategy consultant in biotechnology and technology in general. He currently works as an advisor to multiple technology  start-ups and advises several companies that provide healthcare and other services for environmental illness.


About the Author:

Cesar Collado is a former pharmaceutical R&D executive, venture capitalist, and seasoned strategy consultant in biotechnology and technology industries in general. He currently works as an advisor to multiple technology start-ups and advises several companies that provide healthcare and other services for environmental illness. Read More


  1. Justine Simone January 17, 2018 at 3:29 pm - Reply

    Cannot find an Environtmental Dr to treat me! How do I find one?
    I live in FloriMOLDa. After 10 months exposure in my condo and multiple MDs for brain growths, amnesia and cognitive issues, erratic heart, nodes on lungs, tumor behind Parodit gland, dry, itchy eyes, ongoing sinusitis, exhaustion, personality changes, polyps in intestines, skin rash and more. I have moved 11 times since 2015. Each time, I find myself in YET ANOTHER MOLDY residence or unhealthy circumstance.
    Stuck in FL until Personal Injury litigation is fully in place.
    While your products look helpful, I truly need tertiary care!
    As you mentioned, Drs just treat the symptom they specialize in. No one will look at the whole.
    When I mention mold exposure, a few of the Drs have gotten angry and hotly disputed my question!
    Will you please guide me? I have gotten somewhat better, but can’t seem to recover fully.
    Thank you very very much for your help.
    JD Simone

    • Cesar Collado January 17, 2018 at 9:09 pm - Reply

      I:’m sorry to hear about your situation. I’m not a physician; however, I can provide some suggestions.

      Try doing a google search for “Doctors who treat Environmental illness in ______, Florida
      Also look for Integrative medicine, holistic doctors, and Naturopathic Doctors. Virtually all treat environmental illness. (These will likely not be on your insurance; but, you and use a FSA or HSA to pay.) Traditional doctors are not fully trained for mold or multiple chemical sensitivity.

      For MBH products:
      -Test your home with Mold test plates!!!!!
      -the SANI+TIZER fogger with EC3 is the best solution for a house that hasn’t been fixed. It takes minutes to fog everything (Furniture, carpet, clothes, cabinets, crawlspace, basement,ect). 1-2 times a week for “bad” houses seems to be a huge help for many
      -Rinsing your sinuses with Citridrops in the NasoPure rinse system is the single most effective way to remove the actual spores that are making you sick.
      -EC3candles will remove mold and mycotoxins from the immediate area around you. (Where you hang out: living room, bedroom))
      If you read todays article, read last weeks on toxic load. If you reached it, chemicals will now affect you.

      These are the first steps I would consider to widely address your issues to see if they help. If they do, other products will make a difference as well.

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