Fight “To Win” Instead of Fighting “Not to Lose.”

By Cesar Collado

chronic mold sickness

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Once you have been diagnosed with mold sensitivity, chronic fungal sinusitis, or found mold in your home, the two most important things you need to clearly understand prior to treatment and remediation are:

chronic mold sickness

  • The quality of the AIR you breathe in is 2 TIMES MORE IMPORTANT than your genetic code to your health.
  • The quality of the AIR you breathe in is 5 TIMES MORE IMPORTANT  to your health than all the treatments rendered by hospitals, doctors and medications!1.

The first option is to leave the moldy home and all of your things behind—not a viable option for many people. Another is to have your home professionally remediated.  It is difficult to find qualified mold remediators who understand mold illness, mold biology, and building science to the degree that you will not have to worry further.  This is an expensive service; but, it is well worth it if you can have wellness and your life back.

For those of us that do not have the reserve funds to make this happen, we must do our chronic mold sicknesschronic mold sicknessbest to ensure our homes are safe and mold free ourselves. Before starting this process, the goals must be clearly defined:

  • To have high Indoor Air Quality (“IAQ”) so that your body can heal without a constant assault by mold to your immune system through continuous inhalation.
  • The employ practices that do not unnecessarily allow for contamination to occur across the various home systems or during the remediation itself.
  • Do not be fooled because your home is newer.  New homes develop moisture problems and mold equally as older homes.

What to Do?

If you are fighting to win, you must take no chances of contaminating your new temporary home while you heal and get well.

In my opinion and experience, there is no overkill when it comes to remediating mold and maintaining mold hygiene. The risks and costs of not going all the way from the start are too high and the payoff can elude you. Alternatively, half measures do not seem to pay off in the long run.  Mold and mycotoxin illness is as serious as many chronic debilitating diseases.

Costs to Remediate:

chronic mold sicknessWhile the cost to remediate can amount to a small fortune in anyone’s eyes, you are dealing with your life, quality of life, and the safety of your family.  Regardless of expense, it will be small compared to the exorbitant healthcare costs, opportunity costs, wage loss, and human costs of this debilitating illness.  Learn about using your Heal Care Account (HSA) with your insurance HERE.


Prior to Remediation:

chronic mold sicknessYou must leave your home with nothing that can harbor mold: clothing, paper materials, furniture, etc. while getting to a safe, temporary environment.  Make sure anything you decide take is treated for mold.  All clothing and bedding should be washed to remove mold and other contaminants.  Shoes and non-washable items, such as coats, or any personal items should be properly treated or fogged excessively to ensure mold does not come with you.

If you do not have access to clothing you are positive is mold free, purchasing new clothing and bedding is helpful. When you are sick, pajamas or sweats are adequate and easily washable.

Mold reproduces at alarming rates where it meets any moisture.  Leaving things outside is not enough to save your items.  Mold will continue to reproduce.  Ensure mold-exposed belongings are stored in a dry area and have proper staging area with adequate outside air where they can be sprayed, dried, and tested before taking anything back inside with you.  Learn more about a personal experience “Packing and Leaving a Moldy Home HERE.)

Mold Remediation:

Whether it is a licensed mold remediation expert or yourself, your home should be systematically remediated to remove all mold and to prevent continued contamination or future mold growth. This entails employing the following strategies:

    • Safety gear is essential. Tyvek suits, latex gloves, eye protection, and N95 masks should be worn
      by all inside the home.  (If your service provider is not using proper equipment, that should alarm you that the chronic mold sicknesscompany workers is not experienced on these matters.)
    • Proper testing of mold should occur throughout your home to identify the mold and level of contamination.
    • The source of moisture must be found. Even when the source is obvious, such as flooding, checking the entire home for leaks and moisture with proper equipment is essential.  This includes “unseen” or non-living space areas, such as garages, crawlspaces, attics, and inside the walls.
    • Removal of building materials, drywall, wood, and furnishings that are wet or contaminated is essential. Any upholstered, leather, clothing, rugs, etc. should be thrown out unless it is determined they can be remediated or tested.
    • Proper sealing of the contaminated areas is critical while work is being done. When mold is disturbed the spores become airborne.  Ventilation should be planned so that any air exposed to mold is filtered with an air scrubber and directed outside.
    • HVAC systems must be opened and tested for mold.  Once mold contaminates the HVAC system, it will continuously distribute the mold throughout the ventilated areas. The HVAC must be opened and treated for mold.

chronic mold sickness

Check registers for obvious mold.  Ductwork will also need to be treated if they are metal or replaced if they have moldy insulation.  The HVAC system must be appropriately installed for specific physics in the home to prevent future moisture buildup. Whole home air dehumidification should be installed to ensure your indoor humidity is below 50%.

  • Systematic treatment of the entire home is critical. Cold or hot fogging the entire home with an antifungal will reach the mold wherever it may hide.

For Those Who Cannot Remediate Immediately or Desire to Be Vigilant to Maintain a Mold Free Environment:

  • You must still say out of your home and stay in a safe place to allow your body to heal while under treatment by a physician. If you are still being exposed, you will not get better.
  • In a worse-case scenario, “band-aid” solutions are your only option to provide relief from mold.
    • Wearing proper safety gear, fogging the home with an EC3 SANI+TIZER fogger and EC3 Mold Solution Concentratewill temporarily reduce the mold count in the air almost to zero. Fog everything in the home.  It is all natural and safe for children and pets. Because mold takes a little time to gain a foothold, fogging regularly (weekly) will help your air quality significantly until you can get your home professionally remediated or find new housing.
    • Use EC3 Air Purification Candles wherever you settled in the home and where you sleep.
    • Wash all clothing, towels, and bedding with EC3 Laundry Additive to remove mold. Fresh clothes keep mold from traveling with you and constant exposure.
    • Treat surfaces with EC3 Mold Solution Spray. Simply spray and allow to air dry, or saturate a clean cloth and wipe over surfaces. You can also use EC3 Mold Solution Spray to treat shoes, coats, or any non-washable wearables or personal items. When pets reenter the home, you can spray on a cloth and wipe them down to remove mold from their fur and avoid tracking mold inside. You can even just mist their coats and allow the spray to air dry.
    • Daily rinsing (2+ per day) with an nasal wash system and Citridrops Dietary Supplementis the most practical way to remove mold spores, mucous, and other microbial contaminants from your body. Removing the mold that is making you sick makes sense. This is analogous to keeping a wound cleaned and dressed while the body heals itself.

chronic mold sickness
While all of this may sound extreme, mold is an insidious opponent that is resilient and opportunistic. Getting your life back is definitely worth the expense vs. the alternative of a lifetime of sickness and medical bills.

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