Chronic Sinus Infection: Mold and Environment Illness

You Can Be Offense Oriented or Defense Oriented.  Either Way, You Have to Commit to a Strategy and Participate to Get Well.

Chronic Sinus Infection

One of the biggest challenges when writing about environmental illness is to urge patients to be their own advocates without also seeming like I am urging an undermining of physicians.  I have worked with hundreds of clinical research physicians and community physicians for decades while working in the pharmaceutical industry.  The experiences also exposed me to how different drug medications work and are metabolized across many different chronic diseases.

What is important when it comes to mold and environmental illness, is understanding that the limitations and lack of awareness fall on the entire healthcare system.  It is true that core medical training is limited in laboratory experience, methods, and testing.  Not all diseases and environmental issues can be sufficiently covered, especially if an illness does not fall into a set study of clinical focus. Core biology, biochemistry, physiology, and physics are taught in pre-med.  Medical school teaches the application of the broad sciences to medicine and the applications to diagnostic medicine.  This is supported by the finely tuned diagnostic and pathology resources that provide easy to interpret results when a doctor is testing for common clues or abnormalities within their chosen specialty. But, when mold or environmental illness are the issues, the current medical model definitely is set up for failure. This is due to some easily identified pitfalls in the current system.

Current Healthcare System Deficits:

  • Physicians spend limited time (< 15 min) with patients and do not have time to discuss medical history, the patient’s living and working environments, diet, and lifestyle.
  • Environmental illness is not considered by most physicians, and some don’t even accept it as a “real” thing, unless an acute toxic exposure is at play.
  • Unexplained symptoms can be easily referred to a specialist for further investigation, which increases healthcare, opportunity, and human costs.
  • There is an acceptance of treating symptoms, even when the cause is unknown, where potentially unnecessary medicine is prescribed (antidepressants, epilepsy medications, and pain meds).
  • Physicians are trained to primarily interpret lab results. The core science learned in training is seldom applied. Chronic fatigue or cognitive impairment (brain fog) have become diagnoses, rather than acute symptoms that are often results of mold in your environment.

Thus, finding the right physicians to treat environmental illness can be a real struggle.  It would be great if there was a Dr. Dennis in every county in the US.  Unfortunately, there are few physicians who will spend the amount of time with patients necessary to get to the root of their symptoms, and who will capitalize on all aspects of education and resources to help patients learn to detoxify their bodies and determine whether they have an unsafe environment at home.

The Soccer/Mold and Environmental Illness Analogy

I rarely get the opportunity to use a sports analogy in my writing.  In this case, the game of soccer seems appropriate:

Chronic Sinus Infection

Offensive Strategy

In Soccer, there are two styles (or variations) that have been employed around the world.  Tiki-Taka is an extremely offense-oriented style that draws on the notion that “if the opposition can’t get the ball, they can’t score.”  The team is in continual attack mode to be on the offensive and score more goals. The game is played mostly on the defensive side of the field.

Chronic Sinus Infection

Defensive Strategy

The extreme defensive style, Catenaccio or The Chain, is a tactical system in soccer with a strong emphasis on defense. Catenaccio mean door lock.  Here, the defense crowds near the goal to make it almost impossible for the opposition to score.

A counter attack or “fast break” leverages speedsters to break away into a quick offensive attack.  The game is mostly played in the middle of the field. The result is often low-scoring (aka boring to Americans) games.


You have to Participate in Your Own Healing to Get Well

Just like watching young children playing soccer, taking neither an offensive or defensive tactic and chasing the ball around the field in soccer is not a good strategy, simply taking medications to treat symptoms and resting has very little effect on environmental or mold illness. This is because history (individual and empirically) tells us that if the source of the mold is not found and eliminated, a patient will unlikely get better due to the continuous assault on the immune system.   The human body will lack effectiveness in eliminating the allergens and toxins, because they are constantly present, and the patient is continuing to inhale mold spores. This can delay or prevents recovery, and no one wins.

Once you leave the physician’s office, it is entirely up to you to battle the mold in your body and home. This requires detox, lifestyle and dietary changes, and environmental cleaning or remediation, or leaving mold source altogether.

Chronic Sinus Infection

The analogy of playing defensively (like in soccer)  requires doing everything necessary to defend your body from mold.  This involves mold hygiene to remove mold from your sinuses, eliminating the source of “fuel” for mold growth in the body (Diet), and helping your immune system meet the challenge of battling mold.

The analogy of playing offensively (like in soccer) involves attacking your home to find the sources of mold, eliminating them, and preventing them from accumulating in your home and belongings. Ultimately, these efforts provide improved indoor air quality that allows your body to heal itself with the proper medicines, diet, and supplements. “If there is no mold in your air, you will get better.”

I have not heard of many successful cases where one or both tactics are not used coherently to address mold illness.  It is important to note that mold illness symptoms are as debilitating and serious as any chronic illness, can reduce the quality of your life, and can eventually kill you.  The cost to fight the battle on one or all fronts is minimal compared to the healthcare and prescription medicine costs of many chronic illnesses. In addition, you rarely hear of a chronic illness patient getting completely better without lifestyle and behavior modifications.

Playing Defense with Microbalance Health “Body” Products

I refer to playing defense as protecting the body from the inside:

  1. Rinsing your sinuses with a nasal rinse system is the single most effective method of removing mold and mucous from your sinuses. Remove the specific mold spores that are making you sick.  This is analogous to cleaning and dressing a wound on your skin in order to promote healing.
    • Adding Citridrops Dietary Supplement to the nasal rinse system will leverage the antifungal properties of the proprietary mix of citrus seed extracts to maintain mold-free sinuses.
    • Citridrops Nasal Spray is a great tool you can carry with you to use when you are exposed to a moldy environment outside of your home. The Breathe Easy Kit is a great place to start.
  2. Gut health is essential to the immune system as 70% of your immune system lies in your gut. Chronic Sinus InfectionMold overgrowth in the gut (Candida) is common. Candida is a single cell yeast mold that is part of most of our gut flora.  Candida overgrowth in the gut can be the beginning of many GI symptoms and autoimmune diseases for mold patients.
    • Starving mold from sugars and simple carbohydrates is essential to getting well. Candida has a sugar receptor that morphs the cell into hyphae form.  Hyphae are like roots that can grow into tissues and cause damage in addition to chronic inflammation.  The Candida Diet by Dr. Dennis has helped thousands of patients. You can have a copy of the diet HERE.
    • Gargling or drinking water with the recommended dosage of Citridrops Dietary Supplement will help combat Candida overgrowth in the gut.
  1. Sinus Defense operates like a security system once foreign mold antigens enter the body. It is transfer factor that immediately helps your body identify foreign mold antigens in your system. This enables our immediate defenses such as T Cells to kill and remember the mold antigen for future reference.
  2. Pituitary damage from mold and inflammation can cause extreme fatigue and hormonal imbalance. Celltropin supports your pituitary gland and supports cellular recovery and healing.  Mold exposure can have a detrimental impact on the pituitary as sinus infections occur in tissues adjacent to the pituitary.  This is the master gland that controls 8 different hormonal systems. When these systems are disrupted, fatigue can occur.

Playing Offense with EC3 “Environmental” Products

I refer to offense as eliminating the mold threat outside the body.

  1. Inspect your home to identify any water leakage or moisture and have reparation Chronic Sinus Infectiondone immediately. Using a hygrometer, determine that the relative humidity in your home is not above 50%. Read more about inspecting your home HERE.
  2. Testing the home for mold is an important first step in assessing whether your home has mold issues. You should do several tests around the home, furnishings, building materials and clothing.
    • EC3 Mold Screening Test Plates are an affordable means to test for mold throughout your home. Biological testing using a petri dish is actually more conclusive than the estimation technologies mold inspectors may use.
    • Other mold test plates purchased at a hardware store will suffice.
  3. Do whatever you can to reduce the fungal air count in your home. Using a HEPA air purifier will help clean the air in any room where you spend significant time.
    • Fogging a home with the EC3 Mold Fogger and EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate is the most effective means to reducing fungal air count to near zero levels.The fogger very efficiently aerosolizes the solution mix into tiny particles that will cover surfaces and evaporate prior to penetrating. Chronic Sinus Infection It is safe and all natural and can be used on any furnishings, floor materials, clothing, etc.
    • There are many DIY home remedies for a variety of situations using vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, or Borax that can also help, if used properly.
    • Avoid using toxic chemicals to clean mold. Bleach or ammonia can be toxic and do not penetrate porous materials. This means that smooth surfaces may be disinfected but any mold hyphae that grows in grout, caulk, or manmade materials will grow back quickly.
    • EC3 Mold Spray is a great, convenient way to address any specific mold issues you encounter in the home. Spray and wipe surfaces, shoes, coats, etc.  It is all natural and safe to use around children or pets.
    • EC3 Air Purification Candles are effective in clearing the immediate air from mold and mycotoxins. They are also excellent travel companions when staying away from home.
  4. We often carry mold with us wherever we go. Mold often adheres to clothing and materials.  People sensitive to mold benefit from cleaning bed linens and clothes.
    • The proper use of baking soda and vinegar can help clean mold from clothing. Special instructions are required to add the products at the correct cycle.
    • For most washers and high-efficiency front load machines, EC3 Laundry Additive can be added to the fabric softener dispenser and will release during the rinse cycle. I don’t think it requires explanation on the importance of mold-free bedding.  We spend significant time in our beds and the combination of perspiration and dead skin cells, coupled with making the bed can hold moisture where mold can grow.

When the stakes are high and feeling miserable and debilitated is not an option, approaching your environment offensively and your body defensively will create a strategic combination of actions that increase the probability of wellness to in the areas in your life that you can control. Visit Micro Balance Health Products for mold removal solutions and remedies.