21 March, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions in the Mold World

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A Q & A to Help Patients Make Sense of the Confusing World of Mold-Triggered Illness by Dr. Susan Tanner, MD I am often asked questions by readers of these articles about the health issues they are facing because of the impacts of mold and mycotoxins. Even though Read more

27 July, 2020

Is It Mold?

By |2020-07-28T00:57:58+00:00July 27th, 2020|Allergies, Chronic Illness, Chronic Sinusitis, Detoxification, Educational, Environmental Toxins, Fungal Sinusitis, Immune System, Mold Health Issues, Mold Testing, Mold Tips|0 Comments

How Do I Know If It Is Mold That Is Making Me Sick? by Dr. Susan Tanner, MD Patients and friends often ask me, “How do I know if it is mold that is making me sick?” Most of the time, either their symptoms brought them to read Read more

14 October, 2019

Can You Diagnose Mold Illness With a Lab Test?

By |2020-04-18T20:52:06+00:00October 14th, 2019|Chronic Illness, Educational, Environmental Toxins, Mold Health Issues, Must Read, Toxic Load|13 Comments

Why Lab Tests Are Only Part of the Picture for Making a Mold Illness Diagnosis By Dr. Susan Tanner, MD One of the most frequently-asked questions that I get from those seeking answers for mold-related illness is, “Is there a lab test we can do to confirm that Read more

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