The 7 Essential Steps to Relief from Mold


The “7 Steps to Relief” infographic was created in collaboration with Dr. Dennis to provide instructions to patients suffering from chronic sinusitis or chronic disease symptoms due to mold exposure in their homes. In the event you or your doctor conclude mold is in your home, these steps become “essential” for healing. Fundamentally, patients will not get better or heal if their bodies are continually burdened with ongoing exposure to mold and mycotoxins.

Dr. Dennis’s protocol is a ‘process’ that takes time and requires vigilance of behalf of the patients. He stated, “Regular rinsing of newly inhaled mold spores from the sinuses coupled with reducing the fungal load in a patient’s home are essential to allow the body’s remarkable healing systems to heal itself without a continued toxic burden.”

Today, I am encouraging readers to review this infographic thoroughly to gain a clearer understanding of what it means to “fight mold at every source in your home.” Taking a multi-pronged approach significantly enhances healing. Sinus Defense and Celltropin are homeopathic medicines to aid your immune systems by helping the body identify antigens for the immune system to kill and supporting cellular healing. By following the entire protocol and any other Doctor instructions, you will likely experience healing so you can feel good again. That’s why I am calling this article the “7 Essential Steps to Relief”!

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Sinus Defense capitalizes on our Cell-Mediated Immunity. It utilizes Transfer Factor to identify and remember antigens (similar to Antibodies in our Adaptive Immunity) but allows the rapid response Body’s T-Cells to destroy the foreign invaders.