There is No Single “Magic Bullet”!

Occasionally, I receive stories from a patient about their path to wellness.  Today I want to highlight one of those stories. This patient overcame some adversity with some medical providers who dimished hope, while other helped. She also sought answers when trusted professionals had none.

Today, she continues learning about mold illness and employing the processes that helped her to maintain wellness and an improved life.

Here is her story:

“My symptoms started August of 2012, which included tinnitus and vertigo. Tinnitus, for me, was so loud that I had to have a fan on, plus the TV on during the day and a fan at night. I was also suffering from vertigo, which was bit more sporadic.”

“Even so, the vertigo continued, which scared me. With it being irregular, I never knew when I would get dizzy or where I might be when it happened. I was afraid that vertigo might occur while I was driving! Twice I had to pull over and wait for my husband to pick me up and bring me home. Then, when vertigo did occur all I could do was to lie in bed for six to eight hours with my eyes shut until it subsided!” 

  • Tinnitus is not a disease. It’s a symptom of another health problem. It often happens when tiny hairs in your inner ear

    Inner Ear as it relates to the sinuses and mold & mycotoxins

    that help with hearing are hurt in some way.  When the hairs are hurt or damaged, the signals that go to your brain become screwed and change how you hear sound. The cause of the damage varies.

  • Vertigo is a sensation of feeling off balance. If you have these dizzy spells, you might feel like you are spinning or that the world around you is spinning. It is disorienting and causes many sufferers to become sick or totally incapacitated.

“I had already visited an ENT doctor; however, I left his office more scared and less hopeful than when I went in, because he diagnosed me with possibly having Meniere’s disease.”

  • Ménière’s disease has no known cure and presents a set of episodic symptoms including vertigo (attacks of a spinning sensation), hearing loss, tinnitus (a roaring, buzzing, or ringing sound in the ear), and a sensation of fullness in the affected ear. Episodes typically last from 20 minutes to up to 4 hours. Hearing loss is often intermittent, occurring mainly at the time of the attacks of vertigo. Loud sounds may seem distorted and cause discomfort. Usually, the hearing loss involves mainly the lower pitches, but over time, this often affects tones of all pitches. After months or years of the disease, hearing loss often becomes permanent.

“All these symptoms led me to various doctors. I did find some answers and relief through a TMJ doctor and a progressive medical practitioner, where I was given Dr. Dennis’s card and encouraged to see him. During this time, I along with others, prayed to God for help with my ongoing symptoms.”

  • Temporomandibular Joint Specialist (TMJ), usually an oral and maxillofacial surgery trained dentist.
  • Progressive is an Integrative and Holistic Medical Practice

“Eventually, I made an appointment to see Dr. Dennis. On the day of my appointment, I was experiencing vertigo to the degree that my husband had to borrow a wheelchair from the office to bring me in “

“Dr. Dennis examined my sinus passages and found polyps along with a deviated septum, which he said he could fix. For the first time ever the clothing I was wearing was tapped for mold; no other doctor had ever done so.  Results from that test came back positive for mold counts. In addition, Dr. Dennis said that I was experiencing acid reflux and that I had Candida.”

“As a result, much was to change. Our bed was elevated to a slant to assist with digestion; plus, a recipe was given for a solution to drink to help with reflux. Also, I was sent home with a mold kit to determine, from a lab, the total colonies of organisms found in our home, as far as air quality was concerned.”

“I purchased amphotericin, a (potent) anti-fungal (medication) to use in a nebulizer for the number of times recommended. A few months later, my deviated septum was operated on. During surgery, Dr. Dennis removed scar tissue that was blocking 70% of my left nasal passageway; he also removed a number of polyps.”

  • Amphotericin B is a potent antifungal normally administrated via IV. While very toxic, Dr. Dennis uses it as a topical medication in much lower doses in the sinuses during surgery and to be used by patients as drops or in a nebulizer to kill and remove fungi and mycotoxins.  Used topically, it has a significantly less toxic profile and avoids first pass liver metabolism and toxicity.

“Since then, for the past year and a half, I have used the following as part of my daily routine:”

Also, I have been able to follow through with suggestions from Dr. Dennis, as I am very allergic to mold and fungus.

 Below is a list of the action steps we have taken in our home:

  • Removed carpeting from our bedroom and replaced with hardwood flooring.
  • Purchased an air purifier
  • Regularly use the EC3 candles.
  • Replaced the front-load washing machine with a top-loader, because it was trapping mold around the rubber seal.
  • Include EC3 Laundry Additive in our laundry routine to remove mold from clothing.
  • Fog the rooms in our house using the ‘SANI+TIZER and EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate’ once a week.
  • Follow the Candida Diet (BTW: I now have some very good new recipes!).
  • Carry the Wein Ionic personal air purifier, Minimate, with me at all times and wear when needed, especially when walking.
  • Wear a mask, when doing yard work and shower as soon as I come in.
  • Use the sinus wash, Sinus Defense, Citridrops, and colostrums daily.

Since my first visit with Dr. Dennis, I have had no vertigo and my tinnitus is even less noticeable. Dr. Dennis is truly a one-of-a-kind specialist who understands the whole person.


This story caught my attention for so many reasons:

  • The patient experienced just two of the many debilitating symptoms that can be caused by mold: Vertigo and Tinnitus. These symptoms were enough to severely impact the patient’s life.
  • The fear and uncertainty caused by the symptoms were often more debilitating than the symptoms themselves.
  • The patient, when diagnosed with a speculative disease that may not ever be cured felt hopelessness.
  • She continued her path to find wellness encountering many different physician specialties along the way, including holistic medicine.
  • The patient’s vigilance and resilient efforts to seek help from several physicians, rather than accept her diagnosis, was critical to her finding wellness. Most importantly, though, it was the process that got her well!

Finding her relief and current state of wellness involved the following:

  • Physicians, medicine, diet, and daily use of multiple targeted products.
  • Addressing the mold in her home.
  • Utilization of the SANI+TIZER fogger with EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate to decrease the fungal load in the home air.
  • Use of an air purifier, EC3 candles, and Ec3 Laundry Additive.
  • Taking safety precautions outside of the home, like using the Wein Mini Mate when exposed to mold spores.

I am very big fan of Process.  During my 28-year career, I worked in Healthcare R&D on the business side negotiating technology acquisitions and establishing strategies in numerous therapeutic areas.  Most of my colleagues identified negotiation and strategy as isolated events; however, they were often wrong. Negotiation and Strategy are ongoing processes that involve many continuing exercises,  creative problem solving, preparation, follow-up, and execution.

Second, we often forget that all professions, even in the well-regarded field of medicine, have a normal distribution (Bell Curve) regarding competency and enthusiasm.  There are very good doctors, average doctors, and some that aren’t so good.  There is an old joke that asks “What do you call a student who finishes last in his medical class?  Answer: “A Doctor!” At the end of the day, there is no differentiation on physician credentials.

When it comes to Environmental illness, only Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Medical education actually address and train students on environmental illness.  From my observations, the vast majority of Medical Doctors that treat environmental illness have either experienced it personally or have been through it with someone very close to them.

Finding the right Doctor is essential to getting well!.

In order to determine whether or not a physician treats environmental illness, I advise checking their practice website.It will often indicate if they treat environmental illness. I know that Dr. Dennis has treated many patients who suffered from environmental illness for decades before they received treatment for mold and mycotoxins from him or his like-minded colleagues.  Those patients all followed similar paths to the patient whose story I shared today.

It  is my observation that patients who adhere to and follow their treatment plan get well and stay well.  Following all of the Doctor’s instructions is an important part in achieving wellness, especially for mold and mycotoxin illness.  Diet, nasal rinsing, homeopathic remedies, rest, and dealing with mold on clothes and in their home environment are all required steps to achieving wellness.  These steps allow the body to metabolize the toxins, so that the immune system can work without the constant assault by from the environmental mold.

Finally, while these steps may seem costly, when compared to medical procedures and medicine used to diagnose and treat symptoms that often do not get the mold sufferers well, it is a small price to pay. The total cost of all of the steps to relieve are often much lower than most insurance deductibles and can be paid for with a Health Spending Account (HSA), which offers a triple tax benefit. When the end result is good living and wellness, most patients would see the reward as priceless.

Please feel free to share your story or make comments.