A Success Story: We want to share with you how Dr. Dennis’ system really does work for real people.  You can do this too, your program may be different but your results will be the same.

My Story

I first saw Dr. Dennis in December 1998 after I had become increasingly ill, having had chronic sinus infections almost monthly.

My former allergist had been giving me shots for over a decade, and I was surviving on that regimen, but was not healthy and thriving.  I am allergic to mold, mildew, and dust-environmental factors that you cannot eliminate in normal living.

Over the course of those 10 years I had delivered two babies and moved into a home with extreme dampness in the crawl space (it was located at the bottom of a hill).  I was unable to keep up with my work and daily tasks without exhaustion, and the months and years of antibiotics took their toll on my immune system. Dr. Dennis took a “whole situation”’ approach – he reviewed my history carefully, examined me, and had a cat scan done (revealing very narrow nasal passages), did allergy and ALCAT food testing, and discussed my home situation/environment.

I listened to and took every bit of his advice.  I changed my diet, eliminating sugar and processed foods and flour.  I started a new regimen/ type of allergy shots and was able to self administer them with the help of an EPI pen (such a time saver!)  We even changed our home environment and moved to a “healthy” home, and installed a HEPA filtration thought out the entire HVAC system.

Dr. Dennis’s ability to explain the “why” behind all these changes helped me understand the importance of each step and how all factors worked together.  I was able to avoid sinus surgery – and gradually increased my immunities to become a very healthy person. I still see Dr. Dennis annually and take allergy shots, and credit him with helping me heal completely from a chronically sick patient to a very healthy one.

Patricia L. Hildebrand