The symptoms that you often identify as allergies or the common cold, are often symptoms of sinusitis. The chart below identifies many of the most common symptoms and features of Sinusitis, Allergies and the Common Cold. Go down the list of symptoms to see where you fall on the chart. If most of your symptoms fall into the Sinusitis category, you should schedule a visit with your doctor or a sinus specialist.

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Facial pain/pressureyesSometimesSometimes
Duration of illnessMORE than 10-14 daysVariesLESS than 10 days
Nasal DischargeThick, Yellow-greenClear, Thin, WateryThick, Whitish, or Thin
Pain in upper teethSometimesnono
Bad BreathSometimesnono
Nasal CongestionyesSometimesno