Tips for Moving: Mold Cleaning

BEFORE moving into a new home, always test with mold plates!

first-time-movingWhen moving into a clean environment from a mold contaminated environment, NEVER BRING ANYTHING INTO THE NEW ENVIRONMENT UNTIL IT HAS BEEN DECONTAMINATED. Don’t contaminate your new environment! This includes the clothing you are wearing. It is best to discard all fabric items such as mattress, and sofas, all items that cannot be washed. Discard any wood items that have visible mold. All items must be sprayed down with EC3 Mold Concentrate and cleaned thoroughly before placing in a clean environment.

If your environment was badly contaminated or you had severe systemic symptoms such as severe fatigue, join or muscle pain, memory problems, GI bloating diarrhea, muscle weakness, bladder weakness, or hearing or visual problems, discard all items that cannot be washed in a machine. Start with Mold Screening Test Kits then if the environment is contaminated move on to a mold remediation kit.

For all environmental health issues we recommend your consult a professional who is trained and certified in HUMAN HEALTH REQUIREMENTS FOR ENVIRMENTAL TREATMENT. In the Atlanta area, we recommend Mead Indoor Envirotech as a reliable consultant for all environmental health issues @ 770-916-0070.

Moving and Mold Cleaning