Professional Mold Remediation Points to Consider

mold cleaning professionals
A trained professional who is educated and understands the relationship of human health to the environment ideally perform mold remediation or mold cleaning. Standard heating and air conditioning companies cannot perform this work correctly without specialized training and experience with the relationship between human health and proper environmental changes. Talk to professionals in your area and don’t grab the first company out of the phone-book.


Most mold remediation companies use toxic chemicals that are EPA approved, which conversely means they must be toxic to require EPA approval. Non-toxic substances like natural botanicals used in all of the Micro Balance products do not require EPA approval because they are formulated with all natural ingredients. I discourage the use of solutions that are toxic and chemical-based because fungal sensitive patients have a propensity to develop multiple chemical sensitivities and these just compound the problem. Micro Balance products are strongly recommended because they are natural with no harsh chemicals and are safe for all patients. They also happen to work really well. See DIY Mold Removal

Do not use bleach to try to kill mold.  It only cleans the mold from the surface, but does not kill it and WORSE it causes the mold to release mycotoxins, which are even more damaging, some of them even deadly. This is another reason you want to consult a professional and not try to take this on alone. Without proper protection and training, attempting mold remediation by yourself can cause serious, permanent injury that can be life threatening.

There are plenty of horror stories on the Internet and in the news about families who have lost loved ones, their health or their actual home due to mold. Do the research in order to make an informed decision. Under no circumstance should a person who is severely sensitive attempt to do any kind of mold remediation him- or herself. You do not want to risk your life in order to save a few dollars.

We have two companies in the Atlanta area that I know for a fact understand the human health aspect of mold remediation. Both have seen clients all over the United States, as well as working with several of my patients.

Mead Indoor EnviroTech – 770-916-0070