Car Treatment Protocol for Mold

Car Mold Cleaning Cars are surprisingly often a source of mold exposure and we recommend treating after rain and/or weekly for maximum effect based on your specific situation, this may vary. You should certainly do this weekly if you know you are sensitive to mold.

If your car carpet got wet in rain and was not dried immediately, it must be removed, or until you can change cars, saturate it with EC3 Mold Concentrate, and towel and fan dry it after about 1 hour.

If your car has a leak, you must replace it in order to stop your mold exposure.


Car treatment is done with the same Micro Balance EC3 Mold Concentrate you use for treating your home, but in the following manner:

  1. Turn your fan on high using the car’s air climate control system.
  2. Press the button that makes the car suck the air through the vents from the outside. DO NOT USE ON RECYCLED AIR SETTING; USE THE FRESH AIR SETTING.
  3. Standing outside your car, pass a tissue over the outside vents next to the windshield wiper and where you see the air pulled down into the vent is where you spray a large amount of the botanical concentrate allowing it to be pulled into the vent system then delivered into the car.
  4. Leave the doors open and the fan running for about 10 minutes.
  5. Mist the entire inside of the car; seats, carpet, under seats, etc.

Car Mold Cleaning