Travel Tips for the Mold Sensitive

1. For those who travel via automobile or spend a lot of time in the automobile it is very easy to treat your car once a week with EC3 Mold Concentrate. [Instructions]

2. Purchase a Wein Mini-Mate Wearable Air Purifier. This is a unit that you wear to clean the air you are breathing at that moment. This can be worn on airplanes, in meetings, etc. It is quiet and effective.

3. Do not stay in a room with a musty smell or obvious mold on walls, bathroom, and air unit. Immediately leave and get a new room.

4. Upon arrival, after visual inspection of room, spray the entire room with EC3 Mold Concentrate spray. (Before leaving home you can mix a small spray bottle with the solution and put in a zip lock with your luggage. It is easier to transport this way). Spray the curtains, the air/heat unit, the carpet, the bed, and all surfaces. Then light a EC3Air Purification Candle and leave the room for an hour and when you return the count will be down significantly.

5. For extended stays, take your own dust mite proof pillow and mattress encasing (just make sure they are clearly labeled as yours!).

6. Saline nose washes twice daily or more and nose sprays as directed. Nasopure’s Little Squirt to Go is a great size for traveling. Don’t forget CitriDrops (great for a myriad of uses while traveling and in a convenient size too!) and CitriDrops Nasal Spray!


Our patients who have to travel for work and have a history of allergies, mold sensitivities, have shared some tips with us as well. They find that if they call ahead to the hotel where they will be staying and tell the people they have mold allergies, they can request a room that is newer or has been recently remodeled. The chains like Hilton, etc. will keep you in their database with a record of this info and always try to accommodate you and your illness.

Another resource online is ““. It has listing of hotels, which are more “allergy aware.”

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