DIY Mold Removal, Naturally


Should you decide to remove the mold on your own you will use a combination of:

Mold Test Plates (See Test for Mold)
EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate
EC3 Air Purification Candles
– HEPA Air Filters
– EC3 Air Wick Dispenser
– EC3 Air Wicks
– Pump spray bottle
– Dehumidifiers may be appropriate in some situations as well

Mold is insidious and difficult even for professionals to completely remove. Using a single-pronged attack is seldom completely effective which is why our patented system uses sprays, candles and air filters. Understand that prior to treatment you should remove as much contaminated material as possible and undertake whatever construction needs to be done. Be sensible when removing contaminated items by securing them in plastic bags before moving them through other parts of your home. Microscopic spores can be scattered far and wide when air is circulated. Do not sit on furniture in other rooms while wearing your work clothes either.

Natural Mold Cleaning ProductsPatented Products backed by Laboratory Findings

EC3 Candles, Wicks and Mold Concentrate have all been granted US Patents. Furthermore RealTime Laboratories conducted controlled studies to assess the Mycotoxin (mold toxins) removal capability of the products. The is the first natural product that has been proven to remove mold toxins.

The lab states that the:

EC3 Candles reduced known level of mycotoxins to 0 (zero) within 3 hours.

EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate at varying dilutions removed mycotoxins.


First FIND where mold is in your home, car or office (See Test for Mold) then clean with the following products. Understand that you need to have a clear idea of how the area is becoming damp enough to grow mold (50% mositure level) and that needs to be solved. (See Remediation) You can immediately begin reducing the mold in the area – but it will not STAY gone until the underlying issue is repaired.


Place a HEPA Air filter in each room you spend 1 or more hours in each day. It is truly important to reduce the particle count in the air you breathe!

Get HEPA air filters – both Whirlpool and IQ Air have been tested and proven effective.  Place 1-2 EC3 Air Wicks on top of the filter so that the air flow will evaporate the botanicals into the air. If you have a IQ Air HEPA filter, place them inside the top cover of the machine (this method is best if you have pets or small children). For Whirlpool place the wicks on top of the air filter where the air blows upwards. This way the filter is not only getting particulate out of the air but also killing fungus. Change the wicks and cans every 30 days. The cans will not get dry but they are not be effective after 30 days. Spray the front of the HEPA weekly with theEC3 Mold Solution to kill mold that is trapped in the filter. You can also purchase EC3 Air Wick Dispensers (shown) that are battery operated and hang on the wall or sit on a flat surface; great for office spaces or to move wherever you go.


Place an EC3 Candle for each 12 sq ft of space where you spend 1 or more hours each day

Natural Mold Cleaning ProductsHOW TO USE MICRO BALANCE EC3 CANDLES:
Place Micro Balance EC3 Air Purification Candles in each room you are going to spend 1 hour or more in each day. Burn continuously for 3 hours the first time you light the candle. This ‘micro-balances’ the room and results in a more even burn. Burn a minimum of one hour every day thereafter for best results. If you have severe symptoms, burn the candle as long as necessary to get relief. Recent lab results have shown the EC3 Candle reduces known spore counts to 0 in 3 hours, and a human mycotoxin testing lab has shown it removes mycotoxins that molds secrete! The candle will effectively treat a room 12 X 12 feet, so place more candles in larger rooms. Candle will last approximately 22 hours if burned as stated.

Candles are ideal when traveling or to use in guest rooms that are seldom used prior to having guests over.


Spray mist the entire house with EC3 Mold Concentrate. Do this weekly or more often if mold counts are not going down. If the counts remain above the levels of 0-2 for moderate to severe symptoms scores, or 0-4 for slight symptoms, simply double the ETP until you achieve your results required for health. If you have a severe environmental mold contamination (when you smell mold or see it the count counts are always excessive) that is so toxic that in order to prevent severe illness, you must either move to a mold free location, or get a professional person like Mead Indoor Environmental @ 770-916-0070 or Southeastern Allergy Relief @ 770-315-2324, to evaluate & address the cause of the problems properly.

Misting with EC3 Mold Solution brings the fungus count in the air down immediately but it does not keep it down permanently. It is a “band-aid” solution until the mold source is fully remediated, meaning that the source of the mold has been removed and repaired. Spraying will only treat the areas you can reach, and often water is seeping from the outside in.

Natural Mold Cleaning Products


Using a garden sprayer,paint sprayer, or pump spray mist bottle spray mist areas that have mold contamination including floors, walls, ceiling, clothes, shoes or anything that is contaminated. Let air-dry. > It is safe for all materials, surfaces, fabrics, etc. This can be done as often as needed. It can also be used to spray your car heating and air system. If an item is covered with visible mold it really is best to discard it.

Amount Desired Mold Solution Concentrate Distilled Water
1 Gallon 16 oz. 112 oz.
1/2 Gallon 8 oz. 56 oz.
1 QT. 4 oz. 28 oz.
1 PT. 2 oz. 14 oz.

CLEANING TIP: Imagine instead of using the word MOLD, replace it with “LICE”. What would you do if instead of mold you had LICE in your environment. What items would you discard (fabric items that cannot be washed) and what items would you clean thoroughly (solid items like wood or metal), and where would you put clothes that had been washed in EC3 laundry additive when you removed them from the dryer? Not back in the closet or drawer with the lice ones right! So you would remove all the items from the closet or drawer, clean both of these spaces, and place only items back in them that had been washed. Meanwhile you would store the washed items in a clean plastic container with a top until the place where you store them has been cleaned with EC3 Mold Solution.

>> IF not improved, you can try DOUBLING THE PROTOCOL!

Double the EC3 Wicks, EC3 Candles & their burn time, & spray EC3 Mold Concentrate twice as often. You can continue this increase of EC3 products until you get results. **Note: The EC3 Candle is the fastest way to get results, burn one or more continually until you FEEL the results.