Find and Remove Mold from Your Environment!

image-of-laboratory-black-moldTo break the cycle of reacting to mold you MUST remove mold from your environment — home, office and even your car. Mold requires a moisture level of 50% or more to grow. Logically you must first FIND the mold source before you can remove it. Next it only makes sense to use all natural products for cleansing since those sensitive to mold are more than likely sensitive to strong chemicals as well!  Use Mold Screen Test Plates as a visual  way to test your cleaning progress…

The Goal for Wellness: reduce mold counts:

– SLIGHT sinusitis symptoms: 0-4 colonies

– MODERATE to SEVERE sinusitis symptoms: 0-2 colonies.

Unless the environmental fungal (antigen) load is lowered, you will not experience long-term wellness regardless of medical therapy, surgery or nutrition. When you breathe mold into your nose and lungs (a perfect moist environment), it multiplies faster than you can remove it. Therefore the net effect is a daily increase in total body mold. Unless the antigen (mold) is removed, the stimulus for the immune reaction to the fungus will continue to wreak havoc with your health.

These are the 4 basic steps for removing Mold:

1. Find the Mold

First FIND where mold is in your home, car or office using mold test plates. Test plates are sold in packages of 5. Basically the plates are left open for an hour, then wrapped up for 5 days. When you look at the plates each circular growth, or colony, is counted, ideally you want to have 4 or less colonies. If you are not sure how to count colonies or need to have the type of mold identified then order a DIAGNOSTIC mold kit.. [ CLICK HERE  for detailed instructions on how to use test plates ][/accordion-item]

2. Remediate the Mold

Understand that you need to have a clear idea of how the area is becoming damp enough to grow mold (50% moisture level) and that needs to be solved. You can immediately begin reducing the mold in the area, but it will not STAY gone until the underlying issue is repaired. Mold can occur from flooding, leaks, poor ventilation and high humidity levels. If you have a severe environmental mold contamination (when you smell mold or see it the counts are always excessive) that is so toxic that in order to prevent severe illness, you must either move to a mold free location, get a professional person like Mead Indoor Environmental @ 770-916-0070 or or Southeastern Allergy Relief @ 770-315-2324, to evaluate and address the cause of the problems properly.

* All Natural DIY method of removing/managing mold (Click here for instructions)
* See Professional Remediation

3. Clean the air of Mold from where you spend the most time

Place a HEPA Air filter with EC3 Air Wicks in each room you spend 1 or more hours in each day and use EC3 Candles. It is truly important to reduce the particle count in the air you breathe in!

Get HEPA air filters – Whirlpool and IQ Air have been tested and proven effective. Place 1-2 EC3 Air Wicks on top of the filter so that the air flow will evaporate the botanicals into the air. If you have a IQ Air HEPA filter, place them inside the top cover of the machine(this method is best if you have pets or small children). For Whirlpool place the wicks on top of the air filter where the air blows upwards. This way the filter is not only getting particulate out of the air but also killing fungus. Change the wicks and cans every 30 days. The cans will not get dry but they are not be effective after 30 days. Spray the front of the HEPA filter weekly with EC3 Mold Solution to kill mold that is trapped in the filter. You can also purchase EC3 Air Wick Dispensers that are battery operated and hang on the wall or sit on a flat surface; great for office spaces or to move wherever you go.

Place EC3 Air Purification Candles in each room you are going to spend 1 hour or more in each day. Burn continuously for 3 hours the first time you light the candle. This ‘micro-balances’ the room and results in a more even burn. Burn a minimum of one hour every day thereafter for best results. If you have severe symptoms, burn the candle as long as necessary to get relief. Recent lab results have shown the EC3 Candle reduces known spore counts to 0 in 3 hours, and a human mycotoxin testing lab has shown it removes mycotoxins that molds secrete! The candle will effectively treat a room 12 X 12 feet, so place more candles in larger rooms. Candle will last approximately 22 hours if burned as stated. EC3 Candles are ideal when traveling or for use in guest rooms that are seldom used prior to having guests.

4. Clean Surfaces from Mold

Spray mist the entire house with EC3 Mold Concentrate. Do this weekly or more often if mold counts are not going down. If the counts remain above the levels of 0-2 for moderate to severe symptoms scores, or 0-4 for slight symptoms, simply double the ETP (see below) until you achieve your results required for health. Misting with EC3 Mold Solution brings the fungus count in the air down immediately but it does not keep it down permanently. It is a “band-aid” solution until the mold source is fully remediated, meaning that the source of the mold has been removed and repaired. Spraying will only treat the areas you can reach, and often water is seeping from the outside in.


It’s not pretty, but think how hard you would clean if you had LICE in your home. That is at least how intensively you should look for mold and seek to eradicate it. Lice are icky, but MOLD is making you ill! So clean like your health depends on it – since that is actually true!

IF not improved, you can try DOUBLING THE PROTOCOL. Double the EC3 Wicks, EC3 Candles & their burn time, & spray EC3 Mold Concentrate twice as often. You can continue this increase of EC3 products until you get results. **Note: The EC3 Candle is the fastest way…

* We urge you to NEVER use bleach when trying to remove mold as this can create a bigger problem when the mold releases invisible mycotoxins into the air that can be deadly.
* It is extremely rare for a person to be allergic to any of these products. However, to be safe some EC3 Concentrate on a tissue and sniff to find out if have any sensitivity to it. If so, discontinue use.