Sinus Infection Remedy

Chick Cusick suffered 25 years with chronic sinusitis, and underwent about 20 surgeries. After following the sinus and environmental protocol on this website, he has not had a surgery for 5 years, and is much, much better.

Sinus Infection

Dorothy Demming suffered for 12 years with sinusitis, multiple foods allergies. After irrigating and steaming with saline and CitriDrops, removing the mold from her house with the mold protocol, using the ALCAT food allergy test to find the foods she should eat, and removing sinus polyps she is now enjoying life again.

Body Protocol Success: Mold Exposure Case

Mother and daughter both suffered from mold exposure. Daughter has diabetes, developed asthma, arthritis and missed an entire year of school due to illness. Once on protocol symptoms resolved (except for diabetes). Four years later still well and daughter is even running for her school team.

Polyp Resolution with CitriDrops & Environmental Protocol

CitriDrop polyp resolution – Suffered from chronic sinusitis for 5 years, – 11 sinus infections in 12 months, – Medrol steroids were not working anymore. After correcting the mold in the environment with the mold protocol, and doing the sinus nose rinse and steam with CitriDrops he has been healthy since 2001.

CitriDrops and Nasal Spray WORK!

This patient of Dr. Dennis used CitriDrops and CitriDrops Nasal Spray while stationed in Afghanistan and other global locations and STAYED WELL in some less than ideal situations for YEARS!

Environmental Protocol & Candida Diet

Patient suffered from migraines, felt ‘bad’ and had no energy. Had a sinus surgery then started the Environmental protocol and Candida/Yeast Diet. She lost 68 lbs. and a year later still feels amazing – like a teenager. She is happier than ever before.

After 58 Years, Allergies Stopped!

Suffered for five long years with a sinus yeast infection which did not improve. All environmental allergies and sinus yeast infection resolved after removing mold from his environmental air using the environmental protocol and using professional help for remediation, plus following the sinus protocol.

Sinus Infection Remedy

Had allergy problems. After following the steaming and nasal washing with CitriDrops protocol, he has not had any more issues.

Sinus Infection from Mold Resolved

James is a teacher who had acid reflux, resulting in asthma, sinusitis. Had sinus surgery, and gastric placation to relieve acid reflux into the lungs. Started treatment with CitriDrops in nasal washes, treated his house and classroom with EC3 Environmental products now feels better in the last 3 months than he has in the previous 10 months.

Vertigo caused by Mold Reaction

Stanley had vertigo, ‘fuzzy thinking’ and sinus congestion caused by mold on an airplane. Symptoms were relieved quickly by an antifungal placed endoscopically directly into the sinuses. CitriDrops in saline wash removes mold.