28June, 2020

Biofilm and Binders in Mold-Related Illness

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The Use of Proteolytic Enzymes With Binders for Mold and Mycotoxin Detoxification by Dr. Susan Tanner, MD We have discussed much about the many forms and roles of detoxification in the body Read more

22June, 2020

Teaching Your Immune System a Better Way to Win

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Tackling Immune System Challenges From Hyperreactivity to Mold and Other Pathogens By Catherine Fruechtenicht When the immune system has been activated by mold, mycotoxins, or other environmental disruptors, the symptoms experienced by Read more

14June, 2020

The Positive Side of Chronic Illness

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How My Decades of Chronic Illness Became My Purpose by Erin Porter Before I rattle off my story of chronic illness which includes a long list of depressing symptoms and the inevitable Read more

9June, 2020

The Neurological Trauma of Chronic Illness

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When Chronic and Mold-Triggered Illness Ignite PTSD Symptoms By Dr. Susan Tanner, MD Much has been written about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in war veterans, abuse survivors, and other major trauma situations. Read more

2June, 2020

My Home Has Been Remediated, But I STILL Feel Sick!

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Lingering, Hidden Sources of Indoor Mold Exposures By Catherine Fruechtenicht If you are someone who has dealt with mold or environmental illness, you know firsthand how difficult it can be to finally Read more

25May, 2020

Hormonal Autoimmunity Caused by Toxins

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The Role of Mold and Candida in Hormonal Autoimmunity in Females By Dr. Susan Tanner, MD   Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Graves disease are both autoimmune diseases in which the body mounts an Read more

18May, 2020

Making Your Home a Mold-Free Sanctuary

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Minimizing Your Mold Exposure at Home and From Your Indoor Air to Preserve Good Health By Dr. Susan Tanner, MD While many of us are still spending the majority of our time Read more

11May, 2020

When Mold Disrupts Your Hormones

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Hormone Imbalances and Syndromes in Mold-Injured Patients By Dr. Susan Tanner, MD One of the far-reaching impacts of mold-related illness is the disruption of multiple hormonal functions throughout the body. It is Read more

5May, 2020

Practicing Self-Care in the Time of COVID

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Strategies for Supporting Your Emotional Health and Well-Being During COVID-19 By Dr. Susan Tanner, MD Our previous articles about the current COVID-19 pandemic have dealt with the physical impacts of the virus, Read more

27April, 2020

The Solution to Pollution is Dilution!

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Pooping, Peeing, and Sweating Are Vital to Staying Healthy by Dr. Susan Tanner, MD In order to get well from any chronic illness, and this particularly refers to mold-related illness, it is Read more

20April, 2020

COVID-19 and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

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COVID-19, Cytokine Storm and the Mold-Injured or Immunocompromised Patient By Dr. Susan Tanner, MD In previous articles, we have discussed the inflammatory cascade of events that occurs in patients made ill by Read more

14April, 2020

Protective Nutraceuticals During COVID-19

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Can Nutritional Supplements Provide Immune Protection Against Coronavirus? By Dr. Susan Tanner, MD At this time in the current COVID-19 health crisis, schools, retail stores, gyms, businesses, restaurants, and community gathering places Read more

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