17November, 2019

Exercise As Medicine When You Aren’t Feeling Your Best

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Achieving the Healing Benefits of Exercise When Dealing With Chronic Illness by Dr. Susan Tanner, MD “Do you exercise regularly? If so, what type of exercise do you do?” Okay, okay. I Read more

9November, 2019

The Master of All Antioxidants

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Glutathione and Its Use in Treating Mold-Related Illness by Dr. Susan Tanner, MD In the world of nutritional supplements, there is a product group designated as “antioxidants”. These antioxidant supplements are intended Read more

4November, 2019

Mold Illness, Chronic Lyme Disease, or Both?

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Why Testing for Mold Can Always Benefit Someone Struggling With Chronic Lyme Disease by Dr. Susan Tanner, MD When it comes to mold illness and patients who also have been diagnosed with Read more

28October, 2019

The Controversial and Confusing World of Mold Illness

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7 Pieces of No-Nonsense Advice for Navigating Mold and Mold Illness By Catherine Fruechtenicht I write a blog about mold and environmental illness. My blog, Mold Free Living, covers everything from my Read more

20October, 2019

The Role of Thyroid in Mold Illness Recovery and Overall Wellness

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Why Do I Have Thyroid Symptoms and Chronic Fatigue When My Doctor Says My Labs Are Normal? by Dr. Susan Tanner, MD There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings as to what the Read more

14October, 2019

Can You Diagnose Mold Illness With a Lab Test?

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Why Lab Tests Are Only Part of the Picture for Making a Mold Illness Diagnosis By Dr. Susan Tanner, MD One of the most frequently-asked questions that I get from those seeking Read more

5October, 2019

When Mold Interferes With Relationships

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The Effects of Mold-Related Illness on Families, Marriages, and Relationships by Dr. Susan Tanner, MD In the 33 years of my medical practice, I witnessed first-hand the impact of chronic illness on Read more

29September, 2019

It’s a Gut Feeling! (Yes-Mold Can Do That!)

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Addressing and Healing Gastrointestinal Issues Caused by Mold Toxins By Dr. Susan Tanner, MD When discussing the impact of mold on the body and its multiple systems, it is easy to miss Read more

21September, 2019

Fungal Disease Awareness Week: Thinking Fungus From Head to Toe

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Could Mold/Fungus Be the CAUSE of Your Chronic Health Issues? by Dr. Susan Tanner, MD Today begins Fungal Disease Awareness Week as declared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Read more

20September, 2019

The MicroBalance Health Products Story

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Doctor-Created Products That Treat the Fungal Cause to Eliminate Symptoms Two decades ago, a particularly difficult-to-treat, suffering patient, who had endured 5 sinus surgeries to remove nasal polyps inspired Dr. Dennis’ “mold Read more

20September, 2019

Fungal Awareness Means Keeping Mold on the Table

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Making Mold and Environmental Illness Part of the Conversation By Catherine Fruechtenicht This week, September 23-27, 2019, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has declared its 3rd annual Fungal Disease Awareness Week. Read more

20September, 2019

My “Aha” Moment Linking Mold to Illness

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How I Discovered Mold as a Major Cause of Chronic Sinusitis and Other Chronic Illness By Dr. Donald Dennis, MD In 1989 I had several patients who did not respond to traditional Read more

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