How and Why Cleaning Your Nose, Home and even Clothing Helps Relieve Sinusitis!

sneeze1A word from Don Dennis, MD:  Many years ago I became CONVINCED that my sinus patients were being affected by mold and mildew in their environment. To me it was why the prescriptions for allergies and other sinus medicines only seemed to work for a short time. It was why my patients kept “relapsing.” It became clear to me that they were continually exposing themselves to something in their environment that kept them from STAYING well.

I have worked with many thousands of patients and my protocols REALLY work, do not involve prescriptions, are reasonably affordable and work for about 80% of those who have followed it. It is frustrating as a physician to repeatedly tell people that they MUST follow the protocol for their body AND for their environment completely if they want to regain their health only to see them fail when they choose to only do part of the protocol.

If you do a LITTLE of the sinusitis protocol you get a LITTLE better.

If you do MORE you get MORE results, get sinusitis relief!

When you do ALL the sinusitis protocol you get A LOT better.

Naturally, there are some people who have such severe allergic reactions to mold and mildew that the best outcome for them is a lessening of symptoms.

As a physician I want to help people feel better so I am sharing these protocols with you, at no cost whatsoever.

If your doctor currently has you on medication I do not advocate you changing anything. You can safely ADD these steps  in conjunction with your current prescriptions. When (not if) you suddenly realize that you are feeling better, discuss these changes with your physician! *Be aware that if you are on antibiotics they are also killing off the GOOD bacteria in your gut which is responsible for about 70% of your immune systems function. Offset this side effect by taking a high count probiotic – something with about 50 Billion CFUs.

The products I recommend using for your body are Nutritional and are not known to interfere with any medications. The Environmental products are all-natural and do not interfere with medications either. I have personally evaluated each and every product, some of the products I have developed or assisted in developing. These are the same products I prescribe for my patients who suffer from Chronic Sinusitis. There are 100s and 1,000s of products on the market, but the ones you will find on our affiliated store Micro Balance Health Products are the ones I “prescribe” and use myself.

The entire concept is to make it easy for you to find products that actually work, give you reasons WHY they work and tell you HOW to use them. I simply want you to feel better!

There are 2 protocols to establish and maintain healthy sinuses:

  1. Clean the mold in the nose and boost your immune system [ BODY PROTOCOL – BTP] and;
  2. Clean the air you breathe. [ ENVIRONMENTAL TREATMENT PROTOCOL – ETP ]

The principles of treatment are simple: You must breathe clean air in order to get well and to stay well long-term.

Check out the flyer at right that gives a side-by-side overview.Flyer-thumbnail

With Allergic Fungal Sinusitis, in order to get well, you must achieve a mold plate count of 0-4 colonies per plate with a 1-hour mold screening test plate exposure.  This is key. Unless you do this nothing else will work long-term.



Dr. Donald P. Dennis