2 simple steps surprisingly solve the sinus problems of many.

1. Flush Nose with Saline Solution to Wash Away Foreign Antigens

This is the single most important
thing you MUST do!

INSTRUCTION: Irrigate nose with saline wash twice a day with CitriDrops – add 1 drop per ounce of water. Use distilled water. Use either Grossan Hydro Pulse or Nasopure for irrigation.

WHY: Saline wash in combination with the anti-fungal properties of CitriDrops is a gentle and highly effective way to soothe and rinse your sinus passages and remove fungus as well. You are actually washing away the specific dust and spores from your nasal passages that would otherwise cause or continue to cause irritation and illness. This removes the mold (antigen) that is causing the immune reaction in the sinus that causes the infection.

The reason you use DISTILLED WATER instead of tap water is because of the levels of chlorine and minerals in regular tap water. Chlorine destroys the cilia lining the sinuses and the affects the good bacteria in the nose and the gut allowing Candida to overgrow and cause more inflammation.

(Note: we do not recommend the use of a Nettie Pot for chronic sinus sufferers, because it is not thorough enough for our protocol and can cause the irrigation to go into the middle ear via the Eustachian tube in the back of the nose. There have even been cases of death linked to the use of Nettie Pots and using water containing amoebas.)

OPTIONAL: Use a Facial steamer with CitriDrops

INSTRUCTION: Use Vick’s Personal Facial Steamer 2 times a day with 3 drops of CitriDrops Dietary Supplement to 4 oz. of water in steamer. DO NOT ADD MORE even if you add more water. Breathe in through nose and out through mouth for 5-10 minutes each time. Use filtered or distilled water.

WHY: The steam opens up your nasal passages and loosens the mucous making it easier to get rid of, penetrating further into your sinus passages than washing alone can accomplish.


CitriDrops Dietary Supplement


NasoPure Nasal Wash System Starter Kit

Distilled Water

Grossan Hydro Pulse

*If you have frequent nasal congestion we recommend using the Grossan Hydro Pulse, it does the best job of washing out the sinuses.

2. Continue to Clear Mold Spores In Your Nose

INSTRUCTION: Use 3 sprays of CitriDrops Nasal Spray in each nostril, 2 times a day. You may use up to 4X day if needed.

WHY: Use CitriDrops Nasal Spray (anti-mold) as it will stay in the nasal lining longer to further protect the tissue from mold spores. It can be taken with you to use throughout the day to keep you clear. It is non-addictive.

NOTE: This product is not a decongestant spray such as Afrin that shrinks swollen tissue by constricting blood vessels. Its primary function is to remove mold spores, which it does very well due to its antifungal / antibacterial properties. It was developed specifically to aid those who react to mold more strongly.


CitirDrops Nasal Spray

Optional: Supplement Your Immune System

INSTRUCTION: Supplement your immune system with Thymus Formula.

First 3 days – 1 tablet 1X a day after meal;

Next 3 days – 1 tablet 2X a day after meal (may continue as maintenance)

* If you are sick and if you have no adverse effects, increase dose to 3 tablets 2X a day after full meal, continue until well.NOTE: If you experience any negative results, such as stomach pain or constipation, reduce the dosage or discontinue use.WHY: Thymic Formula is paired with multivitamins to boost your immune system because some moderate and all severe sufferers often have highly suppressed immune systems caused by your body’s reaction to mold. The Thymus gland produces the fuel that runs your immune system. After age 20, our bodies produce less and less of it. By the time you’re 50, your body will produce very little naturally. This is why older people get sick more often than the young. The multivitamin will help with absorption of the Thymus supplement. Thymus supplements will raise T-cell counts, especially the suppressor T-cells that reduce inflammation, and enhance your entire immune system.


Thymic Formula

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