Susan Tanner has practiced medicine for over 33 years, concentrating primarily on chronic illness and the impacts on the individual, the family and the community. Her formal education was completed at Emory University in Atlanta, the Dominican Republic, Brooklyn, NY, and Atlantic City, NJ. After starting her family practice, a driving curiosity into why people are made ill caused her to pursue education in Environmental Medicine, completing coursework, exams, and necessary practice years to earn board certification in this area in 2009.   Her own struggles with mold-related illness drove her desire to teach those similarly affected. While in clinical practice, Dr. Tanner wrote and contributed to a number of publications on environmental health, prepared narratives for understanding in legal matters, and researched new techniques for modulating the body’s ability to clear toxins and infections. Now, Dr. Tanner continues to research and learn.   She now has a fitness and health website, where she writes articles and shares education on utilizing the various body systems into improve overall health.