Detailed Information Behind the Infographic on “7 Steps to Relief From Mold in Your Home”


Several months ago, I collaborated with Dr. Dennis to produce a simplified infographic to provide an explanation of “7 steps to relief from mold in your home”  The idea behind the infographic was to provide all of the possible steps that can be taken to effectively work together to make your health in your home, an ecosystem in itself, a safe place to feel relief.

When mold finds a source of moisture and food in your home, it must be remediated either professionally or DIY. Nonetheless, mold sufferers and patients with compromised immune systems must be more vigilant to be symptom free. Over several decades, Dr. Dennis has worked to develop a system or process and multiple effective product where a patient can “Combat Mold at Every Source: Nose, Home, Clothes, and Household Items.”

In the article “Taking Mold off The Table”, I described the process a physician or naturopathic doctor will take to carefully listen to the patients story, tap test their clothes, and blood tests to deduce that mold in their home is an issue.  It is up to you at that point!  While a multipronged approach to mold relief may seem like a little much, the expense and effort is minimal when compared to the debilitating path a patient endures when affected by mold.  Chronic painful symptoms, exhaustion, and neurological deficiencies are just some of the challenges.  Patients may also go for months, years, or decades seeing multiple physicians and endure multiple diagnosis and medicines in an ongoing effort to get the right diagnosis in the end.  Mitigating mold exposure and “taking mold off the table” can provide unimaginable relief for suffering patients coupled with the emotional challenges and financial insecurity that comes with this debilitating chronic disease.

So, this week, I will provide context and additional education behind these steps to aid patients in mitigating their mold exposure in their homes and experience relief.

    1. Remove the Mold from your Nose   Clearing away mold from inside your sinuses regularly is the single most effective way to gain relief from the inflammatory response your body has when it encounters mold. Preventing mold growth follows and further exposure follows.

      Actual “Fungal Ball” removed from Sinuses

      In addition, several common species of household mold produce mycotoxins. Regular nasal rinsing with Citridrops can effectively keep mold clear from your sinuses.  The nasal  spray is especially effective when rinsing is not a convenient option or when you are on the go and encounter a moldy environment. It is important to note that your sinuses are dark, moist, and provide food (mucous from the immune reaction).  Microscopic mold spores (usually 1-3 microns) can be inhaled and settle.  A Fungal Ball is the resulting growth that often requires surgical removal. Fungal balls can vary from 1mm to encapsulating the entire sinuses.  They can also spread throughout the body.

    2. Testing to see if and where you have fungus in your home will help you get better faster   Mold test plates, such as the EC3 mold test plates, are effective in providing conclusive evidence of mold issues if you have mold in the air or in any of the many places mold might find food and moisture in your home. Building materials (especially drywall and carpet), household furnishings made of upholstery, and the HVAC system are key places to test for mold.  The tests have simple directions and provide positive evidence on the presence of mold and unsafe levels where you test.  If you desire, you can send these plates to a lab to determine species of mold; however, the presence itself is enough information to make the decision to remove the mold from your environment.
    3. Spray or “Cold Fog” and vacuum all of your living spaces   Spray, mist, or “cold fog” your living space with EC3 mold spray is a very effective way to keep the fungal load down in your indoor air throughout your living spaces and in non-living spaces like basements and crawl spaces that can spread to the home and HVAC. The EC3 Mold Solution is safe, all natural, and non-toxic. It can be used generously without fear of toxic chemicals with common scented, chemical household cleaners and air fresheners.  We recommend the Curtis Dynafog Sani-Tizer “cold fogger” as an effective and efficient means to evenly spread EC3 Mold Solution evenly throughout your home.

      Curtis Dynafog Sani-Tizer can be purchased for $289 on Amazon

      It has a one gallon capacity that can be efficiently used to treat your fog numerous times and it takes minutes to do a home.  The fogger releases a fine mist that can reach hard to reach areas throughout the home at all levels.  Alternatively, you can purchase a one gallon pump sprayer (fine mist) in the garden section of your local Hardware Store for less than $10.  Your symptoms can tell you how often you should spray or fog to keep the mold count down and symptoms manageable.  I once went on a mold remediation inspection with a building science expert who specializes in fixing homes of mold sufferers.  He repeated numerous times that “a quality HEPA vacuum can become your best friend!”  Vacuuming to remove mold spores from your environment is also an effective means to keep the fungal count at a minimum. Vacuuming is optimal after spraying to remove all spores.

    4. Don’t forget to spray furnishings and un-washable items   Mold is often tracked into your home on clothes and can find a home on upholstered furnishings. EC3 Mold Solution Spray can be used to mist coats, shoes, pet beds, upholstered furniture, play areas for children, and even pet beds. You can also fog your clothing in a closet. A quality HEPA vacuum with an upholstery tool will effectively remove mold spores from your carpets and any other upholstered household goods that mold spores can settle on.
    5. Wash mold spores from clothes and linens   Our clothes capture mold throughout the day. EC3 Laundry Additive is effective in removing mold spores from our clothes and linens. You can simply add the additive in your fabric softener dispenser on your washing machine.  In addition, we spend significant time sleeping in our linens.  Skin cells, dust, and dust mites and perspiration can combine to fuel mold growth. We spend countless hours in our sheets with our faces buried in our pillow cases.  EC3 Laundry Additive is also effective in removing mold from “musty” work-out clothes and towels.
    6. Purify Your Indoor Air   EC3 Air Purification Candles are a great way to minimize the mold and mycotoxins in the immediate air around you wherever you are in your home.  As the candle heats, the all natural soy wax embedded with EC3 active ingredient aerosolizes.  The candle can reduce the mold counts in the air by 90% within 3 hours. In addition, an independent lab test demonstrated that concentrations known mycotoxins were reduced 90%.  The candles are also excellent for travel as Hotel rooms are often mold challenged for a variety of reasons.
    7. Use homeopathics to support immunity   Dr. Dennis spent decades developing homeopathics to help support his patients’ fungal resistance and promote cellular healing.  Sinus Defense uses “Transfer Factor” to identify mold antigens in your body allowing the bodies white cells to remove them.  Celltropin provides support to your pituitary and other hormonal systems to promote cellular healing.  These two products can enhance your natural fungal resistance and cellular healing to help you feel better, sooner.