As an Atlanta, Georgia, Board Certified Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Surgeon, I trained at Johns Hopkins Hospital, one of the best hospitals in the world for Ear Nose and Throat instruction, and now have more than 36 years of experience in treating over 30,000 patients with sinusitis. Over the years, I combined my educational groundwork and clinical experience to develop a safe, effective sinus protocol that anyone can easily use to gain sinus symptom relief. I am still constantly learning new things to extend and improve my knowledge, so that I may better help my patients. I created Micro Balance Health Products to bring the same helpful information and products I give to my patients to others who are also suffering from chronic sinusitis or whose health and well-being have deteriorated due to exposure to mold and mycotoxins. I truly hope I can help people get well and achieve a better quality of life, free from fungal-related sinus issues.

Sinusitis Wellness is your informational source for articles on understanding, alleviating, and really managing chronic sinusitis and environmentally-triggered symptoms. There really ARE all-natural answers to getting rid of mold and mycotoxins in your environment and in your body. Addressing mold exposure is extremely important when you understand that it is a proven fact that nearly 93% of all chronic sinusitis cases are caused by allergic reactions to mold, as stated in a 1999 Mayo Clinic study. [View Full Study]

Micro Balance Health Products received verification from RealTime Laboratories, one of the most trusted labs for mycotoxin testing in the United States, confirming that the EC3 Candles and EC3 Mold Concentrate removed known levels of mycotoxins from the air and surfaces. The EC3 Candles even bringing airborne mold counts down to ‘0’ in 3 hours of burn time. This is very significant for sinus sufferers.  In fact, the EC3 Candles and EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate have received U.S. patents as part of a proven environmental protocol for mold and mycotoxins. [View Full Report]

A note from Dr. Dennis: “Having treated tens of thousands of sinus patients over the years, I want folks everywhere to get the message loud and clear: you have to take action to cleanse your body and your environment of the mold, mycotoxins, and fungus that continually make and keep you sick. Doctors, hospitals, and even government agencies are FINALLY recognizing that mold and other fungi are at the root of numerous illnesses. For those who are sensitive to molds and other fungi, [16-20% of the population] it is time to realize there is not a single pill, spray, surgery, or diet that is going to make and keep you well. SOMETHING in your environment is keeping you sick and I will show you how to track that something down. THEN we can combine efforts to cleanse your body and environment of harmful fungi and control them going forward.”

“In nearly 80% of reported cases, patients find relief by using the methods described on this site. Of course, there are some people who are so severely allergic to mold and other fungi, that they require more medical attention and more care with diet and their environment to achieve optimal results.”

Dr. Donald P. Dennis

Dr. Dennis’s Qualifications:

  • Board Certified: Otolaryngology & Head & Neck Surgery
  • Medical Degree: Medical College of Georgia
  • Residencies: Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD – the #1 rated program in the world for ENT training
  • Faculty at Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Staff Privileges: Dennis Surgery Center, Inc.; Northside Hospital & Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, GA
  • Practice: Atlanta Center for ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery
  • 36+ years experience treating over 30,000 Chronic Sinusitis patients
  • Inventor of many surgical instruments and procedures
  • Publication & speaking on Genetic T-cells defect in chronic sinusitis and the treatment link to fungi
  • Discovered that fungus destroys pituitary tissue and is the #1 cause of growth hormone deficiency in the world; 4.8 million people vs. 60,000 from ALL other causes combined
  • In 1977 began performing laser surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • 1st in Georgia to excise one half of the Larynx by transoral route via CO2 Laser (1980)
  • 1st in world to perform endoscopic CO2 laser vocal cordotomy for rehabilitation of bilateral vocal cord paralysis (1980). This forever changed the treatment for bilateral vocal cord paralysis everywhere in the world from a lengthy arytenoidectomy operation with a tracheotomy and permanent hoarseness to a 10 min. operation through the mouth with a CO2 laser without tracheotomy and very little voice change.
  • 1st to invent the instrumentation to perform bloodless Bipolar Submucosal Nasal Turbinate cautery to relieve nasal airway obstruction.
  • 1st to reconstruct an esophagus with a muscle-skin flap
  • Able to develop and implement effective original solutions to difficult problems