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27 July, 2017

Taking Mold Off Of The Table

By |2019-12-07T14:00:58+00:00July 27th, 2017|Allergies, Chronic Illness, Chronic Sinusitis, Fungal Sinusitis, Immune System, Mold Removal, Mold Testing, Mold Tips, Sinus Information|0 Comments

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to work with several professionals that have dedicated a significant portion of their lives and careers to helping patients with severe mold illness. The breadth and scope of this often-undiagnosed disease is alarming, and I encounter severely ill Read more

13 January, 2017

Brain Fog, Neurotoxicity, and the Link to Stachybotrys Chartarum

By |2019-04-15T12:35:49+00:00January 13th, 2017|Chronic Illness, Mold Health Issues|0 Comments

By Kevin Carpenter,  Pharm, D Sinus polyp. The medical community is just beginning to understand the health consequences of chronic mold exposures.  Common health effects reported by individuals living in moldy homes include recurring flu like symptoms, coughing, chronic bronchitis, sore throat, diarrhea, fever, headache, chronic Read more

4 January, 2017

Eat, Pray, and Get Well Video “How to Test for Mold’

By |2017-12-22T18:41:55+00:00January 4th, 2017|Mold Cleaning Tips, Mold Health Issues, Mold Remediation, Mold Testing|2 Comments

Eat, Pray, and Get Well is a blog written by Erin Porter, who has appeared on a number of national programs talking about her exposure to mold. Erin has produced a great video on how to use mold test plates to look for mold.   We have linked to Read more

2 December, 2016

An American Horror Story – My House Tried to Kill Me

By |2019-04-15T12:36:06+00:00December 2nd, 2016|Mold Health Issues, Mold Remediation, Mold Removal|0 Comments

My husband, Ted, was tossing and turning just as much as I was.  Neither one of us could sleep.  In fact, I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in years and I’m pretty sure Ted didn’t either. I usually woke up feeling more anxious than rested. Oftentimes, I couldn’t fall Read more

27 November, 2016

Holiday Treatment Tip: Be Aware: There May Be Mold Where You Are Going

By |2019-05-13T18:36:52+00:00November 27th, 2016|Mold Health Issues, Mold Tips|0 Comments

You may have already experienced this problem while traveling during the holiday season: moldy accommodations. We often hear from folks who have flair-ups of their Chronic Sinusitis during their stays with family and friends. That is because hotels and other people homes may not be as mold free Read more

7 November, 2016

Sinus Problems: more than just a runny nose?!

By |2019-05-16T13:12:29+00:00November 7th, 2016|Chronic Sinusitis, Mold Health Issues, Sinus Information|0 Comments

Dr. Dennis discovered the breakthrough after closely listening to his patients - especially his sickest patients - had mold sensitivities and detoxing problems that were at the root of their illness, namely sinusitis, but they had other problems as well. This could be a game-changer folks!

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