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Yeah, I’m getting ready to talk about parasites tonight here with Micro Balance Health. Guys I’m Dr. Hart over at Keystone Total Health joining Micro Balance tonight. What we’re talking about is, “Why Am I Not Getting Better? Parasites Part One. It’s important as we start talking about all this to remember this is not medical advice.  We’re not trying to cure diagnose or treat medical illness, but this is for informational educational purposes only. I’m excited to jump into this tonight to answer some questions and chat about different issues dealing with parasites.

So, one of the root causes we find underlying health issues when people aren’t getting better is parasitic infections or parasitic infestations, right? So, what are we talking about? We’re talking about parasites… well everything from microscopic parasites you can’t see up to long worms like round worms, tapeworms, hookworms, all those those grubby gooby looking guys. Okay so that’s what we’re chatting about there.

Where Do We Get Parasites?

Now, first where do we get parasites because anytime I  bring up parasites, I actually had this question a couple hours ago – I was dealing with a pediatric case and the dad was like, “Where in the world do we get parasites from?” Okay, well parasites come from a lot of places in nature they’re just part of the life cycle, but number one we can get them   from unwashed food, fruits and veggies can have parasites. Undercooked meat, fish is a biggie.

Sushi all day long, okay? Sushi’s got parasites all day long with the raw and undercooked fish. Okay, that’s a huge one. Undercooked salmon is another biggie, okay? The number of parasites in sushi has gone up 238 percent in the last couple of decades, right? It’s getting worse, not better.

That’s not what we think of especially here in North America. We think, well our sanitation is improving. Maybe, but in some ways, it’s getting worse, okay? So that’s a big source.

Your soil, dirt, going outside, playing, if there’s earthworms, there’s parasites hanging around, okay? So that’s a big one. Pets – you know, cats, dogs, big ones… don’t let dogs lick you in the mouth, okay? That sort of stuff is a big one.  You can get ’em from livestock, etcetera. Lakes, rivers, ponds those are all really big sources of parasites on that front. Anytime you’re coming into contact with poop, right? So, dog poop, cat poop, human feces, all that sort of stuff, that’s going to have, that’s going to have a ton of parasites in it, okay?

One of the ways, one of the triggers for miscarriages for women is toxoplasmosis. Where do they get that? Cat poop. Don’t let pregnant women clean out litter boxes, okay? That’s kind of gross, so that’s where they can have miscarriages because the parasites are getting in. Insect bites – so fleas, mosquitoes, spider bites, tick bites, right?

With Lyme Disease that’s a big co-infection, is parasites. Those can all carry parasites.  Research is showing that certain uh shots, Italian researchers found this out this is years ago, not even the most recent ones, but certain shots will have microscopic nematodes in them, right? Right in the bloodstream. Ugh! Okay, gross.

So that’s a great way to get it. You can get them from person-to-person contact, okay? Underneath fingernails, that’s a big area for parasites to hang out, okay? So those are all places we can get parasites. But once you get them, what do they do, right? What do those parasites do?

Once You Get Them, What Do Parasites Do?

So, parasites trigger number one, what’s known as a TH2 dominant immune response. What does that mean?

Well, that means a response based on histamine, okay? So that looks like allergies. Flushing, okay? It looks like red skin, rashes, all right those are biggies. Digestive issues, digestive upset can be anything from constipation or diarrhea. Those are big symptoms.

Brain fog, fatigue, headaches, I find they’re a biggie, okay?  Food sensitivities and food allergies. Leaky gut, they’re gonna chew on that stuff, they’re gonna  chew on the gut wall when they’re in there. Eczema can be a big one that shows up. I find rashes a lot of times, too. They’re a little different, sometimes we get the ones that kind of ulcer or open up like that, those a lot of times are dealing with parasites.

Now, here’s what’s really crazy, there’s a good book on this called something like Your Brain on Parasites, I believe is what’s called. Personality changes, mood shifts, mood swings. They actually influence our neurotransmitters, right? So, they can affect all of that. And so, then when I’m dealing with some patients and we’re working on those things, it will massively influence your thoughts as we start to do that.

I had a patient who is a psychologist, and she came in because she had depression, and it was not helping with antidepressants, so it’s not helping with therapy, she didn’t know what’s going on. Guess what it was? Parasites were causing her depression. As soon as we started dealing with those buggers, her depression started getting better, almost dose for dose would improve.   Now what was maybe a little bit of a sad part for her, was that she was kind of like, now what do I do with my career, if I’m trying to help people with depression and it might be parasites, what am I supposed to do?

Well, first therapy always still helps but you might look into functional medicine then, too. Joint pain, fatigue, skin crawling sensations, biting, pricks, tingles, all the pinches, okay? Prickly heat, all that can do it. Anemia because they will eat iron. They eat our nutrients, especially iron. So, a big cause of anemia.

Mast Cell Activation disorder, histamine intolerances, grinding your teeth at night, okay? A lot of times you wake up with grinding teeth, we want to look at parasites, also known as bruxism.

Poor sleep. Why poor sleep? They’re more active at nighttime. The best time to collect pinworms if you’ve got a kiddo and you’re thinking pinworms, nighttime, right? Itchy rectum, okay? Because that’s where they’re active. They can also cause some respiratory issues.  Now they can be like lung flukes for instance.

It is crazy how you can be infested with them and how it’s easy to get them. It’s it’s pretty nuts. And so, neuropsychiatric issues, shortness of breath, are some other ones.

Let’s look, I’m kind of going from my article I wrote for you guys, here. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, acid reflux, I find all of that can be from parasites, okay? That’s a biggie. That’s a long list. Another one that’s good, it’s a different type of parasite, it’s a blood parasite, will cause ice pick headaches.  Ice pick headaches seem to like to come and go or they’re like stabbing headaches that come and go like that can be a lot of parasite issues. So, that’s what they can cause, okay? Those are some of the symptoms I see with parasitic infestations.

That’s pretty gross and that’s maybe covering a lot of things there but that’s what I do see on that front and so we looked at where they come from, right? Soil, pets, feces, poop, dogs, cats, well water, unwashed food, undercooked meat, undercooked fish, sushi, sushi, sushi. sushi.  No sushi! We don’t eat sushi in my house very much. If we do, it’s California rolls or avocado rolls, etcetera because nobody wants parasites.

Opportunistic Parasites

Now, here’s what part one is really about, okay? Parasite infestations come in two forms. They can be opportunistic, or they can be symbiotic. Part two, which we’ll do later.

We’ll do another one of these and we’ll talk about the symbiotic one. But, when you talk about how parasites are opportunistic, because when we look, really look at root causes, we want to get down to the bottom of things – what’s the true cause of what’s going on? And so, parasites show up for two reasons: they’re either symbiotic or they’re opportunistic. So, when they’re opportunistic, they’re showing up because it’s a hospitable environment, right? So, it’s kind of a good…

You can even use the Bible verse, the Bible verse it says when you clean one spirit out and you dust it up and you make the house hospitable, seven more will show up, seven more thieves will show up because you’ve made it a good place, if you don’t fill it with things that take that place.   The human body is the same way. If we don’t fill the voids in our system with good things like probiota, nutrients, etcetera, then parasites can show up because they’re opportunistic.

So, wasabi, it does help to kill them, horseradish and things in it, that’s a good one.

What Makes Us Good Environments for Parasites?

So, what are some ways that make us good environments for parasites to show up?

What opportunities are we giving them? Well, number one is a weakened immune response. If our immune system can’t fight them. If our TH2 immune response can’t fight them off, can’t kill them, they’ll hang around. What’s a good way that lowers our immune response?

Mold. Mold weakens our immune response and then the parasites come in because it’s a nice area to hang up shop, okay? Now what’s really interesting for this with opportunist and kind of weakened immune response is if you have one thing weakening your immune system your body becomes more susceptible to others and actually becomes a beacon for others.

They did research on this out of India especially because of how prevalent parasites are, but they took these kiddos, put them in tents, it’s almost sad if you didn’t know they had tents, they put them in all these different tents and they put mosquito nets around them, and they tag these mosquitoes with like fluorescence, okay?   And they release the mosquitoes into these tents.  The kids who have parasites, who are infested, they already had more mosquitoes coming to get them. Why? Because they’re a good host.

The parasites inside of them are telling the parasites inside the bugs, “Come here. This is what we’re dealing with, okay? This is what we have going on, come. Come make us more.” And so, you become a bigger opportunist when your immune system is already weakened by things like mold or Lyme.

Is Mold a Parasite?

This is a good question I’ll answer at this point because it kind of goes with what I   said about mold and it’s a question that was already submitted. Is mold a parasite?

Functionally, from a like a microbiology segment, mold is not a parasite, okay?

They’re different microbes. Can mold somewhat be parasitic? Kind of, but not in the same way, okay? Their function that way is different.  Parasites are its own thing, okay? And in this instance, they’re taking opportunities to suck the life out of us, to make a good host, okay? So, they can be opportunistic because of a weakened immune response.

Low Stomach Acid and Parasites

They can just show up because of low stomach acid. If your stomach acid is low, they can’t be killed early on. So, stomach acid – you’ve got like a stomach acid pH of like 1.5 to 2. That’s some of the lowest.

By the way, we’re meant to eat meat for that reason, because our stomach acid is low enough to actually break it down. But it will also break down parasites, okay? So, when you’re eating that meat, when you’re eating those veggies, that maybe aren’t washed enough they’ve got parasites on them, your stomach acid should kill most of it, okay? It should kill it, but if your stomach acid is low, which actually most people with acid reflux, their stomach acid is low. We do these tests all the time in my office, 90 percent of people with G.E.R.D and acid reflux have low stomach acid, okay?

There’s a whole signaling mechanism that does that where if you have low stomach acid, your sphincter at the top of your stomach stays open and a little bit acid you do have washes up, right? It sounds counterintuitive but that’s how the body works. It’s a feedback mechanism. Okay, now why would you have low stomach acid?  I’ll tell you why. Stress, okay?

One of the major things I see that lowers stomach acid is stress.  When your stress is high, your stomach acid goes down. It’s a vagal nerve response. Hey, nice job on your 30-day parasite cleanse, good work, Tony!

And so that vagus nerve, if you’re stressed, the vagal tone goes down and you can’t signal the right amount of stomach acid and you’re always sped up and you’re eating on the go and you’re eating too quickly, you’re not slowing down because to trigger the stomach acid, we need to slow down and eat. You need to chew the food well, right?

That motion and that smell, all that triggers your stomach acid. If you’re scarfing down a burrito in the driveway, it’s not, you’re not going to have time, your body’s going to be like, “Whoa, what just happened? Did we get food down there? Oh my gosh! Create a little stomach acid.”

And so low stomach acid, which is caused by stress and rushed eating, and poor eating habits, etcetera will allow parasites to show up. They can get in the front door.

Dysbiosis and Parasites

Dysbiosis is number three. Dysbiosis is when the bacterium in your gut is imbalanced. Essentially you don’t have enough good guys. Those good guys, they would crowd out the spaces that the bacteria, that the parasites would hang out in, they’ll crowd out those spaces, and they will combat them.

So, they’ll, that’ll help deal with that. Now, so one parasite for instance, we have all these little hairs and fingers in our gut wall to help us absorb things. One parasite, strongyloidiasis, they’ll actually sit in these little crypts and hide, wait for your food to come in, and eat it. So, you get less absorption and they’re hiding in there.

Now, your good bacteria should help clean them out. So, if you don’t have enough probiotia, you’ve been drinking tap water full of chlorine, that’s killing your bacteria. You’ve been taking tons of antibiotics because that’s how they treat everything nowadays or especially when we were kids, an antibiotic for every illness. It’s going to make another opportunity.

The security guards,  that are hanging out in the building, they  aren’t there, there’s not enough to go around.

I’ll give you guys an idea of a stomach acid test you can do at home, okay?   Leaky gut, okay? Leaky gut can allow parasites to hang out. Why? They’re the membranes. That’s the walls of the system, okay? You got a mucosal membrane that should be really up and regulated.

You got a bunch of bugs that live in there, good guys, and then you have those little hairs I talked about, okay? Those barriers are protective. If those barriers are broken down, you break down that mucous membrane, you break down your microbiota, and then you break down the cell walls, those parasites can just flow right in and hit your bloodstream and go in different parts of your intestine. So leaky guts a biggie on that. And then lastly, poor hygiene, okay?

Hygiene and Parasites

I’ll give you an example here of poor hygiene.  So, when they studied food service workers, something like 96 to 98 percent of food service workers, during their shift, when their hands are supposed to be clean, during the shift, had poop underneath their fingernails. Feces, okay? That’s a great way to spread parasites. Gross! Sorry if you’re going out to eat tonight, okay? But those spread the parasites around, that’s a big one.  So, wash your hands, wash your fruits and veggies.

Clean up after your pets, okay? I know a lot of people love to do this, but I’m not a big fan of letting your pet sleep in the bed with you because their feet have been on the ground all day, in the soil, you know their their butt is right there, they’re not wearing underwear, etcetera and so that’s a great way to spread it.  So poor hygiene is another way we create those opportunities.

Some Testing Options

Right there we’ve got five major opportunities that parasites can come in: low stomach acid, right? How do you know if you have low stomach acid? Here’s an easy test, it’s called a burp test, okay? This is what we call like a functional test, showing how things function.

First thing in the morning, before you eat, drink, or brush your teeth, first thing, okay? You put a half a teaspoon of baking soda in six to eight ounces of water, mix it up, drink the whole thing down, okay? And then you time it. You wait for 10 minutes and see how long it takes you to burp.

I’m not looking for a little bit of a “boop” we’re looking for a Coca-Cola belch, “buurrp,” okay?   That’s what a belch should sound like when that base, the alkaline baking soda interacts with the acid, it should create a gas bubble, belch. If it takes you longer than five minutes to burp, your stomach acid is too low, okay? Many of my patients, it takes more than 10 minutes.

A good time is two to two and a half minutes. If it’s too fast, if you have a belch at under a minute, your stomach acid is too high. That’s almost none of my patients. Almost none of my patients have that, like two percent, maybe up to five percent. Ninety percent have low stomach acid, when we do the test.

Ninety percent of people who do the test have low stomach acid, okay? So,  try the test out. See what your timing is, okay?  And then from there, you can look at different things like lemon juice, ACV, or betaine HCl to help you on that front and again not advice, just educational purposes only.

You’ve Got Parasites. Now What?

What in the world do you do? You’ve got parasites, you know, you’ve got parasites coming from where? Coming from your pets, coming from your food, coming from the sushi, they’re finding opportunities in your system, right? In your digestive tract, in your immune system, maybe you’re exposed to molds. Your immune system is suppressed. Now you’ve got parasites, maybe a tick bite, and you got infested with a blood parasite, right?

So, there’s different types: there’s intestinal, there’s blood parasites, there’s liver flukes, lung flukes, etcetera. You can have parasites in your sinuses. Oh gross, right?

But it’s true, you can. So that’s right, you should do your sinus rinses. What do you do about it? Well, Micro Balance has a couple of options here. CitriDrops. The Citrus extracts that are in there are not only anti-fungal they’re anti-parasitic, okay?  They’re anti-parasitic. And so, what you could do, put it in your water, put in your food, mix it into a tincture, okay? They’ve got the CitriDrops Nasal Spray if you think you might have parasites that are affecting your respiratory tract, okay? That’s great, wash your fruits and veggies with the CitriDrops, clean those guys out. That’s a great opportunity there. Get those guys out.

Sinus Defense 2.0 has some of the different nosodes which is a homeopathic setup. You can go back to our old Instagram live and look at my Simple Guide to Homeopathy to talk about nosodes,  but Sinus Defense 2.0 has some homeopathic nosodes in there for different parasites. One or two different parasites that help on that front.   So those are a couple great options.

Also, biggie, biggie, biggie, deal with those five things that are creating opportunities. What are those five things? Correct your digestion with your HCl, do that burp test: half a teaspoon of baking soda, eight ounces of water, before you eat, drink, or brush your teeth in the morning, see how long it takes you to burp, okay?

More than five minutes, low stomach acid. Start to correct it, look at apple cider vinegar, look at betaine HCl, look at lemon juice. Those won’t correct the underlying problem of why you have low stomach acid. Deal with your stressors or other aspects, maybe zinc deficiency, but you need to start correcting that now, supporting it now, so you can get rid of these parasites.

Get on your CitriDrops, check out Sinus Defense 2.0 if that’s helpful for you, okay?  Correct your dysbiosis. That may mean clearing the infections and then taking probiotics when it’s ready. That’s going to be a big boost, okay?

Dealing With the Mold Piece

So that clears, helps to deal with the dysbiosis on that front. So, deal with your mold. If you’ve got mold you can test the house for mold, right? You can use the EC3 Mold Plates you can do EMMA test, etcetera. Test the house for mold, you can test yourself for mold, okay? You can do a mycotoxin test. If you’ve got mold, detoxify it. Clean your environment.

Fog it, use EC3 Candles, EC3 Spray. Deal with your mold appropriately. If you need to, with a remediation team. And so that way you can start to improve your immune system, right? Because mold toxicity weakens your immune system, so you need to support your immune system, clear your Lyme, etcetera.  So, we talked about low stomach acid, a weakened immune response, dysbiosis. Heal your leaky gut.

You know, stop eating the foods that inflame your gut. Quit eating gluten. Quit eating some of the different inflammatory foods. Corn is a biggie. Quit eating roundup. Roundup, roundup, roundup, glyphosate, ugh! Destroys the gut on that front, so quit doing that. So, heal your leaky gut.

Take care, better care of yourself. Don’t let your pets lick you in your mouth, wash your hands, keep your fingernails clipped and scrubbed, okay?  I don’t want you to be a Nazi about those things, but I do want you to take good care of yourself, okay? Just be clean on that front. So those are some of the things you can do. And supplemental wise, to help your body rhythm, CitriDrops, Sinus Defense 2.0, deal with the opportunists.  Let’s look at some of the questions we got in about this because we’ve covered a ton and save this, guys. This will be up on online afterwards. Save it and go back because we are covering so much information and even you can go back and look at some of the other ones when I talk about like Sinus Defense 2.0, you can go back to our Homeopathy Guide and see what we’re talking about there.

So how do we know which parasite we have without expensive tests and one overall treatment? Can we do one overall treatment? I’m looking at the email to look at the questions there.

Parasite Testing

Okay, to tell which parasite, without different stool testing, we use various biofeedback and frequency testing. We use direct resonance testing in the office here. It helps us identify which frequencies of which parasites we’re dealing with. That’s the best way I know how to do it without being expensive, but you got to be in the office, unfortunately for that.

Okay, now there’s different stool tests you can look at. A lot of times those stool test at best is 24 percent accurate. What’s crazy to me is how often I still pick them up on stool tests, when they’re only like 24 to like 36 accuracies, okay? So, if you do a stool test and it doesn’t show parasites, it does not mean you don’t have them, because they can’t pick them up. They’re clever, they’re trying to outrun the tests, okay?  They’re trying to get out of there.

And so, and so you just know that you got to look at something different. I also find that lab tests, like your traditional CBC that your maybe your primary care does, if you have elevated monocytes above an eight and elevated eosinophils above a three, that can point to parasites, okay? Intestinal parasites. So, we do direct resonance testing. It’s a biggie, on that front. But you might look and say, “Okay do I have a lot of these symptoms? Maybe I’m dealing with parasites, especially bloating.” What would I address first: mold or parasites? Mold.

You got to get rid of the toxicity, okay? Because they’re there because they’re opportunists and they’re there because they might be dealing with symbiotic, which I’ll talk about in the next live, which specifically deals with mold. There will be a lot of information on that one, but you got to detox first. If you start blasting these parasites and you haven’t detoxed from mold first and your detox channels aren’t open, you’re going to feel like garbage, okay? It’s like trying to clean out the basement… like if you do the foundation work in the basement when you haven’t even corrected the rest of the house, the house is going to collide in on itself, okay?

Symptoms Unique to Parasites

What symptoms are unique to parasites that are also caused by mold? Okay, so mold downstream can cause a lot of effects, but a couple of biggies I think are different: number one, the way the skin rashes show up.

Ice pick headaches, I often see or more parasitic related on that front. Anemia, I often see is more parasitic related rather than mold related.

Actions to Take for Parasites

That’s a few that I find on that front.  What should people do? Periodic parasitic cleanse just in case to be safe? Yes, if you’re going to deworm your dog on a regular basis, you should deworm your family on a regular basis, it’s just a good idea. You can do a 30-day parasite cleanse once or twice a year, great, great idea.

Lots of options out there, again CitriDrops on a regular basis is a great way to keep yourself cleansed out on that front.

Is mold itself a parasite? So, I kind of answered that earlier. No, they’re different microbes but they go hand in hand. Okay we got some time left guys, so let me go through the chat here and see if we got some good questions.

Audience Q & A

Okay, are SIFO and parasites connected? SIFO is small intestinal fungal overgrowth and parasites, are they connected? Why do we get SIFO? Okay, one main reason we get SIFO is because we have low stomach acid and then our food enters our digestive tract undigested. And what’s fungus’s job in nature? To break things down, to digest it, right? It’s to rot it down for us.

Well, if your stomach acid isn’t breaking down your food and then stomach acid triggers bile, so bile’s not breaking down your fats, something has to break down that food. What does that for us? Fungus will do that. So, the fungus will move up in our small intestine, try to break down the food.

Now, that allows even more parasites to show up because you’ve got low stomach acid. Parasites can come in   this way the, there’s no security guards and now there’s a whole party of criminals showing up, fungus trying to help clean up the mess. And so, parasites show up. So SIFO and parasites are interactive like that. And then next time I’ll talk about how they further interact, but yeah, they are connected in that way. Soaking berries in CitriDrops, great idea, works wonders.

The mixture I think you’re talking about, Gina, you’re talking about the mixture of, for the test, the baking soda burp test: half a teaspoon of baking soda I think it’s, oh geez, he makes a gluten-free flour too, they make a baking soda that’s more natural on that front… because you don’t want something contaminated with heavy metals.

But the, the baking soda is half teaspoon of baking soda with eight ounces of water, okay? First thing in the morning, before you eat, drink, or brush your teeth. Eww is right, it’s gross, right? How do you know if your stomach acid is low? You do a burp test like we talked about. Burritos in the driveway, people do weird things, right?

Is it possible to treat leaky gut with mast cell histamine issues? Yeah, for sure it is, okay? Diet is a biggie and when you got mast cell issues, you have to keep your diet on point. You already know that, right? So, you can definitely treat leaky gut while dealing with mast cell and then you’ve got to support yourself with supplements you can tolerate, okay? Find the ones you can tolerate and work with that.

Okay, will parasites go away naturally if you raise your stomach acid? To some degree, yes, if it’s mild. If it’s a mild infestation, they will go away. But typically, if parasites are a big issue, you do have to do a targeted approach. You got to go after them directly on that front. So let me see if I’m missing any other ones. Stomach acid… Would incorporating a digestive enzyme help to prevent parasites? An enzyme will help, but it really needs to be the stomach acid and bile.

Those are going to be the more important ones to clear the parasites early on, right?  That’s like the front door, okay? Stomach acid, bile on that front, HCl, those are biggies, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, can all help with that. Lowering your stress, slowing down, eating, paying attention to your meal, that’s going to help stomach acid. Bitters. Bitters, bitters, bitters. Bitters are great with that.

Okay, let’s see… I just finished a 30-day parasite cleanse, nice job, Tony! Mold and Lyme, oh yeah, yeah, yeah.  Okay… let’s see if there’s any other ones, okay, Bob’s Red Mill – hey thank you, that’s right, yep Bob’s Red Mill’s got a great one.

Burning, aching, and tissue deterioration are the symptoms of parasites or mold? It’s both, because they both trigger TH2 dominance, which triggers histamine, which triggers leaky membranes all throughout the body, which triggers TH2 dominance and enzymes that then break down tissues, okay? I do find the burning and aching a lot of times, kind of that MCAS, that mast cell histamine reaction, those people usually have both, parasites and mold and you have to deal with both, okay?

The order of bitters supplement and enzyme? Okay so I think Catherine’s asking, when would you take bitters and when would you take the digestive enzyme? If it’s just digestive enzymes, you take it before you eat on an empty stomach because it has to bypass the stomach and get to the small intestine, okay? If you’re talking about bitters, you take it with the meal because you’re stimulating all those receptors in the stomach. So, bitters with the meal, enzymes before the meal, HCl, ox bile, with the meal.

Should I take a probiotic if I have parasites? When the timing is right. I’d say first work on starting to clear them, as that starts to get clear, then add the probiotic, okay?

What’s used for treatment of parasites? Homeopathy? Herbs? Prescription drugs? Do you have a preference? All the above. Sometimes I’ll refer out for prescriptions if needed, but a lot of times herbals, things like the CitriDrops, Sinus Defense 2.0, clearing the opportunities, right?  Getting your HCl, right? All of that is a biggie.

We use different things like Artemisia annua,  “sweet Annie,” Black walnut are biggies, garlic. Garlic, garlic is fantastic, that’s a great anti-fungal and anti-parasitic like that. Maclura pomifera is a big one I use on that. There’s lots of anti-parasitic things you can use.

Can the CitriDrops Nasal Spray shrink swollen turbinates?  It will help on that front, okay? It’s not used to treat medical illness, but it does support the body and healing. But you also have to make sure the exposure is gone, okay? If you’re continually being exposed to mold, it’s going to continue inflammation.

You got to take away the inflammation then heal the tissues, right? Okay.

Can you do a parasite cleanse while breastfeeding? I would be very careful, okay? Because whatever you kill those toxins are going to get released and go in the breast milk, but you can do some gentle cleansing and you can focus on removing those five barriers those five opportunities. You can focus on removing those and that will help and then you can focus on small things like the homeopathy and Sinus Defense 2.0 would be a biggie and then low dosing CitriDrops, I don’t think would be a problem.

Okay, anything you can do while pregnant?  Focus on the five opportunities, right?   Get your stomach acid right, get your ox bile right, support your immune system, balance your digestion, slow down with stress, focus on your meals, okay? Those sorts of things, if well tolerated, you could do a probiotic, okay? That sort of stuff is tolerable while pregnant.

Okay let me see if there’s anything I’m kind of trying to scroll back up to the top… Yeah, I   think I got all the major questions up there. Okay guys, we got just a few more minutes left.

Do you guys have any more questions that I can help with on these parasites? We saw there’s two main reasons parasites show up: there’s symbiotic which means they’re helping with something, they’re helping us on some front, we’ll talk about that in the next live, so look out for that on the Micro Balance   Health Products page, look out for that Keystone Total Health page so you can see when we’re doing the next live.

But then there are opportunists, right? They show up when the opportunities there and that’s what we talked about today. When your immune systems weakened from things like mold, when you’ve got low stomach acid, when you’ve got dysbiosis, okay? And then when you’ve got, when you’re dealing with the inflammation and poor hygiene.

So, look at that, okay? So, look at those ones on that front because those are the major five opportunities.   How often should we proactively cleanse? If you’re just doing a proactive cleanse, right? You’re kind of deworming yourself proactively, I’d say twice a year, okay? Some of my patients after we’ve   done a major parasite cleanse, I’ll have them do a full moon protocol, three days a month: day of, day before, day of, day after, a full moon because that’s based on their cycles, that’s their reproductive cycles. You can do a gentle parasite cleanse once a month like that to keep things going.

Do you find any emotions that are common among people with parasites? Yes. What’s eating at you?

Okay, parasites are inside eating things up, so what’s eating at you that’s hanging around?   And then we think of what’s metaphorical or symbolic. What’s the parasite in your life that you’re not dealing with, right? What’s sucking your life away that you’re not cleansing out, you’re not dealing with, that you’re holding on to, okay?

Those are the biggies I find, what’s the parasite in your life that you’re holding on to? And what’s eating at you that you’re not dealing with? Those are the big emotions. Deal with those and your body will have an easier time cleaning that stuff out.

I would also look at what are the emotions associated with the intestines? The large intestine is being stuck, okay? It’s being dogmatically positioned or rigid. I’m stuck in my ways of thinking, I’m stuck in a situation, I’m not, I’m rigid in my ways, not willing to deal with that. And then the small intestine, okay? So, the small intestine emotions are kind of fiery. So, what are you not, what’s the fire in your belly you’re not dealing with, okay? And then the stomach is what can’t you swallow? Why aren’t you swallowing?

What supps do you recommend post antibiotics? You’ve got to deal with number one, why are you having to deal with antibiotics? Do everything you can to not get on them, okay? That’s what I would say. Do everything you can to not get on antibiotics. There are a thousand things you can do. Do everything you can do, okay? We overuse those in modern medicine.

Afterwards though, you want to do a fungal cleanse because antibiotics are made from funguses, okay? Micro Balance has a lot of great options on that front. CitriDrops help clear that, Sinus Defense 2.0, okay? Moving those things along, but then also, you got to replenish the good guys, okay? Broad spectrum probiotics, fiber if you tolerate fiber well, Saccharomyces boulardii, all that.

Nail biting is related a lot of times to parasites. People who chronically bite their nails, parasites. And tooth grinding, especially kiddos grinding their teeth at night – you hear them, crunch,  crunch, crunch, crunch: parasites. We call that bruxism.

Okay, emotions, yep definitely resonate those emotions. Yeah it makes sense, start dealing with emotions, tap them out, do some emotional parts work, things like that.

I have no gallbladder serious chronic constipation. Okay, 95 to 99 of my patients without a gallbladder need to be on gallbladder support for life. It’s just what it is, I’m sorry but that gallbladder was important. I’m sorry they had to take it, so we need to do support now to deal with it.

That looks like things like phosphatidylcholine, malic acid, ox bile, betaine HCl but you got to support that because that bile is like a detergent for our digestive tract. We need it to flush toxins out, we need it to scrub our gut, and we need it to digest fats, so important. And make sure you’re dealing with   your fat-soluble vitamins: A D E and K.

Can I give a seven-year-old CitriDrops? For sure, yeah. They can do it. You just lower the dosage, and you dilute it, okay? That’s great.

Can parasites stay in a lifetime if not addressed?  Yeah, they’ll reproduce over and over and over   again, and certain worms can live 25 years. 25 years!  Can you imagine that? That one same worm can live in your gut for 25 years. Gross! Okay, but they can, they do, so they’re in there. Is nose picking related to parasites? Sometimes. Sometimes nose picking is related to parasites. If a kid or adult is nose picking, okay? You’ve got to look at symptoms as symbols.  What’s symbolic that of? There’s something in there they have to get out. So, is there a parasite in there? Is there a fungus? Is there an infection?

They’re trying to get it out, okay? So, they’ve got an infestation or infection that they need to get out.

So how is exposure to mold and parasites related?  We’ll really cover the symbiotic relationship next time but I’ll, I’ll say really quickly, parasites can help us with mold, okay? That’s a primer for next time. But then number two, mold weakens your immune system giving your body the opportunity to let parasites come in, okay? Super, super gross I know, but that’s what happens.

Mold suppresses your immune system then your immune system can’t fight the parasites, the parasites set up shop. Same thing with criminals in your, criminals in your town. If the opportunity is there for criminals to move in, they will. If there’s opportunities there for your parasites to move in, they will.   They’re opportunists. Wow, wow, wow guys! This has been a lot of fun! It’s gross to talk about but also so important. So, so important because they’re there, you’re probably dealing with them if you haven’t dealt with them in your lifetime.  They’re probably in your kiddos because kiddos are all over the floor and sticking things in their mouth and playing with the dogs. Okay, so, check this stuff out.

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