By Mold Medical Expert Donald Dennis, M.D., F.A.C.S. – October 21, 2011

Many patients come to me complaining of sinus pain, pressure, congestion, feeling fatigued, and not feeling well enough to be as active as they would like. They almost always come into my office with the same question, “Why have I not gotten better?” Many have been through multiple courses of antibiotics, steroids, antihistamines, decongestants, allergy shots, and even multiple sinus surgeries with only slight, short-term improvement. Many of them have been suffering for years with no lasting results and want to know the cause of sinus pain and their other symptoms.

I have to tell them the truth and sometimes that is not easy to hear. The truth is that the majority of the medical community still approaches Bacterial or Fungal Rhinosinusitis from the wrong direction. They believe that the infection is the cause when in fact it is just a symptom. They also believe that the chronic disease can be cured with medicine when in reality it must be managed by controlling its cause.

The real culprit: Mold, that is present in your everyday environment. In 1999, The Mayo Clinic proved that the cause of 93% of all chronic sinusitis is an immune reaction to fungus (mold). When fungi enter your sinuses they cause your immune system to react. Your body generates antibodies to fight the invasion. That battle leaves your sinus lining (the mucosa) pockmarked with microscopic pits that become the breeding ground for bacterial infections. It is only a matter of time before all the symptoms you hate hit you full force. It is also why antibiotics clear the infection only to have it returns weeks later.

The cause of the Fungal Rhinosinusitis (sinus infection) must be addressed in order to get the long-term symptoms under control. When mold is removed both from the body and the environmental air, long-term control of sinusitis is possible and the cascade of antibiotics, steroids, and even multiple surgeries can cease. There is a 94% success rate using the EC3 protocol.

Here is how to avoid the discomfort, inconvenience, and expense of recurrent sinus infections or Chronic Fungal Rhinosinusitis:

– Test the environmental air in your home, office and car. The mold colony counts need to be reduced to 0-4 for mild cases and 0-2 for severe cases.

– If you have a mold problem, remediate.

– Treat the body by irrigating your sinuses with a nasal wash system and using CitriDrops Nasal Spray.

– Rid your environment of the antigen with environment cleaners formulated for fungi.

It really is that simple. Control the antigen and you control your Chronic Sinusitis. Remember the body is like a bucket. The moldy air you breathe in fills it and the body protocol empties it. High air mold counts keep your bucket full and you sick, because you are constantly breathing in the antigen while only periodically emptying it with your nasal wash. That is why you must do both the body and the environmental protocols to keep the disease under control.