is-your-anger-justified-6[dropcap style=”default, circle, box, book”]H[/dropcap]ave you ever asked yourself why the people you trust and rely on most keep dismissing a probable cause of your symptoms?

Their dismissal has left you confused, fearful, angry, and resentful. Recent surveys have shown these emotions are very common among sufferers of mold related disease.

If you are like most severe chronic sinusitis sufferers you regularly live with not being able to breathe, with lots of pain, with mental fog, and with being tired all of the time.

I am sure if I heard your story, I would say the trustees in your life should have listened, should have known, and should have understood. I would say your feelings are justified.

However, in their defenses, I also say that it is hard to understand an issue when you have no experience with the problem.

The medical industry has been slow to accept the mounting evidence that mold is a contributing and or causal factor in a number of chronic diseases. Therefore most physicians have never received training in this area and simple lack a frame of reference to correctly diagnosis the problem.

In addition, your doctors and loved-ones most likely lack your experience caused by a genetic predisposition to fungal allergy and mycotoxicosis. Only 16% of the population has this genetic trait. This is why only one person in a house hold maybe sick from mold.

Since you are reading this, you are likely ready to take a step forward and change what has not worked.

You now have an opportunity to join a community that is doing something about this problem. Together we are changing how people think about and treat mold and its associative disease.

A sea change is already happening because people like you are embracing effective alternative therapies and sharing their successes with doctors and loved ones. This is how mold recovery will become a part of mainstream medicine.

Don’t let fear or frustration get in the way of your recovery. Decide to take control of your health and regain your wellness.

Are you ready?

  1.  Yes, I am ready to make a change!  Show me some treatment options.
  2.  I am not sure what you are saying is correct, I need more information.
  3.  No, l like the way I am handling my problem, get me out of here.