By Dr. Donald Dennis, M.D.,F.A.C.S.- February 15, 2012
It has been known for thousands of years that mold causes problems for human health. But it was not until The Mayo Clinic did a definitive study in 1999 that the medical community began to truly understand the extent of the problems mold can cause. The major finding of the study was that the vast majority of chronic sinus allergy reactions are caused by an immune response to mold. The corollary was so high that 94 of 101 patients with Chronic Sinusitis showed their sinus linings (mucosa) inflamed due to an immune reaction to mold.

Mayo learned through the study that white blood cells (eosinophils) enter the mucosa and release proteins that kill the mold which is the body protecting itself. Unfortunately, these caustic, basic proteins etch pits into the mucosa. These pits then easily trap bacteria which in turn cause infection and inflammation. This explains why sinus infections so frequently start up again after antibiotics are stopped, since the source of the problem returns so readily because you are continuing to breathe in the mold that causes the original reaction. With millions of sufferers, and that number increasing, it has become clear to many in the medical field that there is simply not a magic pill or a surgery that will “cure” Chronic Sinusitis.

In 1989, my staff and I began to develop a treatment program that would get REAL results for Chronic Sinusitis sufferers. We theorized that lowering the mold counts in the air and at the same time removing mold from the sinuses could improve sufferer’s symptoms long term. Our own study involved 639 patients with Chronic Sinusitis who followed our two-pronged protocol of treating sinuses and their environment to remove mold. They were tracked for 14 years to verify the results by measuring the mold in the patient’s environmental air and the mold in their sinuses. When we compared the endoscopic sinus photographs with the mold plate counts before and after environmental and sinus treatments the results were outstanding! (See the attached photo.) Our study showed that when mold counts dropped below 4 colonies (measured by using mold test plates) and the sinuses were treated with an antifungal (CitriDrops), an amazing 94% of the patients had good, long-term control of their symptoms.

As a doctor who has treated over 5000 sinus patients, I understand how this disease impacts the way you live your life. This is precisely why I want to share this treatment protocol with as many people as I can. My patients who have followed this protocol see HUGE improvements and it doesn’t require prescriptions or surgery! I know for a fact these solutions for Chronic Sinus Allergic Reactions work, but I am continually amazed at how many people think they can do one small part and still expect to see results. If you are ready to change the way you have been treating your Chronic Sinusitis, I encourage you to try this natural treatment protocol that uses safe, effective, botanicals to treat your sinuses and the air you breathe. I believe in this system so much that I have even created a free online evaluation (the same as I use to evaluate my own patients) to note your progress before and after treatment.

Here are a few keys to remember as you start to improve your health:
– Evaluate the air for mold in your home, office, and car
– Get your mold counts down to 0-4 if your evaluation score is “slight” and 0-2 if its “moderate to severe”, using the environmental protocol
– Irrigate your nose with saline mixed with CitriDrops to get the mold out of your sinuses
– Steam your nose using distilled water mixed with CitriDrops to reduce polyps
– Support your immune system with a healthy diet supplemented with Thymate Immune booster
– Follow the Candida diet to remove yeast from your gut

Get started today, it could change your life.