Whether you suffer from acute or chronic sinusitis, the following symptoms may be very familiar: Pain in the forehead or between the eyes; upper teeth aching; a face that feels uncomfortably tight and full; nasal congestion; chronic headaches.  All of these symptoms lead many sufferers to go out and purchase OTC medicines for temporary relief. If symptoms persist, some will even go to see their primary care physician.  Then, if referred to an ENT specialist, some sufferers will even go through surgery to remove physical barriers (polyps) that contribute to the infection and symptoms. It can be a long road with no true cure in sight, especially if the main contributing factor is mold.

If you suffer with any of the aforementioned symptoms for more than 12 weeks, you have chronic sinusitis.  Bacteria can make their home in blocked sinuses, but they aren’t the only cause. Fungus, personal anatomy, allergies, polyps, and immune system problems can all be behind a sinus infection. It is also very common for surgery to be performed at this early stage. If you have had a sinus surgery and are still sick, it is likely that something in your environment is triggering the inflammatory response. 

Dr. Dennis’ treatment protocols introduce personal mold hygiene with CitriDrops Dietary Supplement and CitriDrops Nasal Spray to remove the mold in the sinuses, the very mold that is causing the sickness.  In addition, by frequently using EC3 Products for the home and clothes, you can reduce the mold counts in the air you breathe and in your surroundings.

Sinus Defense and Celltropin are newer additions to Dr. Dennis’ product line. Both homeopathic sublingual sprays enable the immune system to identify and remove mold and other pathogens from the body.  Once the constant assault on your sinuses by microscopic pathogens is stalled or stopped, inflammation is significantly reduced and the body can heal.  Regular use of the sprays improves the body’s ability to identify, remove, and remember harmful antigens, all while  supporting the body’s healing processes. Increasing your natural defenses to mold and nasal allergens can have a dramatic impact on anyone’s wellness and wellbeing.

Common Medicines and Treatment Options

When suffering from sinusitis symptoms, you might seek relief at the drugstore or a physician may prescribe any of the following:

  • Nasal decongestants reduce swelling so you can breathe and the sinuses can drain; however, these can only be used for a few days at a time, or the patient will experience a “kickback effect,” causing nasal pathways to swell shut again.
  • Nasal steroid sprays, antihistamines, or saline sprays or washes, are other options at this stage but take more time to work.
  • Antibiotics will most often be prescribed by physicians when nasal discharge or mucous is found. Yellow and green discharge indicates that there may be an infection. Antibiotics will eliminate a bacterial infection; however, the elimination of bacteria can also create an environment conducive for fungal growth or other, more resistant and hard to treat bacteria.  If this occurs, chronic sinusitis can become unmanageable and possibly debilitating. Although sinusitis can be caused by a cold virus, bacteria, or fungus, physicians often decide on a regimen of antibiotics, if they believe patients are unwilling to wait 1-2 weeks for symptoms to pass prior to taking antibiotics.  Patients also have expectations of symptomatic relief following a doctor visit. More often than not, patients leave the offices with prescriptions in hand.
  • A FESS operation (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery) may be performed if nasal polyps or small growths that obstruct the nasal passages that promote infection are present.

Preventive Treatment

7 Steps to Relief from Mold provides a step by step guide to address mold in your nose, home, and clothes. Step 7 describes Microbalance Homeopathic Remedies to aid the body’s ability to resist mold and heal more quickly.  Dr. Dennis recently solicited feedback from his regular patient users of these products, to find out more about their experiences with symptom relief and overall health as a result. What follows is a brief synopsis of both products and the patient responses.

Sinus Defense

Sinus Defense helps the body’s natural cell-mediated immunity and natural resistance to a large group of allergens, bacteria, and molds that cause sinusitis.  Normally, when our bodies encounter a foreign antigen, it takes time for our immune systems to develop antibodies that will attack that antigen.  Sinus Defense initiates mold and allergy antigen identification and tagging, so that the body’s cell mediated immunity, composed of T-cells and Natural Killer Cells becomes more efficient and capable to responding more immediately when you enter a moldy environment. With regular use of Sinus Defense, the body will quickly kill the antigen and allow the macrophages (“the garbage collectors”) to remove them from the bloodstream.  The desired result is a resistance, which is an immediate and continuous response by our bodies to fight the allergens, bacteria, and mold.  Patients benefit immediately when using Sinus Defense versus having to wait several weeks with allergy shots or drops.

  • A patient cited the following symptoms before using Sinus Defense: “weak, head congestion, stomachache, body ache, and sore throat.” With regular use, the patient now describes it as “my vitamin every day for me and my grand children (3, 5, 8, &10).The 3 year old asks for it.” It is the supplement that is attributed to keeping them well.
  • Before using Sinus Defense, another patient suffered from fatigue and headaches. The patient reported that “Within 30 minutes, Sinus Defense began to work. My experience is feeling less tired and more focused. You have energy without a jittery feeling, it lasts for hours.”


CellTropin helps mold sufferers to recover quicker by promoting cellular healing and cell turnover. It supports the pituitary gland that controls much of the cellular metabolic process.

Because the pituitary gland sits adjacent to the sinuses, infections can compromise pituitary function, resulting in hormonal abnormalities. This, in particular, affects energy levels and is why so many sinusitis and mold sufferers report chronic fatigue and impaired adrenal function.



  • A patient reported feeling “weak with no energy at all.” After using CellTropin, the patient said, “This has changed my life and my grandkids’ lives. By the time I drop them off at school, I am a new person!”
  • Another patient suffered from “headaches, low thyroid levels and loss of hair.” After regularly using 6 sprays 2X per day, the patient said, “It takes away headaches within 30 minutes and symptoms of low thyroid for a couple of months. My thyroid levels are more stable and within range with less fatigue. It has helped with a feeling of well-being! I am not as sick as I was before using Celltropin.”

These are just a few examples of the benefits of adding homeopathic support aimed at aiding the body’s ability to defend itself and heal.  You may also want to consider trying these products, especially if you’re looking for a different outcome with your chronic sinus infections.