woman-with-cleaning-supplies-glovesLast month we discussed what to do with a mold contaminated summer rental. In our lead article Summer Rental: Should I Stay or Should I Go, we discussed how to figure out what to do.

We want to follow up on that article with information on what to do if you decide you have to leave the place you are living due to fungus, but can’t do it immediately.

We were inspired to write this article because last month we heard from Gina. She called to ask about controlling the mold in the house she is renting. She has been sick ever since she moved in and had the home tested. The results showed a problem, but the landlord is not willing to do anything about the problem. Naturally, Gina is concerned for her family’s health and is now looking for a new place to live. But she does not want to make a snap decision and is looking for a way to buy time. She called us to find out what to do in the interim?

The answer is— it depends. If you test your home and you have a large toxic mold problem you should leave it and everything behind until you can properly remediate the problem. But if you have a more general problem, you can manage it with our EC3 Mold Cleaning Products until you can execute your move.

Step one: Eliminate or slow down a water intrusion problem if you have one. This could entail purchasing a silicone or tar based sealant to plug any leaks you are having from the outside.

Step two: Burn EC3 Air Purification Candles™ for three hours the first day you are cleaning and one hour for three days after. This is done to eliminate airborne mold spores.

Step three: Use EC3 Mold Solution on all of your hard and soft surfaces. Use it like Febreeze™ and mist it on. The product works by contact.

Once you have done a thorough cleaning, it is always a good idea to retest regularly to monitor the mold condition in your living space. You may find you have gotten control of the mold problem. However, if there has been a water intrusion problem you will probably need to clean a couple of times a month to maintain air quality.

A clear indication of how you are doing is how you feel. Customers often report that once they have cleaned the house they feel much better. They also know that if their health deteriorates they need to clean again.

Taking these steps can keep your air healthily and you feeling good. This is not a perfect fix for a house that need a major remediation, but it can help you get through to your move.