204-107-2For people with severe chronic sinusitis travel can be devastating. That is because hotels and aircraft often have mold problems that can trigger sever bouts of the disease. If you are one of those folks that can’t enjoy their vacation or can’t be effective at your job because of this problem there is an answer: The Mini Mate Air Supply – Ionic Personal Air Purifier.

The Mini Mate is a wearable personal ionizer that goes around your neck and purifies the air you breathe in. This is not an air filter but rather a device that creates an electrical field that adds a charge to airborne particulate such as mold. That charge makes the antigen too heavy to remain airborne and it falls to the floor preventing you from breathing in the source of your illness.

We have heard from multiple customers that this device has changed their lives when it comes to travel. It has allowed some folks with severe reactions to mold who could not fly to do so again.

If travel is an important part of your life, shouldn’t you be able to do it more comfortably? Order a Wein Mini Mate Air Supply today and make traveling a pleasure again.

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