Are looking for new treatment options for your chronic sinusitis?  In order for you to truly get well, you need to first understand what is happening to you. Watch this video of Erin’s life long battle with chronic disease and ask yourself “Does this sound like me?”

Erin’s story is not unique.   Your story maybe be very similar.  Have you been treating the symptoms and not the cause?

Like Erin, mold maybe  a genetic problem for you.  That means your issue is something that must be managed by being proactive. Therefore you need to start a program that will eliminate the source or the problem.

Let’s go over the things you can do to gain control of the problem.

  1. Beware of potential danger zones- Most people encounter mold by breathing it in.  The mold could be in your home, office or car.  It can be in places you shop, workout, or attend church.  It also can be picked up outside doing chores, like raking leaves or cutting the grass,   Recreational activities such as running, hiking, or camping tend to attract spores.   It is especially prevalent in wooded or  agricultural  areas.  The fall season is  or Mucus is sticky and mold


She was washing out and taking anti-fungals, eating an antifungal diet but she was not stay well.

Why? She knew mold was a genetic problem for her.   But, she did not understand the final step necessary to keep the problem from entering her body.  We have helped thousands of people, just like you, that sufferer with chronic sinusitis or other chronic diseases for years.  Those patients know that traditional medical orthodoxy is not working for them because they only get better for a short period of time.  Then they go back for antihistamines, antibiotic, corticosteroids, and surgery again and again.

For those that are ready for a change, there are some simple high impact steps they can take.

Irrigate nose with saline wash twice a day. Use either Grossan Hydro Pulse or Nasopure for irrigation.

Saline wash is a gentle and highly effective way to soothe and rinse your sinus passages and remove fungus as well. You are actually washing dust and spores from your nasal passages that would otherwise cause or continue to cause irritation and illness.

This is the #1 thing you MUST do!

*If you have frequent nasal congestion I recommend using the Grossan Hydro Pulse, it does the best job of washing out the sinuses.

The reason you use DISTILLED WATER instead of tap water is because of the levels of chlorine in regular tap water. Chlorine destroys the cilia lining the sinuses and the good bacteria in the nose allowing Candida to over grow and cause more inflammation.

(Note: we do not recommend the use of a Nettie Pot for chronic sinus sufferers, because it is not thorough enough for our protocol and can cause the irrigation to go into the middle ear via the Eustachian tube in the back of the nose. There have even been cases of death linked to the use of Nettie Pots and using water containing amoebas.)

Use Vick’s Personal Facial Steamer 2 times a day with 3 drops of CitriDrops Dietary Supplement to 4 oz. of water in steamer. DO NOT ADD MORE even if you add more water. Breathe in through nose and out through mouth for 5-10 minutes each time. Use filtered or distilled water.

The steam opens up your nasal passages and loosens the mucous making it easier to get rid of, penetrating further into your sinus passages than washing alone can accomplish.

CitriDrops Nasal SprayINSTRUCTION:
Use 3 sprays of CitriDrops Nasal Spray in each nostril, 2 times a day. You may use up to 4X day if needed. (Non-addictive, Non-Drying)

CitriDrops Nasal Spray (anti-mold) will stay in the nasal lining longer to further protect the tissue from mold spores. Use throughout the day to keep you clear.

NOTE: This product is not an a decongestant spray such as Afrin. Its primary function is to remove mold spores, which it does very well due to its anti-fungal / antibacterial properties. It was developed specifically to aid those who react to mold more strongly.

Logos Thymic FormulaINSTRUCTION:
First 3 days – 1 tablet 1X a day after meal;
Next 3 days – 1 tablet 2X a day after meal (may continue as maintenance)

> If you are sick and if you have no adverse effects, increase dose to 3 tablets 2X a day after full meal, continue until well.

NOTE: If you experience any negative results, such as stomach pain or constipation, reduce the dosage or discontinue use.

Thymic Formula  is paired with multivitamin to boost your immune system because some moderate and all severe sufferers often have highly suppressed immune systems caused by your body’s reaction to mold. The Thymus gland produces the fuel that runs your immune system. After age 20 our bodies produce less and less of it. By the time you’re 50 your body will produce very little naturally. This is why older people get sick more often than the young. The multivitamin will help with absorption of the Thymus supplement. Thymus supplements will raise T-cell counts, especially the suppressor T-cells that reduce inflammation, and enhance your entire immune system.

We carry two types of Thymus supplements, one is gluten free (Logos Thymic Formula).

For adults: 3 sprays 3X a day under your tongue. If you get re-exposed use 9 sprays 3X a day until your symptoms resolve.
Children under 12: Consult a Health Care Professional.
*Do not take within 15 minutes of consuming food, beverage, or brushing teeth.
*Most dairy sensitive people have no problem with this product.

Raise your fungal resistance with Sinus Defense. The underlying problem in any allergy is that the body does not know how to process the antigen out. This reaction causes the problems known as sinusitis, but a fungal allergy can have other symptoms as well. Sinus Defense is revolutionary because it “teaches” the body how to rid itself of the fungal invader. (Don’t take our word for it. See what people are saying.)

This product was developed by Dr. Dennis over the last 20 years and released officially in 2012 after great success with his patient base.

Take 1-2 capsules AFTER food

You can accelerate the elimination of mold by 300% by taking Beta Glucans (a Beta 1, 3 Glucan) along with Sinus Defense. Beta Glucans binds with the fungal antigen creating a larger compound that is easier for the body to eliminate. The formula also pumps up your macrophage levels (they are the garbage collectors of the body) speeding the elimination process.

With the 5-pack of Mold Screening Test plates test your bedroom, den, office, car and anywhere else you spend at least an hour each day. It is EXTREMELY likely that somewhere in your daily routine you are becoming exposed to mold.

CLICK here for more specific information on how to test and where to test for mold.

People react to mold in varying degrees. Some people, about 16-28% of the population, are genetically predisposed to ‘over’ react to mold. Their T-Cell’s reaction to fungal antigens and that reaction is extreme! Scientists are still learning why, but in a single family there could be only one person with this genetic trait or several.

Here is another fact, 93% of all diagnosed Chronic Sinusitis cases carry this gene marker!

Depending on what you learn from the results of your Mold Screening Test Plates you will need to figure out how to best repair what is causing mold to grow somewhere in  your daily environment.

It could be as simple as repairing a leaking pipe or as extensive as a leaking foundation. We have a lot of information on steps you can take on your own, as well as situations where it is best to consult a professional.

CLICK here for Environmental Remediation information.

EC3-candles-150EC3 Mold Solution ConcentrateIf you discovered mold and need a way to clean your air and environment immediately you can use EC3 Candles and EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate. With these two products you can effectively reduce the mold spore count to 0 (zero) in as little as 3 hours. Do realize these are not permanent fixes. The mold will continue to grow until the source of the moisture is eliminated.

The benefit of using these products is that it lowers your ‘fungal load’ so that your immune system has a chance to ‘catch up’. If you don’t, then it is common for secondary illnesses to occur which starts a domino chain reaction in your body.

Use a HEPA air filter with EC3 Air Wicks on top in rooms you spend the most time in. (Dr. Dennis recommends IQ Air®, followed by Whirlpool®) It is important that the air blows out of the top so that it will evaporate the EC3 Air Wick liquid into the air. Put 1 or 2 air wicks on top of the HEPA air filter and put the date on it as it will stop working in 30 days. (It will still have fluid in it but it is not eff ective after 30 days.)

Take 2 capsules Ortho Biotic or Essential Flora, 2X per day. When well, continue with 1 capsule 2X per day.
*If you have yeast on your tongue, open capsule and dump contents on tongue, otherwise take the capsule normally.

NOTE: If you are prescribed antibiotics by your physician for ANY reason you should take a probiotic supplement 1 HOUR AFTER your antibiotic. Antibiotics are killing ‘bad’ bacteria/viruses in your system but they also kill the ‘good’ stuff right along with it. Taking a probiotic will help to rapidly replace the depleted and necessary ‘good’ gut flora.

These products contain no Gluten or dairy and do not need refrigeration. It’s important for the probiotic used by sinusitis patients to be free of gluten and dairy since many of them have sensitivities to these foods that cause both gut and sinus inflammation. We want you to be getting 50 billion cultures each day to really boost your system. Your gut flora is extremely important, in fact 85% of your body’s immunity is regulated in the gut, and because you are mold sensitive you have most likely caused greater food sensitivities or developed Candida all of which greatly disrupt the gut flora.

> If one product does not agree with you try the other, both are good products.

This test is to determine which food you have sensitivities to. 150 foods that ARE allowed on a Candida Diet are tested. The test was specifically designed by Dr. Dennis in conjunction with ALCAT since so many severe sinusitis patients suffer from Candida.

The inflammation caused by mold is a systemic reaction which can affect both the gut and the sinuses. The gut inflammation causes the patient to absorb larger food particles than normal so many food intolerances (allergies) develop. If both the following occur: 1. the Candida inflammation is resolved by removing it (by using Candida Rid and the Candida Diet) and 2. the food inflammation (from eating foods to which the patient is allergic) is resolved by learning from the ALCAT test which foods not to eat, the patient recovers MUCH quicker and the fix is long term.

Take 2 Candida Rid capsules 1-2X per day after food.

Follow a Candida Diet

Candida Rid is a natural, herbal, anti-yeast nutritional product. This product supports gut health by providing an environment that does not support Candida, but does support a healthy probiotic gut environment. Candida causes gut inflammation > Gut inflammation pushes the cells further apart allowing larger food particles to pass through >some of these particles cause MORE gut inflammation which reduces overall immunity. You need to stop the cycle! More than 70% of the body’s immunity is in the gut.

The Candida Diet it is the single most important step to follow, after removing sugar from your diet, in order to reduce yeast in your system long term.

NOTE: You know if you have Candida if you have a positive IgG blood test for Candida and it is visible on your tongue or other parts of the body.

Take 1 Ubinol CoQ10 capsule 2X day.

Chronic fatigue is prevalent in both people with advanced fungal allergies and mycotoxicosis issues. If you are fi nding it diffi cult to get through the day or even get out of bed Ubinol CoQ10 can help you. This product is a vital enzyme that provides energy at the cellular level and it promotes the healing process.

CoQ10 neutralizes free radicals and is the rate limiting enzyme for cellular ATP production (the fuel that runs cellular energy processes). It is vital to cellular energy production. On its own CoQ10 is difficult for the body to break down which is why we recommend the already broken down UBINOL form so you get a far greater benefit. Many patients with chronic sinusitis experience fatigue and this supplement is intended to battle that symptom.

1 tsp. LipoCeutical® Glutathione 2X a day. Shake before use. Take until well. Store in refrigerator.

The best time to take it is in the morning on an empty stomach. It can be taken “straight” or mixed in water or juice. Drink immediately. Wait 20 minutes before eating.

Some extremely sensitive people (or those who take many pharmaceuticals) should go “low and slow”. Start with 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon, and work up to one teaspoon.

Because glutathione contains sulfur, this product has a sulfur aroma and taste. It has not gone bad! Sometimes you may see golden streaks or clusters. This is to be expected.

**DO NOT take if allergic to sulfur.

Mycotoxicosis is a big problem in advanced stage mold disease. Not only is it destructive at the cellular level, it impairs mental function, saps cellular energy from healing, and causes pituitary gland damage preventing proper hormone regulation. The two most important steps in dealing with this problem are to 1.) rid the body of the toxins that are causing the damage and 2.) supplement with antioxidants to block further damage.

Glutathione is the most critical antioxidant produced by the body. It is depleted by toxins, medication, trauma, aging and infections which all are a part of the cycle of mold related disease. The liquid form found in Lipoceutical Glutathione is one of the best forms of this type of supplementation. Glutathione’s function is to neutralize free radicals and maintain the Vitamin C and Vitamin E levels that enter the body and which also have antioxidant properties. Glutathione also regulates the nitric oxide cycle which is absolutely critical since this process controls the flow of blood to our vital organs and cells. It is part of the body’s metabolic and biochemical system such as DNA production and repair, protein synthesis, amino acid acid transport and enzyme activation.

Clearly Glutathione is a key part of our body’s major functions: the immune system, the nervous system, gastrointestinal system and the lungs. When mold sensitivity has caused your body’s system to go into overdrive many of the other functions are affected adversely. This supplement is another part of the protocol to restore balance to the complex cellular function of your body.


Use to detox. Purchase 2 jars online. This is a great protein powder with lots of amino acids. 1 scoop – 2x a day.

UltraClear Renew will serve to detox your liver from Mycotoxins and heavy metals.