rain-rainWe are hearing from lots of mold allergic people from around the country lately. They are calling and emailing to tell us they are miserable and are asking how to fix the problem. Some of them have followed our protocol and tested their homes, offices, and cars only to find they have what is considered normal air quality or slightly elevated mold levels. Or they have treated their indoor air and their symptoms are not improving. Naturally these folks want to know why our system is not working for them like it has in the past.

The answer is unusually prolonged periods of wet weather. The increased rain fall in North America this summer has come in conjunction with record high temperatures which has causes an explosion of fungal spores floating around in the outside air. Many doctors have also noticed what seems to be an early onset of common allergy season throughout the country. These two conditions are causing sinusitis sufferers all kinds of problems here in the dog days of summer.

The solution is to increase your daily sinus washes with a sinus rinse plus antifungal, use an antifungal spray in your home, office and car, and wear a N-95 respirator mask when you are spending prolonged periods outside. You may also need to do some extra interior cleaning, since the outside air comes into your home every time you open your door. [ See Dr. Dennis’ Environmental Treatment Protocol. ]

High mold counts mean you must become more vigilant with your program and you should begin to feel better soon.