Guiding You on Your Unique Path to Healing

by Martin C. Hart, DC, NASM-CES, TFT/EFT

Have you ever been to the doctor’s office, and after tests and clinical exams, still had no idea why you were sick? It is devastating when even professionals don’t have answers, so I have never wanted to be that doctor! This may stem from my own childhood perfectionism, but I have always wanted to be the best at whatever I do.  Thus, when a case is difficult, it drives me to learn more and more. This desire to find answers even to complex problems is how I came to specialize in mold illness.

My Path to Treating Mold Illness

Before it became evident that mold was silently wreaking havoc on my patients’ lives, Lyme disease and other complex chronic illnesses were the focus of our clinic. When a new patient would come in, they would go through an extensive evaluation to find out exactly what was at the root of their issues and then go through a customized program to support their healing. Most cases that came through our doors did amazingly well, but there was a small population who wouldn’t see progress nearly as quickly. Sometimes what would happen to these folks is that they did really well at first, and then would later crash when they went home. Since any good detective would then assume it was something in the patients’ houses causing the return of symptoms, we started to test more and more people’s homes for environmental triggers. Test results confirmed that mold was the common culprit.

Mold’s Effects on the Body

Mold affects so many areas of the body that it can go unnoticed at first. Mold hits the sinuses, lungs, heart, arteries, veins, liver, kidneys, digestion, brain, and even the joints and skin! For our patients, it was allowing Lyme or other illnesses and infections to continue to live and create problems, in spite of treatment.

Mold can

  • Weaken the immune system;
  • Disrupt hormones;
  • Create massive inflammation;
  • Negatively impact brain function;
  • Cause skin issues like depigmentation (lack of skin color) or eczema;
  • Lead to autoimmune diseases;
  • Cause hair loss;
  • Make food allergies worse;
  • Activate mast cells;
  • Make us more sensitive to other allergens;
  • Weaken connective tissue.

Discovering that some patients were being exposed to mold was the key that we needed to unlock their difficult cases to help them find freedom and live their lives again! For many of these patients, it wasn’t chronic Lyme they were dealing with, it was mold weakening their immune systems and keeping their Lyme active, preventing them from fully healing.

My Personal Health Journey

For myself, this made sense to my own healing journey. As a child, I lived in a home that flooded whenever it would rain. When I was hitting my early teen years, my parents wanted to give me my own room, so we built a space in the basement. I felt so special having my own area! But little did any of us know at that time that the basement was filled with mold from all the flooding! I had learning disabilities, night terrors, sleepwalking, insomnia, irritable bowel, massive allergies, and other issues. I had to walk my own healing path to clear and improve these issues, and now it’s my mission to help others walk and be successful in their own healing journeys.

Healing is Possible

If you are dealing with your own complex chronic illness, maybe one that even the best western medicine and doctors haven’t figured out, do not give up. There are answers out there and people who care, sometimes you just have to find them.

The key to our success with mold patients at my practice is that treatment is based on taking a systems approach that is informed by a background in Functional medicine, Bio-Regulatory medicine, Biological medicine, Chinese Medicine, and Nutritional science. It has been refined by clinical and personal experience over many years. The mold recovery process should be highly individualized to each case but there are some commonalities I make sure to put in place with all patients.

Things all mold patients should do:

  1. Test your environment and make it safe again.
  2. Open your detoxification pathways and bind up the mold toxins. Get that junk out!
  3. Support the organs that are strongly affected.
  4. Rebalance the immune system and lower inflammation.
  5. Heal the body systems that are out of balance such as hormones, brain, or digestion.
  6. Retrain the brain and neuro-emotional circuits.
  7. Create a mold tolerance so you can regain your freedom.

While moving through this list seems pretty simple at first glance, mold illness affects everyone differently, so it is important to customize the process to each person and their case. Along the way, we will use specialized forms of testing from home mold tests and laboratory testing to frequency-based bio-feedback to ensure that we are on the right track and leaving no stone uncovered. It is my belief that the goal is to return to living a full and meaningful life, unencumbered by complex chronic illness. This life is for you to live; you shouldn’t have to wait for the next one to find that peace and freedom.