We heard from Tracy, a busy working mom of two, who contacted us after a bad fungal mold allergy attack occurred after a weekend with her children at the neighborhood pool. She felt as though she was having a severe allergic reaction, but she could not understand why she felt so much sicker than a typical seasonal allergy. She had felt fine just an hour beforehand. Tracy wondered what had caused the allergy attack and what products to use to help her recover quickly. Over the next few days, her eyes would not stop watering, her throat itched and her nose was running. She felt extremely tired and lethargic. The only place Tracy had been was the pool, which had seemed a bit cloudy to her, but did not smell funny. Tracy thought the chlorine would have killed any mold in the pool, but hazarded a guess that she was having a fungal mold allergy attack.pollen-1

The problem was, Tracy didn’t have time to get sick. Tracy didn’t have any more sick leave from work. Tracy felt terrible, but she couldn’t afford to miss work. At home, Tracy’s family couldn’t understand why “mommy was sick” after a fun day at the pool. They were fine, they said. Why couldn’t she take a shower, wash off the mold and feel better? No matter how many times Tracy had explained it to her husband and children, explaining a fungal allergy is like trying to explain an allergy to strawberries. Except that people can understand what a strawberry is and how to avoid eating them. Mold is invisible to the naked eye and very hard, and near impossible, to avoid. The best way to treat for a fungal allergy is to clean the environment and air we breathe, and boost our immune system so that it is in the best mode to defend itself against the antibody.

Because Tracy already knew she had a fungal allergy, she knew the first thing to do was a nasal wash. Cleaning the mold spores out of her sinus tissues with an antifungal at least twice a day was imperative to helping Tracy feel better so she used her CitriDrops Nasal Spray in between nasal washes to protect her tissues, as an anti-mold. She immediately threw her towels and clothes into the washing machine with 2 oz. of EC3 Laundry Additive to her usual Sensitive Formula laundry detergent and lit an EC3 Air Purification Candle to clean the air of mold and mycotoxins. Tracy already used 3 squirts of Sinus Defense twice a day, but after feeling sick, she increased her dose to 3 sprays 3 times a day. Tracy felt better after increasing her dosage of Sinus Defense for a few days. After speaking with us, Tracy also decided to add Beta Glucans along with Sinus Defense and to try CellTropin, to help aid with faster recovery time.

Tracy told us that the pool did not seem that clean to her and so she went to her neighborhood Homeowner’s Association to complain about mold. Tracy gave them a bottle of EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate to put in the pool. Since it is a non-toxic, botanical mold spore neutralizing product, they agreed to add it to their normal cleaning process of balancing the water, shocking it, and adding their own chemical algaecides. Tracy says that she feels better allowing her kids to swim in the pool, knowing that it’s been treated for mold.pool1

Have you ever had a situation like Tracy’s where a spontaneous fungal allergy attack has seemingly struck out of nowhere? Hopefully you had the right Micro Balance Health Products in your toolkit to avoid missing valuable time from work and family. If not, protect yourself and your family with the Breathe Easy Kit and Environmental Kit.