You may have already experienced this problem while traveling during the holiday season: moldy accommodations. We often hear from folks who have flair-ups of their Chronic Sinusitis during their stays with family and friends. That is because hotels and other people homes may not be as mold free as you need them to be to stay healthy. A clean room does not mean it is mold free.

You can do something about this by taking a few items with you to do some discreet cleaning.

  1. First take a couple of candles that you can burn in your bedroom. It only takes 3 hours to reduce airborne mold spores to zero. You can continue to burn the candles to keep the air quality high in your room for a better night’s sleep.

  1. Take a spray bottle of EC3 Mold Solution and mist the bedding when you first arrive so it has time to dry before sleeping. You can even mist inside drawers or closets… HINT: If you keep your luggage in the attic it doesn’t hurt to mist inside suitcases and hanging bags before packing.
  1. Bring along your CitriDrops Nasal Spray and use it throughout the day to keep sinuses clear
  1. Use your regular nasal washes in the morning and at night.

These four steps can keep you feeling good so you can enjoy the holiday season.