All of us have been on a trip, work-related or otherwise, and had to stay in hotel. And most of us have gotten sick while traveling. Hotel design can have a lot to do with that illness. Most chain hotel rooms are designed and outfitted for durability and efficiency—vinyl wallpaper, window heating and cooling units, and no regular air circulation.

Unfortunately for frequent travelers, and especially for those with allergies to mold, fungus or dust, most of what makes a hotel room efficient and cost-effective, also makes it an ideal environment for microbial allergens. That is why so many people wake-up the next day feeling the tinges of sickness coming on.  Sore throat, headache, itchy skin and burning eyes are likely reactions to the poor indoor air quality.

If you walk into your hotel room and can clearly see the signs of black mold with the naked eye on the walls, curtains or the HVAC unit, leave the room immediately. The longer you stay there, the more toxic it can be to your body.

But, when you walk into a seemingly “clean” room, it does not mean the room is without a problem.  In fact, because of the problems already detailed above, it is highly likely there is some level of mold build-up in your hotel room.

The following are some precautionary steps you can take to bring the mold down to healthy levels while staying in your hotel room.

Micro Balance has two convenient and easy to use products that can, not only make your temporary home much healthier, but that also give you peace of mind with their proven effectiveness—which is arguably, even more important.

The EC3 Air Purification Candles quickly purify the air making them perfect for hotel rooms. Once lit, the heat from the burning candle disperses natural, mold-eliminating botanicals into the air. Even rooms that were tested for mold with the highest and most dangerous levels were brought down to zero in 3 hours when the EC3 Candles were continuously burned. In addition, the candles have no fragrance, and will not cause a negative reaction in chemically sensitive people.

When the candles are used in conjunction with the EC3 Mold Spray (which now comes in a Traveler size) you complete the cleaning process. The spray is a mold cleaner for those soft and hard surfaces in the room that come into immediate contact with your face and body. You should mist your pillow, sheets, and towels.

If you are a fungal sensitive person, mold need not be an issue for you when you travel. Just use our travel sized mold cleaners upon arrival in your hotel room. This will  allow you to sleep in a hotel bed and wake-up rested instead of feeling sick due to mold problems