By Kevin Carpenter, Pharmd

More than 6 million children in the U.S have asthma. Genes are known to play a role, and so does the home environment. Childhood asthma has been linked to indoor mold growing in a child’s home as a result of moisture problems such as water leaks. Asthma is often associated with allergies, and mold spread by releasing tiny spores and mycotoxins into the air, which can cause allergic reactions.

A study funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), and the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides strong evidence that indoor mold can contribute to asthma development. According to one of the authors of the study, Dr. Tina Reponen, “This stresses the urgent need for the remediation of water damage in homes, particularly in urban communities, where this is a common issue”.

According to another study, children’s asthma risk more than doubles if their homes smell of mold, as much as 2.5 times. Asthma risk soared 54% in children whose parents had allergies or asthma, even in homes that didn’t smell moldy.

Damp dwellings can be troublesome. Mold contains allergens, which can trigger hay fever or asthma in sensitive people. They also produce a musty odor that can cause irritation to the nose, eyes, and throat.

Dampness also fosters dust mites and other breathing hazards. Getting rid of mold and moisture will not only benefit parents, but also your children.

If you or your spouse suffered from asthma, the risk that your children will also suffer from asthma is high. This is why it is critical to concentrate your efforts on what you can control. You can improve your home environment and take simple mold hygiene steps to reduce their exposure to mold.

Micro Balance Health Products produces several products that can help reduce exposure to mold and its toxins. Our EC3 Mold Solution Spray can be used to treat all the surfaces in your home. It’s all natural, and proven to eliminate the mold spores and mycotoxins that collect on surfaces in your home. We recommend that you use the EC3 Mold Spray in combination with our EC3 Air Purification Candles which are designed to enhance the quality of air. Our candles have been tested to remove 90% of mold and mycotoxins from the treated air after only 3 hours of use.

If you or a family member suffer from chronic sinusitis, allergies, or hay fever, mold could very well be the culprit. We also have products to treat the mold in your body. We have seen many people, who have suffered for years, have extraordinary results with our products.