It Should Not Be Uncomfortable: Tips for the Perfect Nasal Wash.

For centuries, nasal irrigation has been the natural remedy of choice for people suffering from seasonal allergies, colds and chronic sinus problems. The practice, which stems from yoga traditions in India, helps flush out and clean your nasal passages with nothing more than saltwater. Improvements have been made to the saltwater formula over time, and there are many products available in the marketplace today claiming to be the best.

Nasopure How To
The nasal wash recommended by Dr. Dennis is the Nasopure Nasal Wash System, because it uses a 2:1 pharmaceutical grade salt to bicarbonate ratio that most closely mimics the nose’s natural pH balance. Adding CitirDrops to this solution is a an integral part of Dr. Dennis’ Body Protocol (instructions below). The Nasopure ergonomic bottle prevents water from reaching the Eustachian tube, and the squeezable bottle allows the user to control the pressure. There is a technique to using the Nasopure bottle, backed by scientific principles, which encourages your sinuses to drain naturally. Using a scientific comparison to ponds and rivers, your sinuses are like stagnant “ponds” with small outlets allowing them to drain into the nose. When the saline solution flows past these outlets it creates a low-pressure stream that draws out the contents of the sinus cavities; just like a swiftly moving river would drain a small pond. The great part of the Nasopure System is that you control the speed of flow. If your sinuses and ears are inflamed, you may wish to have a slow moving flow, so you could squeeze gently on the Nasopure bottle. If you wanted a more aggressive stream of saline to flush out the contents, you could squeeze harder.

Recently, many of our customers have had questions about whether or not nasal washing should burn or not and the answer is NO, it should not burn. People with chronic sinusitis and mold allergies should always follow the instructions for the isotonic solution within the Nasopure instructions (see below). If the wash is burning, one should reduce the amount of the buffered salt packet or the amount of CitriDrops Dietary Supplement that is being added to the isotonic solution until there is no discomfort. One should add one drop of CitriDrops Dietary Supplement per 1 oz. of distilled water to every nasal wash to kill mold spores. If you experience any unpleasant symptoms, discontinue use and rinse out your sinuses with your saline solution. Do NOT use tap water as the chlorine will damage nasal cilia.

Solution Guide


  • For prevention – Use once per day or after exposure to irritants
  • For mild to moderate congestion or discharge – Use twice daily
  • For moderate to severe congestion, discharge or infection – Use three or four times daily


What are the benefits of daily washing with buffered saline solution?

  • Soothes
  • Refreshes
  • Moisturizes
  • Decreases swelling
  • Thins mucus
  • Cleans nose

Who can benefit from nasal washing?
• Anyone who suffers from nasal, sinus, ear issues or asthma.
• Anyone with allergy symptoms, congestion or snoring problems.
• Anyone who wishes to maintain a clean & healthy nose.

How much solution should be used for each washing?
Maintaining a healthy nasal environment is the Nasopure goal. An entire bottle may be used for a single wash when excessive and thickened mucus is present. Personal preference as well as one’s particular nasal condition will determine the proper amount of solution used. Typical use is one squirt of solution in each nostril every day for prevention, longer flush for moderate to severe congestion. Hypertonic solution is recommended if tolerated.

Is it harmful if some of the solution is swallowed?
No, Nasopure is not harmful if swallowed and it is all natural but is not intended for ingestion.

Is there an expiration date?
Buffered salt packets, unopened officially expires 5 years from date of packaging. Once Nasopure is mixed, the hypertonic solution should not be stored in bottle or used after 5-7 days. Nasopure isotonic solution should be discarded daily.

Safe for ages 2 years and above. Replace Nasopure bottle every 6 – 12 months. Baby nose cleaners can be found here.

Nasopure’s unique salt mix creates a buffered saline solution with a higher salt concentration that is extremely effective in thinning mucus and decreasing swelling, yet eliminates any burning sensation when washing. In addition, buffering has been shown to augment the healing of raw, irritated tissue. Nasopure Buffered Salt ~ the magic is in the mix!


  • Never wash for anyone else.
  • Never force a child to wash!
  • Never wash for a child!
  • Never microwave plastic bottles.
  • Always use sterilized, distilled or previously boiled water.
  • Never use hot water for washing. If you prefer a warm solution, place bottle in a sink or bowl of hot water until solution is warm to touch on inside of wrist.
  • Wash on congested side first and do not force washing when congested.
  • Never block the opposite nostril to prevent solution from draining freely



  • If ear popping occurs, blow more gently.
  • Do not use immediately before bed or activity, as water may drip from nose for several minutes after washing.
If burning or stinging occurs, reduce salt; increase as tolerated.
  • Each Nasopure bottle is intended for a single user – DO NOT SHARE BOTTLES.
  • Replace bottle as needed — every 6 – 12 months.
  • Nasopure bottle is Dishwasher Safe.
  • Wash with Nasopure BEFORE using prescribed nasal sprays.
  • Consult a doctor if symptoms worsen or if you have a significant medical condition.