Parasites, Part 2: Symbiotic Parasites Protecting Your Health

by Dr. Martin Hart, DC, NASM-CES, TFT/EFT

 “Full moon? Time for a parasite cleanse!” You see this all over social media but is that true? Do we really need to cleanse our parasites? In part 1 of this series, I reviewed how parasites are opportunistic, they show up when our bodies give them the best circumstances to survive and thrive. But sometimes, these parasites are actually helpful…they are symbiotic, it benefits them and us.

How Can Parasites be Useful?

Whoa, what? Parasites, those wormy critters, can actually be useful?

Yes, yes, they can be. Let’s dive into how parasites may actually be useful or at least, less harmful. As an interesting fact, the founder of homeopathy, was against the indiscriminate purging of parasites. He focused on improving the circumstances that allowed the parasites to flourish, part 1 helped you remove the opportunities that supported parasites. Part 2 is about removing the need for parasites to stay in our bodies.

Parasites are useful in 2 major ways, controlling rampant inflammation and absorbing toxins. We encounter these passengers frequently throughout our daily lives, in food, water, dirt, or pets. When we are healthy, our bodies will clear them back out. BUT if we are dealing with major inflammation or toxic overload, our systems will keep the buggers around. Let’s look at how this can be helpful for us.

Inflammation and Parasites

Inflammatory conditions such as autoimmune diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, and Crohn’s disease have all been shown to be helped by parasite infestations. Worms and other critters in that family can balance the immune system. They either boost it to help clear out other infections associated with the diseases or the parasites themselves secrete anti-inflammatory compounds in the surrounding areas. Our body may allow them to remain if it helps us with these conditions.

Toxicity and Parasites

The other side of the coin is toxicity. Our cells may only hold so many toxic substances before they become overloaded and potentially die-off. Parasitic creatures accumulate many more toxins in their cell walls than we can store or process. For instance, one research team noted that parasites “can accumulate heavy metals at concentrations that are orders of magnitude higher than those in the host tissues or the environment.” Basically, that means that parasites can hold MUCH MORE heavy metals that we can. Industrial toxins, such PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyls), are also stockpiled away inside parasites instead of our own cells.

This toxin storage effect of parasites is a very good thing if you are overloaded with toxins or a poor detoxifier, such as those dealing with mold illness or CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome). These “freeloaders” are not actually freeloaders at all, they are doing their fair share to keep you safe in the current toxic conditions.

Evaluate BEFORE Parasite Cleansing

Are you beginning to see why just doing a parasite cleanse may be a bad idea? Just going in heavy and trying to kill these buggers may have seemed smart until you learned that they may be helping you! Not to mention, they are likely LOADED with toxins. Killing them off aggressively will just release the waste into your organs, digestive system, lymph, and blood. When parasites are symbiotic, meaning they are helping lower inflammation or store toxins, we need to first remove the need for them to be there.

One of the biggest drivers of toxicity is mold in the home and sinuses. Using something like Citridrops Nasal Spray to clear fungus, EC3 Mold Solution for creating a safe environment, and a comprehensive detoxification protocol can go a long way in eradicating the parasites and their need to settle into your body.

Supporting anti-inflammatory efforts with homeopathics, like CellTropin and Sinus Defense 2.0, takes the anti-inflammatory jobs away from the worms. Then, once the need has been removed, often they will leave on their own, BUT if not, then you can use a natural antiparasitic, like CitriDrops Dietary Supplement, in water or capsules. Not to mention washing your fruits and vegetables with it to wash away fungus, bacteria, and parasites on your food.

Bottom line is this: remove the need for the parasites to be there, and they aren’t likely to stay. (This applies to in-laws as well…)