by Sinus Expert Donald Dennis,M.D.,F.A.C.S.

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I have an important question for you. What is the number one mistake made by doctors who treat Chronic Sinusitis? This is important because if you have America’s most prevalent disease you are most likely being improperly treated. I would be willing to bet that your sinusitis treatment has gotten you well only temporarily, if at all. In fact, I would go so far as to bet that you have been having the same problem for years.

How do I know this? I know because, it is more than likely that your doctor is treating you for the symptoms of your problem and not the cause. You see, it is a common belief in the medical community that the source of your problem is bacteria growing in your sinuses. The truth is that the bacteria are a “symptom” of your problem. The real reason for your repeated bouts with sinusitis is a genetic predisposition to mold allergies.

Medical professionals commonly fail to recognize the mold sensitivity in their patients, even though 16% of the population has this sensitivity. They tend to treat only the infection with antibiotics rather than the source of the problem which is ongoing mold inhalation.

Of course a misdiagnosis allows the disease to progress over time leading to systemic symptoms such as muscle and joint pain, fibromyalgia, dizziness, brain fog, fatigue, swelling, food allergies, Candida infections, bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, and hormonal imbalance.

So, by now you are probably wondering what you can do to fix your problem. Here are 4 easy steps that will help you to feel good again. Just follow this simple protocol for treating your body and environment.

  1. Since mold is a natural substance and it is in the air you breathe, you need to remove it from your sinus. To do this you need to wash twice a day with an irrigation system, such as a NasoPure kit or a Grossan HydroPulse, and use an antifungal like CitriDrops.   The proper mixing ratio for your wash solution is:
  • A packet of salt and Sodium Bicarbonate mix ( sold with your sinus wash kit)
  • 8 drops of CitriDrops (Antifungal)
  • 8 ounces of Distilled water (Do not use tap water since chlorine kills the good bacteria and destroys cilia!)

2. Test for mold in your home, car and work place.  The environmental air mold ‘load’ should be below 4 colonies for low sensitivity sufferers and below 3 colonies for highly sensitive sufferers. These tests are simple and can be administered in one hour, although results require 5 days to view.

3. If your mold test show higher than normal counts, remediate your environmental air. Micro Balance Health Products makes a line of cleaners for this. Use the EC3 Air Purification Candles and the EC3 Mold Solution Concentrate together to clean. There are other tools such as HEPA filters to help you maintain air quality, but these are the basics you will need.

As always use common sense. If you have a water leak problem in your house you must get this fixed or you will never get ahead of your mold problem. Remember, mold only needs a humidity level of 50% to proliferate.

4. Finally, support your immune system. The mold reaction you are experiencing suppresses your immune system which keeps you from getting well. Taking an immune booster such as Logo’s Complete Thymic Formula will help your body fight the infections you are experiencing. For help with a nutritional plan you can take the free evaluation at my website.

If you are ready to join the thousands who have found long term control of their mold inhalation symptoms, just follow the four steps in this protocol. It will be worth the effort to feel good again. For more information or to take the evaluation, please visit us at