Are allergies controlling your life? Are you having a hard time being comfortable at any time of the day or night? If this is the case, you can be happy that many others share your situation. Millions of people are suffering from allergies every day. Fortunately, there are many different options available for anyone who is ready to face their allergy symptoms head-on. The following are a few ideas that have shown themselves to be quite helpful.

Before driving under the new influence of an unknown over-the-counter medication, make sure it is safe by taking it at home first. Many of these products are notorious for causing a sudden onset of sleepiness or impairment. Even if the packaging does not contain a warning, when you take the first couple of doses, do it during a time that you are able to stay home and see how it makes you feel.

During the periods of really nice weather, you may be inclined to crack open the windows at home in order to save some money on expensive air conditioning costs. This process does carry the risk of increased allergy attacks, though. The best way to do this is to put a HEPA filter on your air conditioner and it will get rid of your indoor allergens. The filter will help your breathing, even though it may not seem fresh.

TIP! In the interest of safety, you should always try new allergy medications while safe at home. Test in small doses to ensure that the medicine doesn’t impair you in any negative way.

There are numerous prescription and over-the-counter drugs to treat allergies, but they don’t all work for everyone. If you explain your situation to your doctor, he or she may allow you to try out different drugs and treatments to see what works for you. If one product doesn’t work, that doesn’t mean that none of them will.

In the Western US olive trees are something that people often use to landscape with. Unfortunately, these trees produce a huge amount of pollen. Being able to identify this kind of tree could help you protect yourself from allergies. Interestingly, you can reduce pollen significantly by simply soaking the tree with a water hose once a day.

Natural remedies are available for those who are plagued by allergies. With these types of remedies, you could start fighting a lot of allergic reactions to a lot of common allergens. They can lessen your sneezing, itching, swelling and alleviate that runny nose in a more natural way.

TIP! Before going to sleep, showering and washing your hair is a good idea. During the daytime, your skin and hair may become covered with dust, pollen or spores, which makes you more likely to experience allergic symptoms during the night.

A lot of those with allergies have gotten the suggestion to get a humidifier to moisten the airways as one sleeps. This could actually be counterproductive, as the water vapor humidifiers emit can land on the carpet, which increases the likelihood that mold or other allergens will proliferate. To moisten airways, try using a saline nasal spray.

Have an exterminator visit your home on a regular basis if insects are a problem. Cockroaches and rodent droppings can aggravate your allergies. Trained exterminators have the tools needed to get rid of these pests for good, which will increase your comfort level.

If you like the way your laundry smells after taking it off the backyard line, try using a freshly scented fabric softener or detergent to get the same effect. Although hanging you clothes outdoors may sound wonderful, it is a bad idea. Nonetheless, they also collect a lot of mold spores and pollen. For people who have no sensitivity to fragrances or dyes, this is excellent.

TIP! Dust mites are everywhere. They live in pillows and mattresses.

Keep your home clean. It’s very common for people to be allergic to multiple things, and getting rid of any and all allergens in your home will make it easier to deal with the things you know you’re allergic to. Clean your space as frequently as you can.

If you have eye allergies then stop rubbing your eyes. Use eye drops instead, and you will be satisfied. If you use your hands to rub the area around your eyes, eyelash follicles may become irritated. As a result, you may experience recurrent allergic styes.

If you suffer from allergies, you should dust at least once per week. Allowing dust to build up on surfaces makes you far more susceptible to experiencing an allergic reaction. Dusting regularly reduces the amount of allergens in your home.

TIP! If you would like to own a pet, even though you suffer from allergies, choose one that has short hair. All animals carry some allergens, but long-haired animals are especially bad about this.

Know how to identify differences between allergies and a cold. Allergy symptoms are lighter and last longer. They can also fluctuate in severity without reason. If it seems you are always fighting a cold, you may actually be fighting allergies. Schedule a quick visit with your doctor to review your symptoms if you want to really pin down your diagnosis.

A lot of people are allergic to their pets due to the dander they carry. If this is the case, give your dog or cat or any other pet a bath on a consistent basis. Dander is something a pet is always going to carry. However, animals that are bathed more frequently ultimately carry a lot less dander. Try not to give your pet a bath yourself, because the process of doing so might spark an allergy attack.

There is no need to handle allergies on your own. Although you may think there is no help available for you, there is! If over-the-counter medicines are not working, make an appointment to see your doctor. You may find that a doctor can prescribe medication that can help you in ways that over the-counter-medications don’t.

TIP! A great thing to do when you have bronchial allergies is to make sure you are always hydrated. If you don’t have a sufficient amount of fluids in your body, your mucus membranes can get dry.

Keep allergens out of your home by having air leaks professionally sealed. If your home has openings, then you run the risk of having pollen and pests which are two causes of allergens entering your home. A professional will be able to notice these crack and effectively seal them up.

Chlorine Bleach

Keep mold in your bathroom at a minimum by keeping the room as dry as you possibly can . The best way to keep air dry and circulating is with a bathroom exhaust fan. Additionally, clean your bathroom with chemicals that have chlorine bleach as an ingredient. Chlorine bleach will kill any mold spores that are trying to grow.

TIP! Make sure you keep a close eye on the clock. Avoid going outdoors when the pollen count is up.

After reading this article, you now have more ideas about how to effectively deal with your allergies. Reread these tips and really take them to heart. You can find relief sooner and continue living a fuller life.