About Pamela Holloway

Pamela Holloway, a MS, BSN, RN Environmental Health Consultant recovered her family from a complex Biotoxin Illness with the assistance of some of the top functional and integrative medicine practitioners in the country. Soon, she found herself consulting for physicians, home environmental specialists and many others who had clients struggling with biotoxin-based illnesses. Overwhelmed with clientele and inspired by physicians and colleagues, Pam created HealthyBiomes with a mission to consult self-insured organizations and to support individuals recovering from biotoxin related illnesses. Now, Pam travels around the country speaking to and educating others about mold and biotoxin illness and training HealthyBiome coaches to rapidly restore healthy biomes one individual and household at a time. We are pleased and privileged to have her sharing her experience and expertise with us in the articles she writes for Sinusitis Wellness.
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