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22 July, 2019

“But My Allergist Said I Am Not Allergic to Mold!”

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Mold Allergy vs. Mold Illness: Why Ruling Out An Allergy to Mold Does NOT Rule Out Mold Toxicity By Dr. Susan Tanner Often patients seeking my clinical help for their puzzling and debilitating health symptoms are dismayed to find that the mold in their homes is the cause Read more

15 July, 2019

“I Am Severely Ill and My Doctors Say There is Nothing Wrong with Me!”

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Mold Illness, Debilitating Symptoms, and Explaining Why Doctors Aren’t Listening By Cesar Collado This week, I spoke directly with two normally healthy individuals seeking guidance about where to get help for illness brought on by mold exposure.  Both have seen multiple physicians, spent significant amounts of money, and Read more

5 March, 2019

Fungus is Both Dangerous but also Part of Our Everyday Lives

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Understanding the Threats and Necessities from Mold and Mycotoxins By Cesar Collado It is hard to imagine that any practicing Physician can dismiss mold or mycotoxins from a diagnosis when we realize the tremendous impact fungi and mycotoxins have on earth and our society. Fungi are a very resilient Read more

29 September, 2016

Doctors, Are You On The Front Line?

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Increasingly, patients are having difficulty seeing, much less affording, an internal medicine doctor. So they are turning to Urgent Care, Chiropractic and Naturopathic practitioners for front line medical care.As a front line practitioner, you may find that you are dealing with issues that are beyond your normal scope Read more

29 April, 2016

Excuse Buster: The Hidden Dangers of Fungi

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We recently ran across this article in the Phuket Gazette and thought our readers might like the information.  So here it is in its entirety. http://www.phuketgazette.net/phuket-news/Excuse-Buster-hidden-health-dangers-fungi/63735 PHUKET: "It is ironic that this humble fungus, hailed as a benefactor of mankind, may by its very success prove to be Read more