21 August, 2018

Florida’s Toxic Algae Environmental Crisis

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Environmental Toxins Impact ALL LIFE: Human, Animal, and Marine By Cesar Collado While this newsletter is primarily a discussion on the impact of environmental toxins on human health, particularly in relation to mold and to toxins created by mold, today’s frontpage news (Saturday, August 18, 2018) profiling Florida’s toxic Read more

12 June, 2018

What Happens When Toxins Get To Your Brain?

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Your Brain has a Microscopic Cleaning System, the Glymphatic System By Cesar Collado In the past, I have written about helping our bodies detoxify and about neurotoxicity caused by mold (How to Help Our Bodies To Heal From Exposure...). A recent reader asked to learn more about toxins when they get Read more

5 June, 2018

The Debilitating Path of Mold Illness

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By Cesar Collado Patients Suffer Many Grueling Hardships Patients treated for mold-related sickness often discuss the long and difficult path both they and their families had to endure prior to a correct diagnosis. The path to wellness is often fraught with peaks and valleys, debilitating symptoms, and many Read more

27 March, 2018

Severe Cognitive Impairment Between Ages 18-49?

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It Happens!  When Mold Mycotoxins Get Into the Sinuses! By Cesar Collado We think of cognitive impairment in terms as Alzheimer’s or Dementia afflicting only the elderly. When it does occur, it is hard on everyone in the family.   I personally experienced over 6 years of frustration, sadness, Read more

6 February, 2018

The Path to Wellness From Mold and Mycotoxin Illness Is a Process

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There is No Single "Magic Bullet"! By Cesar Collado Occasionally, I receive stories from a patient about their path to wellness.  Today I want to highlight one of those stories. This patient overcame some adversity with some medical providers who dimished hope, while other helped. She also sought answers Read more

22 January, 2018

A History of Unexplained Chronic Illness:

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Fixed Symptoms with Ever-Evolving Diagnoses By Cesar Collado I received some push back (and at least 1 angry face) regarding last week’s article, “Could Mold be your Toxic Tipping Point?” It seems that some readers felt I was discounting the crippling reality of their health situations. So, to Read more

9 January, 2018

The Body’s Toxic Load

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Why Mold Is Important in Understanding the “Body Burden” By Cesar Collado The Toxic Load (sometimes called the “Body Burden”) is the accumulated amount of toxins affecting your bodily systems at any given time. Toxins are significant stressors to the immune system, as well as all of your other Read more

27 December, 2017

My 10 Favorite Newsletter Articles of 2017

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  By Cesar Collado This year, I began writing these weekly newsletters. I do this because I've been inspired by many people I work with daily who have dedicated their careers to helping mold sufferers.  With each week and interaction, I continue to learn more and more about Read more

19 December, 2017

Special Issue for Water Damaged Homes

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Addressing Your Home’s Mold Issues Immediately for the Safety of Your Family Members and Guests in Water Damaged Homes   By Cesar Collado Following any natural disaster is overwhelming and a very large undertaking.  In addition to removing the water damaged furnishings and building materials, repairs may involve Read more

6 November, 2017

Getting an Environmental Illness Diagnosis:

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Difficult Circumstances with Dire Consequences By Cesar Collado Many patients have exhaustive stories of seeing multiple doctors and specialists before finally realizing that their home might be making them sick.  Why is that? Circumstances To start with, our primary care physicians have responsibilities of gathering all relevant information, Read more

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