Read how to properly do a nasal wash, uses of grapefruit seed extract, treatment for bacteria, fungi and parasites.

27 October, 2015

How to do a Nasal Wash Properly

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It Should Not Be Uncomfortable: Tips for the Perfect Nasal Wash. For centuries, nasal irrigation has been the natural remedy of choice for people suffering from seasonal allergies, colds and chronic sinus problems. The practice, which stems from yoga traditions in India, helps flush out and clean your Read more

23 July, 2014

Top 10 Uses of Grapefruit Seed Extract: Learn Essential Oil Treatment for Bacteria, Fungi and Parasites

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By Mold Medical Expert Donald Dennis, MD, FACS - October 21, 2011 Patients will often ask me “What is a Grapefruit Seed Extract? and Does GSE really work?” I explain to them that Citrus Seed Extract is an essential oil distilled from the seeds of grapefruit and other Read more

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