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17 April, 2018

“No More Half Measures”

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The Primary Reason for Mold Treatment Failure “I believe the alternative healing methods are much more than just temporary or half measures.” Andrew Saul “The era of procrastination, of half measures, of soothing and baffling expedients, of delays is coming to a close.  It its place, we are Read more

27 March, 2018

Severe Cognitive Impairment Between Ages 18-49?

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It Happens!  When Mold Mycotoxins Get Into the Sinuses! By Cesar Collado We think of cognitive impairment in terms as Alzheimer’s or Dementia afflicting only the elderly. When it does occur, it is hard on everyone in the family.   I personally experienced over 6 years of frustration, sadness, Read more

13 February, 2018

It’s Time to Open your Doctor’s Eyes to Mold and Mycotoxins!

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Why You Can’t Not Request Your Doctors to Consider Mold and Mycotoxins! By Cesar Collado Following last week’s article, a reader commented on the tragic impact mold has had on her health and life. She also made an appeal to me: “Please Help in Getting the Medical Community Read more

22 January, 2018

A History of Unexplained Chronic Illness:

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Fixed Symptoms with Ever-Evolving Diagnoses By Cesar Collado I received some push back (and at least 1 angry face) regarding last week’s article, “Could Mold be your Toxic Tipping Point?” It seems that some readers felt I was discounting the crippling reality of their health situations. So, to Read more

7 March, 2017

Unexplained Neurological Symptoms Can Be Caused by Mold

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By: Cesar Collado Mold in Your Nose and Chronic Sinusitis originally posted September 5, 2017 While it is obvious that inhalation of mold can lead to sinusitis, the location and sensitivity of our smelling system provide direct access to our bloodstream and brain causing systemic disease that oftentimes Read more

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